Anyone built Stephen Fuller's Brook Hollow?

southernmumMarch 30, 2012

We're about to start our home in the next month or so... Would love to know if anyone has built Stephen Fuller's Brook Hollow? It's a Southern Living plan, and Stephen Fuller has been a favorite of mine for many years. Would LOVE to see pics if you've built this house! Many thanks!!

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I put it in a link for you. Our house is a Spitzmiller & Norris Southern Living home. Your house is very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brook Hollow

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Red Lover, which Spitzmiller Norris house is yours? I LOVE Spitzmiller Norris and every time I've contacted them at their Atlanta office, they have been SO helpful! I just can't find a floor plan that's the right size. All the one's I like are a tad too big. Would love to see your house

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Oak Hill Lane--We built it 6 yrs ago. It is a nice house. They were very helpful. We live in Illinois and of course the are in Atlanta, and we were on the phone with them constantly at no charge. They were very helpful. Let me know if you want to see a pic.

I should have made a few changes, but it is a great house. Good luck.

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Southernmum- did you guys ending up building this? I love this plan and would love to see more pictures if you did!

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Parkview, No, we didn't end up going with Brook Hollow. It was too pricy to build. We are building a Southern Living plan called Geneva House. It has two staircases, like Brook Hollow, and all the rooms we wanted. I've actually seen Brook Hollow in a neighborhood, just the exterior, and I actually didn't love the look. It was a little bit dated... I love the exterior of Geneva House! We're doing a shake and stone front, and adding a front porch. Super excited! :)

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