Calling all Toto cast iron tub owners

trecApril 9, 2012

Hi all, I'd appreciate some insight from the Toto cast iron tub owners out there. I've been searching for a tub for our main bath remodel and have decided on a 66"x32"x18-19" tub. Long story short, I think we want to go with the Toto cast iron tub. With that said, I am uncertain about how the slip resistant bottom feels AND how it is to clean. I like taking baths so I am concerned the slip resistant bottom is uncomfortable for bathing. I've called several Toto showrooms in the Boston area and none have the cast iron tub on display. If you would please share your experience...I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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I have that tub and love it. It has slightly slip resistant circles on the bottom but you can barely tell they are there. They are probably 1 inch diameter circles that are matte - instead of shiny like the tub. They are fine to clean but do show dirt faster than the glossy portions of the tub. I am a take baths every night and love this tub. Holds heat very well and deep enough to get a good soak. If this is your only worry about the tub - you have nothing to worry about and I would have no hesitation in proceeding.

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We have the Toto 1525--smaller dimensions, cast iron. Ditto what pkirkha1 said re: no slip grips. They are not uncomfortable at all, they're barely detectable, but do the job. If cleaning with usual tub cleaner (Lysol Basin, Tub, and Tile aerosol) doesn't get them totally clean (rarely, mostly after spending the day barefoot or in flip-flops, and feet are really grimy), I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the tub floor and the tub and grips are once again spotless and look brand new.

Ditto also on tub's heat retention and comfort. Our bathrooms weren't large enough to accommodate larger tubs, but ours are good for their size.

We really love them. :)

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Thanks for the feedback! I am so excited my quest for a tub has come to an end. :-)

pkirkha1 & cat_mom: did you use shower curtains or a glass door? Curious to hear what look/functionality you decided upon...

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We used shower curtains.

Pics are on my PB acct. Can't access it now to post the link but can do it later for you if a search doesn't turn up pics for you.

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Thanks cat_mom, if you would please post a pic, I'd appreciate it. I did a search and was not able to find a pic of your bathroom (I did pick up some good info though that you posted about hardi board and your fondness of having a non-yellow/updated bath :-)

pkirkha1: did you get the p1700 or 1715? I am considering getting the 1715 because it is a deeper tub but am nervous that it doesn't have a tiling flange.

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I am still learning how to do stuff on my iPad (like copying and attaching links from my Photobucket), so if you can't access the rest of the pics via these two, I will post the link to the full album from my laptop when I can.


Hall Bathroom:

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Thanks cat_mom; pics look great. I like the addition of color to your hall bathroom-how fun!

Given your help, I am all set on my tub choice. Called my local showroom today and got a quote for the tub. Since I am gutting the entire house, I found a local showroom willing to give me contractor pricing-yippee! It makes them extremely competitive with online sites :-) Thanks again!

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Glad to be of help!

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