Bissell SpotBot Pet Stain cleaner:iso advice

annova914May 4, 2009

I just purchased the Bissell SpotBot hands free pet compact cleaner. the manual only refers to using Little Green formula on common stains or Little Green and Oxy GEN2 on dye based stains. However, in the carton were OxyGen2 and Pet Stain & Odor Advanced Formula. Has anyone else bought and used this machine? the instructions say for dye based stains (and I've got some pink stains on our cream colored carpet from our cat throwing up her dry's prescription so maybe there's something in it that stains pink??) to fill lines on the right hand side of the unit and fill with Little Green and Oxy Gen2 formulas. so should I just substitute Pet Stain & Odor advanced formula for the Little Green?

For some reason I'm a bit wary of firing up this machine...maybe I'm afraid I'll screw up the blending of these two cleaners. thanks for any advice out there.

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I can't answer your question but I'm thinking of buying this cleaner so I hope someone offers opinions or suggestions.

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Well, I fired up the little machine and it removed all the light brown stains. I used the Pet Stains solution first. When I ran out of that I switched to the OxyGen2 solution. the only stain that wouldn't come out is the pink stain so I'm going to buy the Little Green solution and see if that works (previously we only got rid of the pink stains by having Stanley Steamer come in and clean the carpet). I'm glad I bought this cleaning machine every time I walk past where the other stains used to be.

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I just followed the instructions when I fired mine up. I got the regular spot bot though - not the pet spot bot. I couldn't really see what the difference was. Maybe it's the solutions that came with it. I think I used a combination of the two solutions that came with mine - it was Little Green and OxyGen. It worked great on my cat barf - nothing pink though.

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