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curious_2008May 2, 2008

I am doing a spring house cleaning job including the items noted below. The house is approx. 1200 sq. ft. The owner is a heavy smoker, it has so far taken myself & a helper 34 hours of HEAVY cleaning. Can someone please let me know what the expected price to charge would be?? The location is Dutchess county NY.

Thank you!

Clean bathroom

Demold shower and doors

Wash & dry three floor rugs

Clean three ceiling fans

Clean microwave and cart, inside & out

Dust kitchen, living room, kitchenette, bedroom, hallway

Water three plants

De-wax kitchen and bathroom floors

Mop & rewax kitchen & bathroom floors

Clean windows:

3 six foot by 3 foot windows

7 standard sized windows

1 small bathroom window

Clean screens on all windows

2 4 paned door windows

Clean mold from 2 house entry doors

Vacuum carpet in livingroom (approx. 10 x 20)

Vacuum carpet in bedroom (approx. 12 x 12)

Vacuum inside & outside of sofabed and two recliners

Clean refrigerator inside & out

Dust & polish all furniture:

Kitchen table & 4 chairs

2 shelving units (one with 8 shelves & one with 6 shelves)


Piano seat

Entertainment center

Stero system

Dust all photos & artwork (numerous)

2 Coffee tables

1 Buffet table

1 desk and chair

1 Computer desk & chair

2 Bedside tables

One buffet table

Two entryway tables

1 dresser

3 lamps

Clean kitchen cabinets & wax after (13 cabinets and 4 drawers)

Clean stove

Wash curtains for all windows

Clean & install 2 air conditioners

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You have done 34 hours of cleaning already and haven't discussed a price?

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I agree with Graywings. When you tell him the price (no matter how high or low) he could balk and refuse, and you have no recourse because you've already done the work. However, to answer your question, cleaning service is $10-$12.50 an hour.

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Wow, you've done a lot of work! Seems you should have discussed price before you even started. Figure out how many hours it took and be sure to charge an acceptable hourly fee, at least $10 per hour.

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Wow! OK just fyi...I have cleaners come to my house once a month (in northern Virginia) and pay them (4 workers) only $80.00 to vacuum two floors, clean 3 full bathrooms and 1 half bath; dust, polish, clean hardwood floors in 2 rooms and main floor entry hall; and clean the kitchen (but not inside appliances). They do not move any furniture when they vacuum. They do not clean windows (that would be extra). So whoever benefited from your efforts owes you big time!!!!!

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It sounds like you are going to get screwed on this. We pay $85 for two hours of cleaning for a team of 6.

If you didn't set a price up before you started, you have no recourse to collect. Good luck.

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Interesting. I pay $75 for 4 hours of cleaning and I only have one bathroom, one kitchen, 2 bedrooms. He knows the price before he comes. We do have dogs but the price is still the same. I would not clean or have my house cleaned without first knowing the price of it. That's a lot of work for not knowing what to charge. I think I would at least stop cleaning until the price is discussed.

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