Help with MB Layout, Where to Put Shower Door?

dancingqueengwApril 6, 2012

I posted this previously but (hopefully) will now be able to show pictures of the current set up I am addressing.

So here's the question. I am removing the angled cabinet and squaring off the area, running the new cabinet straight to the wall which will also no longer have an angle. If I square off the shower I create a 4ft by 2 1/2 ft space between the shower glass and the new cabinet. I could put the shower door against the wall where the existing angled cabinet is. Since I wanta frameless shower I believe would hold the door best. Or I can Neo-angle the shower and either put the door in the angle or attach it to the wall. I am also removing the tub and will have a free standing tub that will take up less space thus opening the area by the sink. The blue tape shows where I would move the sink and the expanded wall of the shower. What do you think would look and function best? TIA and thank you those posting how to post pictures help. I hope I got it right.

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Expanding the shower won't really work in your situation with you squaring off the vanity. While you can stand in front of a vanity with only 30' clearance, it isn't at all a pleasant experience. Not "master bathy" at all. You need to mock this up with a tall cabinet with only 30" of room between it and your sink. You will find it claustrophobic.

It might be better to keep the current shower size and focus on adding a second sink on the shower run and still moving the corner sink to where you'd like it on the other run. And look at what's in the other direction of the shower. A tub? You might be able to expand in that direction. None of this will be cheap though. Moving around plumbing is pretty expensive and master bath remodels already run around 20K average just to replace what's there.

Your layout of the space is impossibly tiny. Do you have something at least 600 pixels wide that we can see?

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