Neat Storage Idea with instructions to build

janet1_2007April 26, 2012

I had one of those fibro nights last night and couldn't sleep. up at 4am browsing the web just trying to be quiet and let DH sleep(Thank God for small favors, he can go to bed at 8 and sleep until 10 . I found this really neat plan for storing our indispensable plastic bins and thought you all would like it--you may have already seen and tried it but this was new to me. the link is:


Hugs Janet

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Janet...DH & I just finished watching this and
WE LOVED THE IDEA! I can see All our Christmas Village
and Decorations and so many other things stacked this way.
So easy to grab one at a time too. Also it's CHEAP to build.
I have shelving units I spent a fortune on..and still need more..
but with this idea, you can add on to what you already have for less $.
Thanks so much for sharing this.
I hope your fibro gets under control. I think the weather
plays a big part with the extra pain. I spend lots of nights on the PC too for the same reason.
Take care. -
Also, I hope you don't mind, I listed the direct link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Storage Unit

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This is a pretty neat idea. I love all my shelving for my totes. DH made ours out of metal and then attached plywood to them. I can double stack on each shelf and go 6 high. Spendy but super nice setup now that it's done.


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Amazing! I'm making some FOR SURE!
Just two days ago, I went out to a small shed I have on the side of the house and said to myself, "It's going to be in the last box, way in the back, on the bottom of the stack." Guess what? I was right.

I have stuff that I can put outside and cover with a tarp at the side of my house. I'm off to Lowe's NOW! Thanks, Janet.

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HA! I thought of you right away OA..
with your PVC projects...
Share what you did when you're done.

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LOL! Good post, Janet...always an 'enabler' among the group! Great idea! Jeanne S.

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LOL I thought "OA could do this" when I saw it too. Actually any of us could do it I think--just need the measurements and pvc fittings--that cutter looked really cool too but couldn't a "chop" saw cut them too? How do you cut your's OA? Thanks for sharing such a neat idea Janet. Hope you feel lots better today. Luvs

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