Kohler Archer tub - did they redesign it?

piscesgirlApril 5, 2014

I was looking at the Kohler Archer tub (60 x 30 size) on the Kohler site today and it looks like it changed. They have both the apron and drop in tubs listed in this size as NEW.

Only this size is new at this point. And I am not sure if they are listed as new because of the new material (see below) or the styling or both.

Based on the picture on Kohler's site it looks like these tubs have flat interior sides (as compared to the beveled edge interior on the other sizes). However the description still reads "beveled edges" Are the sides now flat? It is really hard to see in the photo but it sure looks like it. Has anyone seen these "new" tubs in person? How do they look?

These models are now listed as ExoCrylic. "KOHLER ExoCrylic� is the next generation of bathroom acrylics, featuring a lighter weight for easier installation and 90% fewer VOCs produced during manufacturing"

Anyone familiar with ExoCrylic? Just curious how it feels and holds up compared to Kohler's traditional acrylic tubs and other brand acrylic tubs (MTI, Americh, Maax, Hydrosystems, etc.)

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It appears that they still offer the 60 x 32 with the ledges that they call armrests but someone here who has one calls "finger rests", as well as this new one that leaves those out to stay 30" wide.

Personally, I'm really happy to see the new version, although I know nothing about the material, since that extra two inches would have been a big problem for me in a small bathroom. Now I don't have to worry about moving the toilet over to stay within code.

I'd love to know more about the material, too.

I think the bevel means the top outer edge of the tub, not the ledge inside, so the new one would be beveled, too.

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