UH-OH!! Did I ruin my microfiber cloths?

jonsgirlMay 19, 2009

I bought another package of them at WalMart and when I got home I realized my bag with my Downy FS was leaking, ALL OVER MY NEW MICROFIBER CLOTHS! I know FS is a big no-no, are they ruined or can I just wash them and they will be ok? Should I add anything to the wash like ammonia or anything to cut the film of the Downy? I am so mad, I was just telling the cashier how much I love them and how to care for them and then this happens! Thanks for any suggestions!!

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I don't use fabric softener so this is just a guess. You could try soaking them in a bit of vinegar. I know it cuts soap so it may help get the fabric softener out.

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My guess would be that if you wash them several times in hot water and detergent, you will wash out the fabric softener.

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