How high should bathroom tile go up on wall?

twogirlsbigtroubleApril 2, 2009

Trying to plan our tile for the master bath. I am curious to know how high the tile should go up the wall. We plan to have it all the way around the bathroom (behind toilet, vanity, tub, etc.). Is there a general rule? Or a certain height that looks good always?

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The minimum should be 6 feet from the base. I prefer at least 6 and a half to 7 feet. Some people like to go all the way to the ceiling. Much depends on your taste, how tall the shower head is, and whether you want extra protection from mold (or potential splashes on the paint, that could eventually cause problems).


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Oh maybe I should clarify. We have a seperate tile shower, so Im just asking about wall tile in the other areas.

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In one bathroom we went 3 feet. the other bathroom all the way to the ceiling (throughout the bathroom including the shower). The shorter is more classic, the full height looks more modern.

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We went with 38" and capped with a trim tile to look like a chair rail.

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While you'll see answers anywhere from 36" to 72", the norm is usually between 42" and 52", depending on where your vanity, mirror (or hutch), and electrical switches and outlets fall. You want to make sure that especially the electrical face plates fall either all on, or all off the FIELD tile (It can't have any raised tiles like chair rail or raised pencil liners falling underneath the plates, either).

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I found upon doing some demo that a wooden chair rail (utility rail?) was run at 42 inch height. I put my tile chair rail at that height and it looks very natural. It doesn't interfere with the medicine cabinet, which nestles in just above the chair rail.

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