Washing a backpack

livvysmomMay 27, 2008

Strange question but do you think it is possible to wash a canvas backpack? Rather than buy new every school year, I would like to try and wash them and use them each two years to save money.

Her lunchbox is also canvas (on the outside) and dirty looking.

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I throw my kids backpacks in the washing machine all the time. I'm always amazined when I see filthy lunchbags and backpacks at school, that other people don't do this. I hang it to dry, and have never had a smidge of a problem. If it's really grungy, spray it with a stain remover first.

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We washing machine wash canvas suitcases as well.

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I have washed both backpacks and canvas lunch bags. In the summer I hang them outside to dry. In the winter I put them on the heating vent!
I make sure that I have my washing machine set on high water level. I have a top loader - no experience with a front loader.

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I've washed backpacks, duffel bags, etc. plenty of times. I've had no problems.

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SIL washes those huge heavy canvas LL Bean totes. They loose some of that stiff "stand up alone" feeling but come out fine. She uses a top loader too. Sandy

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backpacks should be ok, but my boys have the LL Bean rolling bags and you can't wash those.

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