Cleaning hardened grout or concrete out of an acrylic bathtub?

rayjoMay 26, 2007

Contractor left an unsightly mess in my acrylic jacuzzi tub. It would seem grout or concrete buckets were washed out in my tub and excess product hardened to the surface. I've managed to pry the large chunks out, but there's a fair amount of residue that stubbornly remains. The base of the tub has a slightly pebbled finish which seems to be part of my difficulty in scrubbing it off.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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did you inform the contractor of the mess? I've never heard of a contractor rinsing the buckets inside - they usually go outside with a hose. He may owe you a new tub!

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FYI My contractor did the same thing (in an apt). Tub looks awful now and was brand new...

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I was going to post this question also. Only I have it around the toilet bowl on a tile floor that the plumber left. I too scraped the large stuff off but can't get the rest and now it is discoloring. Any help?

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Contractor might also owe you new plumbing lines :o Depends on how much grout he washed down the drain. That's a BIG no-no :(
Try Gel Gloss (I get it at Lowes) to bring back the shine and reduce the appearances of scratches on the acrylic tub. It's in a pink spray can. On the tile floor, you can try a grout haze remover. That too can be found at home improvement stores.

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