Look at this plan and let me know what you think

momtoblondieMarch 28, 2014

I think I found a plan that I am really liking. Nothing glaring that I can see, but that is why I am here . . . you all have such a great eye. There are only minor changes I can see. Take off master bump out, eliminate jack and jill bedroom entry doors (thats a lot of doors!) What about that fridge placement? Can it be recessed? Anything else? I am a no fuss kind of girl so anything else you can see to simplify this plan, let me have it.


If anyone knows how to show the plan in the post, I will be forever thankful! Lol.

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I like the plan overall. I will let one of the kitchen experts give feedback on the refrigerator.

If you are building in a cold climate (even if you plan to insulate the garage), I would consider doing heated floors in the upstairs bath as that space is over the garage and could likely be cold. The mat type heated floors aren't too expensive these days.

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katmu . . . good idea. Thanks for you input. Anything else?

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Kitchen is very interior, and might be dark. You'll want it well lit as you plan your lighting.

I'd figure out how to get more width and depth to the garage.

Figure out how to get a non-in-swing door on the master toilet room.
Also, I like double doors, but I am not sure I would like double doors into the master bath. Only you can decide that. Remember that double doors will result in 2" narrower passage when open than a single door when open of the same width.

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I'd simplify the master bath by getting rid of the double doors and eliminating the angle wall. Put a regular door on the top wall and then you'll have a nice long stretch for a counter with a single sink and lots of drawers for storage. The current layout with the two small sink vanities doesn't give you any storage space. (Mockup below.)

I'd recommend posting on the kitchens forum for layout advice for your kitchen.

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I like Chicagoan's changes to the master bath. So many new plans really fuss-up the bath, whereas simple is best. In the upstairs bath, I agree with your plan to do away with some of those doors. I don't know what people are thinking these days with so many doors in bathrooms! They'll just clank against one another, and who wants every item in a separate room anyway? In this area I'd go with the simplest form of the J&J: A plain bathroom with two doors on opposite sides.

I do not like the master walk-in closet. It takes up the space of a walk-in but provides only the storage of a reach-in. It's wasteful. I do like the connection to the laundry room.

I'm with you on flattening out the master bedroom wall. I'd want to place the bed against the back wall so you'd be facing the foot of the bed as you enter the room -- it's always more attractive that way. And it means you'd be placing the bed to maximize space on each side.

I'm not crazy about the kitchen. It's small and has little storage (that angled countertop really eats in to your storage space). I'm fine with small, but I'd demand the storage. Unfortunately, I don't have any better ideas, given the confines of the space. I suggest you take it to the kitchen thread.

Dark rooms are always a concern on this board, but with large windows in the dining and great rooms, I think your light issues in the kitchen will be minimal. You might want to consider white (or light) cabinets to combat this issue.

I'd consider flipping the stairs so the "up side" could be open to the great room. This would add a bit of visual width to a moderately sized living room, and it would mean that at Christmas you could use greenery and white lights as a decoration --- I love that.

I like the corner fireplace in this design.

The garage is small. I'm not in the camp of "Build an oversized 3-car garage for storage", but this really is small and if you drive (or ever drive) a large van or SUV, you might have trouble. I think I'd widen the garage by just a few feet . . . and this will also widen the too-narrow master closet.

Overall I like the house.

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Thank you all for the feedback! I very much agree on the master vanity . . . .thank you for the sketch. I knew I wanted to change it but I just lack that vision. So much better!

Yes the garage needs to bigger. We have a three stall right now and we still feel like we need more. I was considering removing the window and widening the closet and then adding the third stall off that side of the house.

What are your thoughts on the corner fireplace as far as furniture placement goes? Is there enough room there? I was thinking of placing it on the outside wall on the right. I just cant visualize it with the angled island factored in. We have in our current house an angled wall /walkway next to our living room now and it always amazes me how that one small wall dictates the entire furniture placement of our living room furniture . . . my couch has never moved, ugh!

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One thing...
Where is the refrigerator? Is it supposed to be the (12" deep) "R" on the bottom wall of the kitchen? If so, it won't be that shallow--not even close. Make sure you mock up the true depth of a fridge and make sure it doesn't impinge on your walkway between it and the island.

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