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PurplemoonApril 14, 2012

Most of this was from my birthday shopping spree at the antique mall, thanks to Jas and Suzie. ;o)

Bunny planter $3.00, giggling bunnies $1.00, and yellow 'marble-like coloring' bunny $1.

Brown bunny trio, they were $1 each, so of course I had to buy the whole set. ;p)

Bronze rabbit bookends, from Pier 1 not the antique mall...LOVE these! I had seen them several times in decor settings online and wanted them. But not if shipping involved, they are super heavy! (great weapons if a burglar should break in. LOL)

Rose plate and vintage crackled bunny planter. I don't normally buy rose plates for myself, but because of Luvs, I'm always looking at them. She has a wonderful collection of them and they are so pretty. This one told me I had to buy it, LOL. It was made by Bradford in 1994. The old bunny planter is so sweet I think. And I like crackled bunnies a lot.

Dedham've seen my sitting up bunny and the candleholders before. I think the Dedham bunnies are really neat, and they are crackled too. But they are also on the pricey side (for me anyway). I watch for bargains on eBay and once in a blue (purple) moon find one as you can see. My friend spotted the tiny one with the lettuce and didn't have a clue what it was, and I shocked her with a 'yelp' of glee. This was $6, it is usually online for $20-$25! Woooo Hoooo, SCORE!!

Rabbit Lamp....funny story with this one. I've often seen rabbit lamps in magazine vignettes and online, but didn't want to pay the prices asked. The less expensive ones were for nurseries or little girl rooms, and ones more like this type ranged up to $100. So I was thinking, with all my gazillion rabbits, I could just MAKE MY OWN. Yeah!

So for a LONG time I've watched for a lamp in GW or the antique mall. Needed one with the 'right' kind of base to attach a large figurine. No luck, for a year now. While looking at an online lamp I liked, I noted how the base was done and decided I could make that myself out of wood....IF I could find the RIGHT dang lamp type I wanted.

When we got to the mall, I told my friend I was on a Lamp Mission! Well halfway thru, she suddenly says "How about this rabbit lamp instead?" WHAT???? Oh yeah, definitely! $15 and that baby came home with me! Its perfect on the little chest in my sage green 'sitting room' (Dad's room). Bless my friend's lil pair of eyes, I would have missed BOTH the lamp and the Dedham bunny for sure. (you'd have to see that mall to understand how easy it is to miss stuff. Right, Luvs? Over 500 dealers and over 2 hrs of walking thru it.) Sensory overload, LOL.

Vintage lamp table that I didn't need. Saw, wanted, bought anyway. If you look close, you can see four little cut-outs (like handles). The sides all fold, makiing it become smaller and square instead of round.

Little Fairy with ducklings and kitty. Showing this for no reason other than it always makes me smile. Its not new. I found the little girl fairy quite some time ago at GW, and another time found the lovely little piece with the 5 ducklings. of saw, wanted, got. Kitty was at Dollar Tree one time. All were in my garage cabinet with no "home" for many months. One day while looking at them as I was going thru the cabinet, it struck me that the little fairy was shushing the ducklings so the kitty could sleep. Voila!! A sweet vignette that makes me happy. I put it on a mirror base and its also in the sage sitting room.

hugs, Karen

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Love, love, love all your treasures.
Next time you go to the antiques mall can I go with you? Please, please, pretty please?

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Wow, great finds at great prices. We have a couple of antique malls, but I find them to be rather pricey. Never see anything as good as what you found for those prices!! Also, as you said, they are so full, it is hard to see/find items. I rarely find anything when I venture in to those malls. Guess I'll have to stick with the TS's.
I really like the 3 brown bunnies.
I have some of those little fairies, but I use mine outside in my fairy garden and tucked into plants.

Your vignette is so cute and I agree it appears she is shushing the ducks.

Your lamps were wonderful buys and whats need got to do with it anyway? LOL

You definitely scored big on this trip.
May I please join you and Nana so we can all go together?
That would be such fun unless we had to wrestle one another over something we all wanted. HA.


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I love everything too Karen!
Lots of neat bunnies..especially the bronze ones and
your little 'Dedham Bunny'.
What I really like is that bunny lamp and the price you paid for it. They usually go for so much more.
It's nice to shop with a friend who knows just what you like and has good eyes! lol
That antique mall sounds like my kind of place and I like that it's indoors too!


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Oh, I am in love w/the bronze bunny bookends!! I have bronze for bookends for my living room shelves I really LOVE those you found! Wonderful!

Oh & you really scored on the Dedham lettuce bunny! Looks so cool w/your others!

That vintage lamp that the table folds from round to square is quite unusual...nice find! And the bunnies...oh my, you really found some 'honey's!' Am glad your friend was w/you & spotted that bunny lamp...funny story!

Or that 'rose' plate is gorgeous...yes, I think of luvs, too when I see beautiful rose plates! TFS, PM...ya did great! What fun! Jeanne S.

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I would LOVE if Janey could load up the bus with y'all and we could spend the day at that antique mall.

Its the neatest place and I always come home with stuff of course.
I know each of you would love it as much as I do!

Candy, LOL. I could see us in a big cat-fight in the middle of all those antiques. Tho there are an abundance of bunnies, so that might lessen the blows. ;o)

hugs, Karen
(\ /)
( . .)

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Marlene Kindred

If I ever make it to Phoenix, I'm going to make sure and bring a BIG, empty suitcase with me....just sayin'. I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Your antique mall must be the bunny lamp, the giggling bunnies, your bookends, all of it. So cute...what a haul you made...a successful shopping day for sure!

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Whoa! Bunnies everywhere. Good thing you got them after Easter or you would have eggs all over your house.

I love going through an antique mall. Of course, I take WAY TOO LONG for my husband, so have to go when he's busy doing something else. Can we go together if I visit Phoenix?

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Karen, you found so many neat bunnies. Looks like you have room for all of them too.LOL Luvs is going to love your new rose plate!

Bet your rabbit lamp looks great in your sage room. How lucky it was green. It's so great to hear you are getting out and enjoying life!

Love your fairy vignette. She is adorable. U must smile every time you look at her.

Guess I'll have to join the others on a shopping spree with you. That would be sooo fun.

DD put an offer on a home in Sun City, AZ for our company retreat. How far is it from you? My question to her is who is going to maintain the pool? Guess we'll worry about that if we buy it.


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Wonderful finds Karen. I knew you would come around to liking the rose plates just like we "enablers" got you to sort of like "pink". LOL It's a beautiful plate, and now I know you will think of me when you look at it! ;o)

That green bunny lamp is perfect for your sitting room, what a great find. The giggling bunnies made me smile too. You are so right about the little fairy shushing the ducks so the kitty can sleep--what a cute vignette. Brass bunnies? Wow! What a find, I can only imagine how heavy they are. All wonderful treasures, and I too am so glad you are getting out and having fun.

You gals will have to head the bus that way for sure. Karen is not exagerating when she says it is a huge mall. The two of us had to stop for lunch to rest halfway through our shopping there when I visited. There is soooo much stuff that you really have to take awhile to let your eyes rest on each item. Karen is really great at spotting the good stuff for sure.


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Great finds, Karen! The bunny lamp is wonderful! Looks like Bardallo! I would have arm wrestled you for it! :)

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Gosh, Kathleen, you are right...the bunny lamp does resemble the Bordallo bunny dishes! How'd I miss that??

Punk, Sun City is pretty big but the city limits closest to me is only about a half hour's drive. It would be neat if you got to come here.
Wish a bunch of you could come and go shopping with me. We'd have a blast. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Love all your great finds. I esp like the bunny lamp and the bookends. I think it would be so great if we could all go shopping together. This has been an extremely hard week with DH, and I am about ready to run away. Think I could get lost in Pheonix? Sorry that I have been so slow posting...Life gets in the way of doing what you want sometimes. I am so glad you are getting out some now. Enjoy every day that you feel like getting out. Don't let the fibro take all the fun out of life. Luv you, Janet

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Oh gosh, if we all got tog for flea market/holiday shopping, the economy would surely improve!!! What fun we could have...but we kind of do that here anyway, Cyperspace style, w/all the sharing & helpful hints!

& hugs to you janet...& luvs ...for your continuing daily support to your families ...& to karen, jane & all who battle the health issues...I like janet's "Don't let the fibro take all the fun out of life." We could insert a word for 'fibro' in those words of wisdom. Gentle hugs! Jeanne S.

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