Regretting my cabinets choices - boring bathrooms

pdx7700April 13, 2014

I ordered my cabinets for our whole house remodel, and at the time I was so overwhelmed with decisions that I just went white for everything. I love white cabinets, but now that I am picking my tiles for the bathrooms I am finding that this wasn't the best option for me. In particular, I wish that I picked grey for the kids bathroom because I think it would give a nice contrast with the white tiles and white/light grey quartz countertop. I don't like a lot of fancy tiles, so that would have been a way to bring some interest to the room without being too daring.

I could probably swing the cost of reordering new vanity cabinets for the kids bathroom, but I hate the idea of waste. And I wonder if I will be happy once everything is installed, so maybe I should just live with it.

I feel a little obnoxious about this and I am so grateful that we are able to take on this project, but I also want it to be happy since it is a huge investment.

Any advice (decorating or otherwise), would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my mock up for the kids bathroom (not sold on those lights either, but at least I haven't purchased them!).

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Rather than scrapping the vanity can you paint it? I agree that grey would look really nice.

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Thank you so much for the idea, but I prefer to keep the "factory finish" of the semi-custom cabinets.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Add your favorite colors with towels, throw rugs and other accessories. And get some fun knobs. The place will wake up. ;-) I really don't think you will regret having everything white. A simple change of wall paint and towels every few years will always make it different. When you have colored tile you are stuck with it until you sell or remodel. Who knew we'd be living in the same house for more than 30 years when I put it avocado green/espresso brown tile and fixtures in our old bath.


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I can understand your wanting to jazz it up some, but I completely agree with Babka. Over many years I've come to deeply distrust anything I consider interesting or cool. Those things date like crazy most of the time.

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Classic white will serve you well. Look at wall paint to change it up. The cabinets you chose may well suit the style of the house better also.

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Thanks everyone! I am feeling a bit better now. I am going to email my cabinet guy to find out how much it would be to get new, but I am leaning towards just accepting my decision.

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It's going to look great! You have variety in things other than color, and paint and towels can punch it up as much as you want. I think you are suffering from a side effect of Decision Fatigue-- I know it well!

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I love it - wall paint, bath mats, towels and artwork can really punch it up. Don't forget the shower curtain if you have one as well. Plus it is the kids' bath. Let them help pick; you can always redecorate after they outgrow what they choose now. And it is a great thing for kids to be involved.

My son picked the paint for his bathroom, and I helped him find a coordinating shower curtain and towels. He chose an intense turquoise! But it looks fabulous, and I know I will miss the "Bahia Bliss" room when he leaves.

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I agree with everyone. Keeping the cabinets white will allow you to paint the walls any crazy color you want and then redo it in a few years. I don't see the white cabinets any different than having white toilet, sinks, tub, really.

Are your kids boys, girls, or both?

I could see this room as beachy or nautical. I could see this with a navy color and it would be stunning. Heck you could paint the walls horizontal strips of white alternating with navy. Though too much dark will suck the light out of the room. In this photo they have a lot of white to help.

Traditional Bathroom by Brentwood Kitchen & Bath Designers Precision Cabinets

Speaking of lights, I might rethink the lights to something along the sides of the mirrors if you are able.

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Thank you all! I have a boy and a girl. They are both loving blue these days, so that would be fun to let them pick! Beautiful examples - I am definitely feeling better about it.

Funny thing, I am mostly white for my master bathroom too but I was feeling that my "marbelain" tiles, fancy lighting, and fancy mirrors are providing some interest so the whiteness doesn't bother me. I don't know why I focused so much on the kids bathroom. I do love the look of grey cabinets, and still think they would look pretty. But probably silly to change it now when I can add color to walls, accessories, etc.

I am looking forward to resting my mind when this remodel is all over!

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Our daughter's bathroom is white tile, tub, toilet, counter top and cabinets. When she was 2, when we moved in, her walls were very pale green with a ivy and pink laura ashley valance and rosebud curtain. When she was in her tweens, the walls went black, the shower curtain was bold colors from Pottery Barn Teen and Lewis Dolin teal glass knobs and bin pull in blue/teal to bring out a color in the shower curtain. Today, as a 17 yr. old, the walls are a dark taupe, and the shower curtin is a country stripe of taupes and pink, pink glass knobs, and very soft romantic country. The white has withstood all the changes and coordinated with every one of the looks. Good Luck

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When we moved into this house 5 years ago, our hall bath had a gray vanity and we couldn't rip that sucker out fast enough! It was put in when mauve/gray was all the rage, but just looked dingy once that trend went out of favor. I think you were wise to choose white, it is a timeless choice that can grow and change with your family!

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Love the bathroom stories! I didn't consider having to rip out a grey cabinet because it was out of fashion. I am trying my best to make long-lasting choices, so I guess my first instinct was the right one.

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Saw this in the "paper" today (online). 100 year old home, here are two pictures of the bathroom. Looks familiar! I thought it was great timing for this discussion.

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All white bathrooms are great. Let your kids pick whatever wall paint color they want or take a wild towel or shower curtain as a starting point. Way easier to change in a few years than re-painting or replacing a vanity.

I so wish I had skipped the colored accent tiles decades ago.

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I have to say that dark blue looks stunning with all that white. What about smoky gray walls to fix your desire for something gray? Then maybe fun pops of teal in towels, artwork, shower curtain, ect. Easy to change later, too. :-)

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