Pictures of our Kitchen Renovation (Pic Heavy)

Marlene KindredApril 22, 2012

Hello all~

Most of you know that my DH and I have been working on our kitchen for the past six weeks and we're all finished except for putting in the wood floor! Woohoo! We're very pleased with the result and I thought I would go ahead and show some pictures of what we've been up to for so long. We found the hutch for $75 at a thrift store and my DH literally cut it down in depth to fit the space we had for it. He cut off five inches...pretty amazing to watch but it turned out perfectly. We reconfigured the cabinets and put the refrigerator in the pantry. We used the old cabinets and DH built additional ones for the surround on the right and then we painted, added crown molding to the top of the cabinets and rope trim. I just noticed that the pictures don't show the shelf unit over the right side cabinets that is the same blue as the back board in the hutch, but you get the idea. And they also have DH's fat, fluffy Easter chick in them...silly looking thing, but we love it!

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AWESOME!! I would love to repaint my kitchen cabinets - now if only I can convince hubby! Going to show him your beautiful renovation!

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Love it! Did a great job on the hutch! Much easier to navigate around now it looks like! Hope you have another spot for that desk, I love it. Your green scale & bowl look good on that countertop Lots of work, but great payoff & years of enjoyment ahead! Jan

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Great Great Job!!
Love your color and design choices. Your cabinets, granite and backsplash colors are so soft and cheerful looking and the stainless adds a nice richness. I like how your wrapped your counter around and added the cabinet below...great design. I also like how your DH redesigned that hutch and painted it to fit right in perfectly.
Your display is lovely too and what a fun piece to 'play with'!!
From your before to after pictures...I can appreciate all your hard work. DH & I did two kitchen remodels in our old house and I know how grueling both physically and mentally it can be, but when it's done it's so worth it. When your floors are in you and DH can
sit back - take it all in and be so proud of what you've accomplished! Enjoy it all...and don't foget to post the
floor pics when you're all done...I'd love to see them.
Again...great job and thanks for sharing.

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Marlene, Your kitchen is gorgeous. You and DH did a superb job. Your husband does beautiful workworking. Thank you for sharing.


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Marlene, your kitchen looked warm and cozy before, but what a wonderful transformation. You added so much more counterspace--you can never have too much of that! And now you have the perfect "work triangle" with the sink stove and fridge too--bet it feels lots more efficient. Love the rope trim and those pretty tiles you chose. Your husband did an amazing job on the cabinets and that hutch! He is obviously very talented. I can't imagine trying to cut that hutch down like that! Have to ask what kind of saw he used--just curious, I'll never tackle a project that big for sure! LOL You have the perfect dishes to display in your pretty hutch, looks like something from a magazine. And you are getting wood floors too--it's all looking just wonderful and those will be the icing on the cake. The big chick--adds a special unexpected "flair". ;o)


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Oh Marlene, this is absolutely fabulous! I got a sneak peak on FBk, too! You & DH have done a wonderful make-over! And how awesome tht you used your old cupboards & that bargain hutch! Your kitchen is so pretty! Love the white! Love the black accessories you've chosen...the ceiling fan, dining light...& black & SS kitchen appliances! The tile you chose is so warm & inviting!

I hope you've got a 'break' for some downtime ahead after the floor is done! WOW! Great teamwork! Love it all! & the color you chose in the hutch is lovely! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Oh, & I love EVERY THING in your newly revamped hutch! Every piece! I love every piece! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks so much ladies for all of the nice compliments! Luvs, DH cut the sides first with a circular saw, then used a jigsaw to cut the drawer sides and bottoms and the circular saw again for the hutch shelves. He, fortunately, has the patience of Job, so he was able to go really slowly.

The ceiling fan, cabinet knobs, etc. look black, but they're really the dark oiled bronze stuff.

The plates in the hutch were actually my inspiration for a color scheme. I used them to choose the cabinet color and the accent colors.

I still kind of feel like I'm in someone else's kitchen, but I'm getting more used to it everyday!

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What a transformation. I'll say it again - What a transformation.

I bet you're just the happiest couple right now. It is stunning. And that hutch thing-what guts that took. Yes, I know it took skill, but you must have had your heart in your throat while it was being given a slim down. :-)

I wouldn't have believed what you had in the beginning (and it really wasn't all that bad - just a little dated) could be transformed into what you have now. You are one talented couple!

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Marlene, I love your new kitchen and hutch! It all looks so modern and is just beautiful. You and DH should be so proud of yourselves with this remodel.

Will be looking forward to seeing your new flooring too. After seeing how much work went into this I totally understand why you was upset earlier this month.
So much to do and it's tough when your not up to par. Are you still feeling better? How's the hand, knees and ankles doing now?

So happy for you with your new kitchen and hutch. Glad you shared with us.


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What an INCREDIBLE transformation! Its gorgeous and I bet you smile every time you walk into it. I love every single thing you did. The tile and counter tops are exactly what I'd want in mine!! (maybe someday I'll have them after seeing how yours turned out). And that light pretty. I must have good taste, I sure like your 'style'.
That hutch looks awesome. Especially how you did the blue in it. (Can't believe DH could cut it down. Whatta Guy!!)

So now you plan wood floors, I can't wait to see how that looks!

hugs, Karen

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Marlene, I agree with what everyone else said, the transformation in your kitchen is Amazing!!
And that you did it in six weeks is incredible.
I know how hard it is to live in your house while undertaking renovations.
The hutch is just wonderful. I have always loved white cabinets even when they were not in style.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful kitchen with us.

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It really looks like a professional job; I absolutely love your blue & white scheme. And the granite and backsplash look lovely. Your kitchen looks like a happy place, I am sure you will enjoy it for many, many years. Now send your hubby my way (JK)!

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Amazing transformation on everything!!
The rope accent trim is quite a nice touch, and I love how you wrapped the counter and cabinets around the corner.
It is a much better floor plan now with the frig recessed like that.
I'm also lovin that big fuzzy chick! Too cute!!

Echoing what everyone else said: great job and great style selections. What a great feeling of accomplishment to know you were able to do that yourselves.


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