Easter Decor 2011???

christmascandyApril 3, 2012

I think I created a PhotoBucket album for my Easter 2011 decor. We'll see if I did it right!



Here is a link that might be useful:

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Candy, the bunny looks cute, but the album says it is private so I can't see any other pictures. Luvs

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Well, it would have been a miracle if I got it right the first try!
Okay, I think I fixed it.
Please let me know.


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WOW, so much eye-CANDY, its going to take me a while to absorb it all. Since its going on 4am, I think I'll do that later "today". ;o)

You did good on the link, except it doesn't open at the first photo, it opens at the 41st. LOL. But its easy to just go to the top of it and click Easter to start at the beginning.

I'll do better at commenting on all your neat displays when I've had some sleep.
hugs, Karen

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I loved looking at your Easter album, Candy.
So many pretty things to see.
You always do the best job with your decor.

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Candy, I am just blown away with all your neat Easter things/ Everything is so beautiful. I especially liked the white TC with the embroidery/ applique eggs. I just loved it all--it was so much to look at, I"m going to have to look at it much longer than just a scroll through to take it all in. You are such a talented lady. TFS Janet

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Man! You did A LOT for Easter last year. My two favorite things are the clear glass bunnies above the fireplace and the napkins folded into bunny shapes.

I really went too fast through it all. I'll have to go back again. There was so much to see.

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I got in this time! Yeah! And thanks to Karen's tip, I was able to start at pic #1. Love love love that embroidered tablecloth--so nice. That pretty pastel table just "speaks" to me! And those textured, scalloped plates are wonderful too. Gosh, you have so many pretty Easter items. Love how you did the three tiered plates, the decorated trees, the big bunny on the step and the ones on the front porch. Your silverware that looks sort of Victorian is gorgeous. So much great eye candy. Thanks for sharing. Luvs

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Yeah, candy, you did it! I see LOTS of pics in your Easter album...wow! I'm assuming 4l & on back are your most recent pics...I love this 'candyshot!' that I'm posting from your album:

Of course, your embroidered t'cloth steals the show! You've added such pretty accessories...each placesetting!And your napkin combo!

Your white egg tree is quite spectacular! & I love the pic of the gold/purple candlesticks w/old card...sweet vignette!

I love the vintage postcard/pic & how you used it w/gold/purple candles...think I'll add that one here, too:

The village is so cute ...Happy Easter, candy & TFS! Jeanne S.

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I enjoyed your Easter Album Candy...
I agree, you did so much last year and I love it all.
So many cute bunny vignetts and adorable chicks.
Those silver/metal bunny Candleholders are nice and so different looking.
I'm glad Jeanne posted your 'Candy Shot' ..it
really shows off your beautiful tablecloth and each pretty place setting.
It's nice you were able to put together an album for
Easter. I like being able to look at so many pictures over and over.

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Marlene Kindred

SOOO many beautiful things!!! Love them all! So springy looking at your house...you've been a busy lady!

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Candy :
The more time goes on , the more I'm sure your creativity knows no bounds. For every holiday , you always do such beautiful decor.
It was so nice to actually have the time to sit down and go through/ enjoy your album.
The marshmallow peeps in the vase made me laugh. I have to watch my sugar so it saves me the trouble but that aside, those things just creep me out for some reason. Earlier today, my little neice was trying sooo hard to get me to eat one and ewww. couldn't get her to understand NO!. lol
I love that you have such neat little areas done up with different "themes" to each one.
My most favorite of all was the crystal bunny mantal. Beautiful!! and shimmer-y.

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Candy, enjoyed seeing ALL your album pictures of your decor. It's enough to make me want to do more, if only I had the time.sigh I haven't put one thing outside but hope to set a few things out tomorrow. However, I have to watch DGD hunt eggs in the morning. Will head to the city to find her some Easter goodies after that.

Thanks sooooo much for sharing this. It's always a joy to see your decor.


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