Mosquito repellant

krissie55May 24, 2008

Emails float around off and on with various tips. I recieved one stating that Listerine mouthwash would repell mosquitos.

Well, a little while ago I was cutting my husband's hair on the patio and mosquitos would not leave me alone. Rushed inside and put Listerine on my arms, neck, and face. Mosquitos did not bother me anymore.

Give it a try, Listerine might allow you to live outside in peace!!

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I had read that email too, Krissie. Nice to know it will work. Guess I need to get a spray bottle and keep some handy for the summer. Luvs

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Thanks for the tip!

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What flavor liserine?
Should I smell like citrus, maybe minty, or regular cloves & whatever.

But Officer, that alcohol smell, I haven't been drinking it.
You know listerine, its listerine mouthwash oder. Â
I spritzed it on all over myself before leaving home.
It chases away the bugs.

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I used the mint flavored Listerine, most handy at the time.

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Thanks for the valuable tip. I hope it won�t be harmful to use it on skin also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eliminate'em Pest Control

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One thing that doesn't work (tho it's "reputed" to be great) is Avon Skin So Soft. I used to sell Avon, lots of women bought SSS, I tried it myself on me and my kids, but it didn't repell mosquitos at all.

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