can floor and wall tile patterns "clash"?

Skyangel23April 29, 2014

For our bathrooms, I was thinking of doing diagonal 20" by 20" tile on the floors. The shower wall tile matches the floor tile, but comes in 13 x 13 (guest bath) and 10 x 14 (master bath). I like a running bond staggered pattern for the walls.
When I search for pictures, it is hard to see both floor and shower tile at the same time, to see the patterns.

So does anyone have any opinions on whether these two patterns would play well together? Or should I consider something else?

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I can't get the link to Houzz to work, but I search +running bond +diagonal and got quite a few pictures, especially the one on the second page entitled "Ashburn Transitional". Looks great.

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As long as the tiles themselves don't clash it should look fine. I have 18x18 floor tiles on the diagnol with 11x13 stacked wall tiles. I never gave it a thought that the patterns might clash.

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Here is the image that sjhockeyfan is talking about on the second page :)

Contemporary Bathroom by Reston Design-Build Firms Synergy Design & Construction

Here is an image on the same set of images that is even more divergent and I think is terrific. I guess both tiles are in running bond, just a different angle:

Contemporary Pool by Melbourne Interior Designers & Decorators DDB Design Development & Building

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Enduring, how did you do that?

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You go to Houzz,

click on the picture you like to open it up in its own window,

there should be an icon "embed" at the bottom of the image, click on it,

options of linking the image pop up on top of the image and are (i think) small, med, and large options.

I click on the "large" option and it auto highlights,

copy preference with "control+c" or "command+c", then you paste it "control+v" or "command+v" into the message box here on GW :)

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Thank you for the pics. I tried an image search but was unsuccessful. I think it sounds like the two patterns will work together fine. :-)

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I won't say that pattern clashing can't be a problem but it is my experience that color undertones can cause a lot more problems. Be sure you don't have a yellow undertone on one wall and a pink undertone on another, yuk. And undertones can sometimes be very very subtle and subject to changes when lighting changes. A bit too complicated for me so I have learned to try to keep it simple.

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