What brand is your hood insert and do you like it?

stacylhApril 2, 2013

It's crunch time and I've got to decide on a hood insert. I had the cabinetmaker build the wooden hood surround to accommodate a Vent-a-hood 40.375" 600CFM unit and will still likely get this one. However, DH is not questioning whether its reputation as being "quiet" is a lot of hype or not.

So, what brand/model is your hood insert? Do you like it? Is it "quiet"?


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I have the Zephyr Monsoon II with the LED lights on it. It has 6 speeds, though speed #6 is called "Burst" mode and will only run on that high speed for about 5 minutes before going back to speed 5.

We mostly use it on speed-3, it is fairly quiet on that speed, but honestly this is my first hood. We used to have a OTA microwave with the hood built it, so that is all I have to compare it too.

So far with it over our 36" BS rangetop with 6 burners we love it and it does all I need. I have only had to use speed-6 one time when I was using a griddle and forgot I had it on to high and it started to smoke.

In the past we would set off the smoke alarm in our kitchen area with the OTA micro-wave one, we have yet to do that with this hood, as expected.


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