how to cut baseboard molding for vanity end panel?

nokeysyetApril 15, 2012

i have ordered (finally!) the finish end panels for my bathroom vanities. although they are flush to the ground (not integrated to the toe kick) i am actually digging the look. now here is where i hit a snag: i need to cut the already on the wall (existing) base board molding.

the vanity is thermafoil & no, i do not want to cut the vanity side panel to fit. to me, it will look cleaner to cut the baseboard. i also do not want to risk ripping the existing baseboard off the wall to make the cut.

it seems to me, the most pratical is to trim out the

how does one do that? a japanese saw? pull saw? i looked into the motorized saw & it is too much $$$ for this project.

chisel? chisel & hand pull saw i think right?

anyone who has done this, i'd love to hear your advice.


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This cut is the exclusive oeuvre of the Fein Multimaster (and its imitators).
No other tool can cut just the baseboard and leave everything else undisturbed.
A japanese saw can work if you are willing to either cut the drywall behind (pipes? wires?) or be content to snap off the remaining uncut wood at the inside floor/wall corner that the blade just can't get to. You need a japanese saw with teeth all the way to the end of the blade.
A very sharp chisel can beaver its way through, but the repeated mallet blows will probably crack the drywall.

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thanks Casey.... mmmm. i don't like that idea of cracking the drywall. can one rent a multimaster or some alike?
sounds like NOT a DYI project then. best left up to a professional?

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