Does this look right to you? New tub drain cover

SparklingWaterApril 6, 2012

Hi. My plumber installed this new hair catcher tub drain cover yesterday. Does this look right to you? Why is there a depressed rim in the cover for water to pool? Is it upside down? Won't my hard water pool even outside this new cover due to an uphill climb? Surprised too about those brown marks since this is brand new from him.

What do you think?


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think a larger picture will help. I typically add my photos to Photobucket and have the resolution something like 400x600. Try that so we can see the details.

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Brand new hair catcher over new drain pipe chosen by plumber. Old hair catcher drain cover was concave, to allow water in. This one appears to have a recessed rim (the brown gooky area) and then it does have a rising edge of 3 to 4 mm prior to the holes. Just refinished cast iron tub after 20 years of waiting. Hard water. How will water not collect in the recesses rim upon draining and eventually deposit/rust? When the tub empties, do you think the water will climb from the recess up the stainless and into the holes?

Why do they make drain covers like this? What am I missing here? Why not always a concave design?

I don't want water damage promoted on this new tub because of a newly chosen drain pipe that requires a convex hair catcher cover. Flummoxed.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Any tub that can't handle a bit of water isn't gonna be long for looking "refinished". Most people don't have much luck with having the cast iron painted "refinished" and lasting more than a couple of years.

Yes, it's installed correctly, but it's not a design I care for.

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Point taken. 100% improvement over what was there before though. Five year warranty of repair.

It's equalizing the surface character through the acid wash, not just the painting. This company really works the work.

No need to chase hard water trouble: I'll keep searching for a hair catcher drain cover which is concave, not convex.


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