Worried about the stove top...

lostingeorgiaMay 20, 2009

Last night after my mom had gone to bed, I decided to straighten up the kitchen. Seeing a bottle of cleaner on the counter top, an unlabeled spray cleaner, I gave a quick spray to the dirty glass/ceramic stove top. I figured it was nothing but soapy water.

Today I found out that the cleaner I used on the stove top was krud kutter. It seems to have left some streaky residue behind. I've looked around the internet briefly, but can find very few instances of people accidentally getting this solution on anything it wasn't meant to touch.

Does anybody have any experience with anything like this, or any ideas as to what could help fix this? I feel horrible that I've caused such a mess by simply trying to help out.

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Look on the bottle - maybe there is there a phone number for the manufacturer?

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Have you actually googled Krud Kutter??? I did and the google results lead me to believe this is probably some really good stuff and is something I would like to try.

I'm all about environmentally friendly products, and will only use eco-products (soap-based...not petroleum-based) and baking soda on my own glass top stove.

I'm almost wondering if the Krud Kutter actually cleaned the stove, and the streaky residue you speak of is still the OLD grease and film you didn't get all removed the first time around?

Can you elaborate on this streaky film? Is the glass ruined? If the Krud Kutter actually did just leave a film behind, did you try to clean the film up with something?

I'd love some more detail on what happenned.

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so would I -

with any luck, it came off with dish soap and a Magic Eraser : )

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