How safe is it to speed cook?

sue2012April 5, 2012

What does all that speed cooking do to the food as far as nutrients go? Is it safe for my kids to eat. I know it is quick and convenient. But is it safe?

Just wondering if anybody know?


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Sophie Wheeler

All "speed cooking" is is microwaving and using a halogen element to add thermal heat for browning and crispness. It isn't using any new technology at all. If you're OK with just plain MW's, then you should be mentally comfortable using a speed cooker.

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just make sure you wear your seat belt and don't text

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Safer than frying bacon in the nude.

If you are happy with losing nutrients by eating cooked food, then I don't expect there to be much difference between regular baking and speed cooking. Microwaving can have better retention of nutrients vs. blanching or baking, depending on what and how.

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Will MW'd food kill them? Probably, no :-)

But I actually know what you mean. I don't think that long-term efects of MW cooking on humans have been studied. I have seen some info on MW changing the structure of the food, but I think the jury is still out.

I personally don't like the "post-MW taste". We use MW only to warm food up and for occasional defrosting. For actual coking, we stick to regular modes of cooking (like open fire, LOL. JK!)

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I suspects you would lose far less vitamins than you would storing veggies/fruits in the fridge for too long, and in fact the USDA did a study on vitamin loss in foods stored in the Fridge.

For a while we were seeing posts "almost like a contest", My Liebherr with Biofresh keeps food for xxx days, My SZ with dual compressors keeps foods for xxx days, My New Fridge keeps food longer than any other Fridge I ever had, blah blah, etc etc, so I posted the USDA findings.

Fortunately those sort of postings has died down for the most part, yea the veggies may have looked great but probably were about as nutritious as an ice cube.

Anyway , no worries bout speed cooking, and the food "DOES Not" come out like nuked food, so don't mistake speed cooking for Microwaving, as "May Have been done" in an earlier post here.

Mean while I will scour the net for any info on the wholesomeness of Speed Oven cooked food.

Good luck on your pending decisions!


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Well after doing some research on Speed Ovens, and Nutrition, I was forced to backoff and study just microwaving and Nutrition. Apparently speed ovens have not been out that long, or popular enough to encourage writing much about them, (so far).

Butttt---Since a speed oven is just a combination of Microwaving and heating, (either with a conventional heating element or a convection fan heater)Almost everything I read is positive, Here's just one example:

"Science tells us that cooking food in the microwave does not reduce the vitamin content at all. In fact, recent laboratory studies suggest that vegetables cooked in the microwave actually retain more nutritious vitamins and minerals than vegetables cooked in other, more traditional ways."

So just goggle Microwave Nutrition to see for yourself!

Add to that the time and the power you save, I mean, really, heat up a big oven and bake just 2 taters taking about an hour, when A speed oven will do it in 15 minutes or less?


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Thanks everyone for the info.. Gary i appreciate your time on this matter.
I think I will go ahead and purchase one. Which one is another question. I have only looked at the GE Monogram advantium. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks again.

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