Refrigerator/Freezer with ice maker

yoyopaApril 7, 2013

Have a Liebherr and have had ice maker problems immediately after purchase. I've lived
without the ice maker for years now as the company's solution was to keep sending replacement parts which didn't solve anything and the thing continued to be a headache so we gave-up. The company's indifference was just as annoying. Considering replacing it but am hesitant because I don't want to pay that much $ and get another machine that costs more than it's worth and a company that ignores the issue. Considering a 30" Sub Zero but again, I am wary b/c of the $. Any feedback? And to all those considering Liebherr: DON'T!!!!

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An ice maker is the biggest source of problems in fridges today. If you have a dispenser in the door , they are practically guaranteed to fail before the fridge does.

Now, I think you are simply swimming against the rive witha Liebherr ice maker. Why - they are a Euro co. making Euro fridges, and Europeans don't really use ice like we do and VERY FEW have them in their home freezers.

Liebherr's ice maker is a total afterthought for the American market form a co. that really doesn't do ice makers. Any wonder it failed ???

SZ on the other hand has been making freezers with ice makers for 50 + years. They've got it about as right as anyone can. They still have units break though. Their service is as good as it gets in the industry and their products justify their cost - even if that cost is high and not seen as a good value to the mass market.

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