need expert ironing opinions re: iron rack / rest

eldemilaMay 6, 2008

So, I finally found the ironing board that I had originally hoped to find, a nice 18" wide one. The only issue I have is that is has a iron rest / rack. I couldn't find one that wide without one, and frankly, having found it on Craigslist for $15, I couldn't pass it up, even with the rack. It seems many ironing boards come with this, esp. the wider (& more expensive ones) do.

I like ironing on the wide end of the board and having the rack inhibits me from doing so. I want to get rid of the rack. Has anyone been successful in doing so - thought maybe I could hacksaw it off??

I tried to irong on the tapered end and it seems to take me far too long. Maybe I'm doing something wrong - I'm a lefty - am I the only lefty with ironing issues?? I'm so domestically challenged it seems!

My hubby has is a big guy = big shirts. I need to use the wide 18" end of the board - I don't care about the rest/rack and want it to be gone. Should I find later I can't live without one, there are ones you can buy that are removable.

I wish the companies would make them removable from the beginning!!!!

Any thoughts?


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I have a Rowenta board with a rack. I bought mine for the rack as I had purchased a Rowenta 980 Steam Generator and the rack is made to work with this iron. It's a great iron and has a seperate boiler which is attached to the iron with a hose type of thing which the steam comes through. It steams for 1 1/2 hours on one filling and I am a strange one who irons my sheets! LOL I would have to fill a regular iron 4 times to iron 2 king size sheets and 6 pillow cases. I love this iron due to the fact that I can set the soleplate temp. lower and still have the iron steam and adjust the steam flow. Great idea!!! I looked at my board and the rack is attached with 12 pop rivets. If yours is attached the same way your husband should be able to cut the heads off the rivets and you should be able to remove it. The metal rod connecting both sides of the frame should just fall off. You may have to cut it. I don't know.

Good Luck!

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