Regular dish soap in the dishwasher?

elenyMay 20, 2008

I have some vintage heavy aluminum and other type pans that I'd like to wash in the dishwasher - using a few drops of regular dish soap. Has anyone done this?

I thought that maybe just using a very tiny amount of regular dish soap wouldn't cause the oversudsing and then I could wash some pots by themselves in the dishwasher.

Any thoughts or experience you'd like to share?


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You would be amazed at the amount of suds that even a tiny amount of dish soap will produce. It is design to be super sudsy because that is what people want to see in the sink. Even a little suds can cause your dishwasher pump to cavitate so that it won't pump liquid until the suds collapse, potentially damaging the pump as well. I wouldn't do it.

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I wouldn't either. I actually switched from liquid to powder because the repair technician said that the liquid dishwasher detergent was what was causing the dishwasher to leak. Regular dish soap just might cause a lot of damage. A couple of drops of soap probably won't get it clean anyway. I'd just wash by hand and save myself the possible grief!

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Thank you, alice and ebear! I'll roll up my sleeves and put my hands in a sudsy sink. If there's any chance of screwing up the dw pump, I'll clean the pots the old fashioned way.

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If you really REALLY want to put them into the dishwasher, try putting a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar into the dishwasher to cut the grease.

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This gave me quite a laugh, as my hubby decided he'd do the same thing about a month ago to save money on DW detergent (he did NOT tell me of his plans to do this). One night after dinner I walked into the kitchen to find suds POURING out of the top and sides of the DW, completely covering my kitchen and dining room floor. Suds were crawling up the legs of my table and counters and had submursed some of my plants sitting on the floor. I screamed for hubby in a panic---he then sheepishly admitted he'd put in TWO DROPS of Dawn dishwashing liquid into the soap compartment of the DW.

Let's just say that's the last time he did that. Thank goodness the DW pump didn't break, and I got a REALLY clean floor out of the deal----but stick with detergent! :)

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Anything "questionable"-old,antique,vintage, I would hand-wash. Never put dishwashing liquid in a dishwasher. It creates ACRES of foam that will spill out your dishwasher door, leaking out past the gasket. It will form puddles on the frloor you'll have to soak up. It nmayt even ruin your kitchen floor. Been there, done that.

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FWIW, I have a few heavy old aluminum pots (my mom's - probably over 50 years old) and I've washed them in the dishwasher with dishwasher detergent, with no apparent problem. Usually wash by hand just to save space...

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Generally I've heard that the liquid dishwasher detergent is less harsh and abrasive than the powdered stuff. Some dishwashers have a "handwash" comparable cycle. Never used one with it so I can't say if it's more gentle or what. But if you're really concerned, hand wash is the way to go.

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I'm not sure what you mean by vintage, but my Wearever aluminum pots and pans with stainless interiors from 1967 have been washed in the DW a zillion times with Cascade since I got a DW about 12 years ago. They shine brilliantly, inside and out, but the black handles (whatever they are, I have no idea) are grey and battered-looking now.

I rarely wash them by hand. If I've burned something in them I put them through the DW once before I scrub them with SOS. I didn't know you weren't supposed to wash them in the DW! Oh, and I wash them right along with the dishes, too, anywhere they will fit, even the two-burner pan. I hate hand dishwashing!


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