Am I looking for something that doesn't exist?

treasurethedayApril 29, 2012

After a year long to-the-studs reno of our masterbath that involved moving every drain and supply, we're going to keep things much more simple on our next bath reno. We'll replace fixtures and upgrade finishes in our teenage son's bath. My son loves the channel style faucets but we will probably just use the faucets that we took out of our master since they were only three months old at the time, installed temporarily to tide us over before the full reno. I'd like to surprise him with a new channel style or waterfall tub filler instead.

Something like this...

Unfortunately, this is available as a deck mount only and does not appear to come with a diverter. Am I correct that we would need a diverter in a tub/shower combo? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if you need a diverter, does that mean that you have to get a wall mounted tub spout? Our tub is in a large alcove so, although I'd rather stick with a wall mount, there would be room to add a ledge for a tub filler.

Are you aware of a channel or waterfall style tub spout that is wall mounted AND comes with diverter?

Any other ideas we could consider?


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Something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Waterfall with diverter

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A deck of any kind in a tub shower situation is a recipe for water damage. You want to make sure that you are using an alcove tub with an integral tile flange. That's what keeps the water from getting behind your walls or spilling out onto your floor from a deck.

The Kohler Loure offers a waterfall tub filler with shower diverter control.

The chrome trim list is $729,(No one pays list, average is about 70% of list) and then you need to choose your valve. The pressure balancing valve with stops is list at $209.

I'd personally prefer a thermostatic valve though, and that starts to get more complicated, as you have to purchase everything even more separately, as in the shower arm, the shower head, the thermostatic trim, the thermostatic valve, the diverter trim, the diverter control, and the tub spout. That adds up to even more money.

I'd be a heck of a lot cheaper to just buy him a $200 lavatory faucet! Then buy the cheapest "kit" with a thermostatic valve that you can find for the tub/shower as long as it's in the same finish.

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The faucet that Alice posted is undoubtedly uber cool, but I would never install a Chinese faucet like that behind my walls unless I had in place an access panel so you could get to it to remove or replace it. Just in case. You're taking too big of a chance with yo-yo quality control and questionable component materials to cover it over in a wall permanently with no way to get to it.

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The faucet you posted appears to have a diverter--its the rectangle piece above the spigot. You would pull up on it to divert the water typically to a handheld shower, but it cn divert to a wall mounted showerhead as well. The real question is do you have a tub that is conducive to using a deck mount faucet? Most tubs are not, but I'm sure there are some out there that are.

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Thanks, everyone, for your help and input.

As our plans are coming together, it appears that we'll be using an Moen I/O Digital controller, as we did in our master, instead of a traditional tub/shower valve set up. I'll be able to shop for a cool spout without having to be concerned about a diverter.

GreenDesigns, your point is well-taken. We're looking exclusively at alcove tubs and are leaning toward the Kohler Windward which appears to have room for a deck mount tub filler should we decide on that instead of a wall mount. We'll also be installing Kerdi and Ditra again in this bathroom.


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