Dishwasher problem--iso help online

annova914May 5, 2008

I can't believe our relatively new (2006) dishwasher is making such a loud noise now - started this past winter. Is there an appliance messageboard I could go to? Most likely we'll have to get the Sears repairman here but I guess I'd like to see what others have experienced and learned. Thanks! Ann

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Gardenweb has an appliance forum. Click back to the main list of posts on this forum, then go to upper left corner of the screen and click on Other Forums. The Appliance Forum will be one of the ones listed.

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I have a Sears Whirpool that was making loud noises. It needed a whole new motor. Sears offered me a deal- pay $125 up front or the full bill after the technician came in. I opted for the $125.

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