Opinions on Hansgrohe large shower heads?

ashardingApril 9, 2013

Between Hansgrohe Axor Starck ShowerHeaven, Raindance Imperial 600 or Raindance Rainfall AIR 240

I was able to try out the 1st one at a hotel Spa and it was really nice. It is a 28" square with 21" of nozzles containing an inner and outer ring. You can turn off the inner ring to keep the rain off of your head while the rest of your body is covered in nice warm rain. I really liked this feature. You are able to turn one or the other ring off or keep both on.

Negative is that it does not have the Whirl AIR like the Imperial 600 below. I have not had an opportunity to try the Whirl AIR, what's it like?

The Raindance Imperial 600 is also a nice large shower at 20" with the Whirl AIR.

Negative is that the rain nozzles are either on or off, no inner/outer ring. Had I not tried out the Axor ShowerHeaven, I would have not known that I liked being able to turn off the inner ring.

So between the above two, it comes down to is the Whirl AIR worth giving up to get the two rings of rain. I wish I could try it to see.

The third choice is about half the cost of the above two options. It contains a waterfall, two Whirl AIR's (instead of three in choice #2) and a smaller 10" rain shower.

Negative is that I would give up the all encompassing rain feel of the above two as it's much smaller. Opinions as to how the Rainfall AIR 240 is in real life?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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PS: Has anyone tried out qualitybath.com? Their prices are lower than Amazon and they have mostly positive reviews. However, I'm hesitant as although most of their reviews are 5's, there are a smattering of 1's in between the 5's. Makes me think that the 1's are real and that the 5's are being posted by qualitybath employees. So real world opinions would be great.

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I would get the axor starck. you have tried it and it's something you like. I don' think you are missing out on the swirl.

I bought a hansgrohe potfiller from qualitybath before.. good price, quick ship and no issue. Since I didn't have issue with the product, it's hard to comment on if they are good if something goes wrong.

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Hi noopd,

Thanks for your comment. Just to verify, you don't work for qualitybath?

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Quality bath is An authorized dealer for hansgrohe, they get their merchandise directly from them . If there is an issue with any product, you can call hansgrohe directly since they have a limited life time warranty on their products. I just placed an order for a couple of thousands dollars of hansgrohe products , a tub filler and shower system . They will be delivered in a couple of weeks , because I am going out of town for a week. I will let you know how it goes. They have an extra 10 % off hansgrohe right now .

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no i don't work for them.
I bought a hansgrohe potfiller from a place online based on cheap price but i received it defective. it was a nightmare dealing with that company for return. It took like 3+ months to prove that it's defective to them.. so meanwhile, I ordered the same one from qualitybath..(also very competitive price) they were helpful and it arrived fast with no problem.. Again.. i can't comment on how things may turn out if i had to do a return. but they were nice.

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Thanks for the comments.

Lillo, did you verify that they are an authorized dealer with Hansgrohe or did you use what you saw on their website?

Funny about their 10% off right now, yesterday it expired today, today it expires tomorrow.

noopd, glad you had a good experience.

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Can't help with the showerhead question, but you might want to check out faucetdepot.com for prices. We bought all our Hansgrohe bathroom fixtures there - pricing was the best I could find online, good return policy (didn't need it), and service was great.

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We ordered a lot of Hansgrohe last summer and fall. Wayfair and HomePerfect had much better prices than anyone else. HomePerfect had a great record with us of fast shipping too.

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I just placed a large order with QualityBath for 2 vanities and Ginger bathroom accessories. I should receive the Ginger products today, but the vanities will take 2-3 weeks. I'll let you know how my Ginger delivery goes today. I saw 2 positive comments on Gardenweb for them and hoping it's true.

My orders from Wayfair, HomeClick and Amazon have gone very smoothly though the freight company delivering my toilets took down my cable lines with their truck! I placed an order with HomePerfect, but canceled the order later that day on the phone. The HomePerfect salesperson was a bit rude with my cancellation. I probably won't order from them again in case I need to deal with any issues. I did not get a good feeling from them.

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