How do you keep the linen closet fresh?

xoxosmomMay 22, 2008

I just finished cleaning out the linen closet and washing all the linens that have been in storage for 2 years. How do you keep it fresh and smelling clean in there?

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Rotate the linens every week or whenever you change the sheets, donate any you don't use. Keep only what you know you use, and put a dryer sheet between each item (used ones keep it just as fresh as new ones). Put a cup of baking soda on a middle shelf, it will help with keeping the air fresher in the closet too. Hang cedar hangers, that will help with moisture problems.

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I used to buy bar soap in bulk. (I now make my own)
I would open only one end of the soap and slide it in the corner of every drawer. I had some of them in there for years. My clothes always came out smelling fresh and clean.
I now make soaps and sachets in my preferred scents and do the same. When the scent starts getting weak I replace the soap with a fresh one and use the bar I had in the drawer. It is nice and aged so it lasts a lot longer than a freshly made bar.

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I buy bars of Yardley English lavendar soap, unwrap them and place one bar on each shelf, under my sheets and towels.

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