What are the best carpet cleaners (machines)?

jane_kurtzmanMay 22, 2010

Hello, everyone!

I'm new here on GardenWeb and I hope to participate a lot here on the discussions, especially with housewives. :)

I would like to know your opinions about the carpet cleaners we have available on the market. I just launched a website (link below) and really want to make a lot of good content about cheap carpet cleaners, with reviews and stuff like this.

I found here on Forum people talking about cleaners, but it has a lack of information with personal opinions about some carpet cleaners. What do you think a good carpet cleaner need to have? Do you recommend something really cheap and good on the market?

Of course, the site is very new, but with time and with your initial help, maybe I can do a good job!

Thanks for the help and nice to meet you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheap Carpet Cleaners

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First of all, I apologize if I have not respected the terms of use of this site mentioning the link for my new website. I really just want to start a usable discussion here, and If I made a mistake, I ask to the administrators to correct it.

Of course, you can delete this thread if the link was really a mistake and you understood as advertising: I can start a new thread without it after all. :)

Thanks for the help, people of GardenWeb! :)

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I'm very pleased with the Hoover F5914-900 Steam Vac. This is my first home steam cleaner. I delayed purchasing one because I never thought a home cleaner could do as good of a job as the pros. But this Hoover made me a believer. I used it to clean up pet stains and the smell and stains are long gone. The suction and scrubbing are an A+.

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Hello, canistervacuums, and thanks for the tip! So I started very well, because my first review was about the F5914-900! It really loos like a great Carpet Cleaner.

Still waiting for more opinions! :)

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Hoover Platinum carpet cleaner!

It's expensive, but in return you also get a 6 year warranty.

Besides all that, the best cleaner I have ever used, and I've owned lots (as well as used lots of cleaning services: Coit, Stanley Steemer, etc.)

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