Opinion on Orecks in general and specifically the Quest pro

jockewingMay 1, 2011

I went into a local Oreck store yesterday to pick up a replacement hose for my grandma's handheld vac. I was just about to start looking for a new vac for my house, and out of curiousity, starting talking to the salesman about their vacs.

I ended up walking out with their top of the line canister, the Quest Pro for $299. The design looks just like the Mieles I've seen. It has several attachments that stow on board, Hepa filter with charcoal filtered bags, and a powerhead on the wand. I have almost all hardwood and tile with a wool area rug in the living room and two little used spare bedrooms with wall to wall. My previous vac was starting to wear out--it was just a cheap Bissell that has actually worked admirably for several years. However, the Bissell did smell. I have a little chihuahua who sheds pounds of hair and the Bissell was not doing a good job. I realize the canister is move difficult to move around, but it should not mark up my baseboards like the upright, it is easier to switch to tools to vac the couch and chairs, and it seems more suited to hard floors. Also, I can turn off the beater bar when going over the wool rug.

From what I understand, reviews are mixed on Orecks--I have heard good and bad. The vac does seem very well put together and feels nice and substantial. Does anyone have the vac or other Orecks?

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I have had an Oreck upright and small cannister vac since the year 2000 and can't even imagine anything I'd rather have. The light weight is fantastic, as is the suction. One time in these years we've had to replace a belt and once got a new power cord, but the power cord misfunction was my own fault and they didn't even charge me. It shows no sign of giving out, but when it does we will replace it with another Oreck.

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You have to understand Oreck. Besides making their liteweight upright and handheld compact, they either purchase vacuum cleaner companies for their model(s), purchase old vacuums or have the vacuum cleaners made for them. So you cannot judge one model by another Oreck. "Lindie mi's" vacuums and the Quest Pro are not made by the same company-Oreck.

The Quest Pro has just recently been introduced. The Chinese company which makes this vacuum cleaner also make some similar vacuum cleaners under at least two "American" names. It is a very good vacuum cleaner, which uses a good power nozzle. This vacuum should be very easy to use and filters very well.

If you are accustomed to using an upright, it may take you some time to get acquainted with the Quest Pro. For your situation, the canister is perfect. You will be able to vacuum everything. Pushing an upright is not the same as pushing a wand with a floor brush at the end.

I would suggest that since canister use is new to you, take a quick look behind you, when you pull the canister. Some users have the tendency of pulling canisters into walls and furniture. I do not have this problem, because I look, when I pull the canister around a corner.

If you have any questions, just post them here.

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That's interesting. The salesman told me the vacuum was made in America. Does this Oreck compare favorably with the Mieles? I have looked at the Mieles on their website and the design of the Oreck is almost identical. It looks like Oreck used the Miele as a starting point for their design.

So far I have enjoyed using my Oreck. It seems to work very well and it feels substantial and appears to be very well built. It is taking some time getting used to working with the canister, but an upright doesn't make much sense in my situation. The upright was much eaiser to use and get around, but it seemed like alot of the times it just blew the dirt and dog hair around because it is raised too high off the ground. It was also pulling out alot of the wool fibers from my rug. I also didn't realize how poor the bagless models actually work. Everytime I used that vacuum, I could smell that nasty dust and dog hair odor--yuck!

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Every Quest Pro I've seen says Made in China on the bottom....yes I've even had the dealer say they are made in the USA.

I don't think they look like a Miele at all??? JMO.

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If you look on the bottom of your vacuum cleaner, there is a name and ratings plate. It will say that it is made in China. Also take a look at the box it came in. It should also say "Made in China" somewhere in small lettering. Not all vacuum cleaner shops know where or who makes their vacuum cleaners. It is not just limited to Oreck stores.

Like I said previously, the company that makes this also makes other models for companies here. This model is also sold in the UK as a Swan(see link below)without a power nozzle.

Your Oreck may look like a Miele, but there are differences. This practice has been going on since the beginning of manufacturing. This is not saying that you have a bad vacuum cleaner. You have a different vacuum cleaner. Your Oreck will clean well for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swan

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I guess what I really want to know is this Oreck worth the money or should I return it and spring for a Miele? Which Miele is comparable with the features of the Oreck (integrated power on wand, power head, on board attachments)?

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The Oreck canister is a good buy. Like I said previously, it will clean well for you. It will also filter well. You have already attested to the benefits of your new vacuum cleaner.

Ask yourself, "Is this Oreck giving me what I want?"

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