CC Owners - Who loves their built-in griddle?

TakkoneApril 6, 2012

Might be going with the griddle option on a Capital Culinarian 36" range. Who has it and loves it? Do you find the 12" width limiting? A lot of folks recommend a separate portable griddle pan. But I fear hot/cold spots and having to lug to the sink for cleanup is steering me away from a portable unit. Plus I like the built-in's side walls, and how it can be used as a keep-warm or landing surface.

Please share with me your experiences!

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I find it a waste of 12 inches on my range. I should have gone for a double grill instead. It is a pain to clean and you can't cook stuff like bacon (unless you want to spend the late morning cleaning). I tried making fried rice on it but it is too narrow to do it well. The only thing I use it for is pancakes. It is much easier to use a griddle pan and clean it in the sink. I do use the grill all the time and LOVE it....

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I have the Wolf 12" griddle, and although I love my range I would skip the griddle next time for the same reasons as Emilner.

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I don't have a built in, but I have a grill / griddle made for a resteraunt range that fits on top, it has a drip tray in front and all. I wish I had sacrificed the cabinet space and went with a 36" with a grille. I really like grilling indoors at times. You can place a griddle pan on top of the grille and it will heat evenly, and be easier to clean. You can watch the griddle on grille video on Eurostoves dedicated CC site.

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Ouch, not the rave reviews I was looking for. BUILT-IN GRIDDLE LOVERS where are you!?!

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Takkone: I have a Bluestar with 12" grill and 12" griddle. Sorry, but I too echo exactly what Emiliner said.

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Just remember- a grill can always become a griddle, but a griddle can never become a grill.

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Personally I can't imagine ever grilling indoors, but I imagine it depends on your climate. My grill is only 10 feet away outdoors and always available. I use the built in griddle on my range (not a CC) all the time for making quesadillas without having to get out a pan (either for myself or doing two at a time for dinner). I would think the thermostat controlled griddle on the CC would be extra nice to be able to keep things warm given the lack of a simmer burner.

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I would not care to use the griddle to keep things warm. When running it sounds like a mini jet engine.

Gregincal- any reason you could not imagine grilling indoors? It is the single best feature I have seen in a kitchen. As long as it is properly vented there is no smell, cleanup is a breeze and you can really expand your capabilities in the kitchen.

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If you get a double grill, is it truly a "double" or is it two separate 12" grills?
In other words could you use half of it with a griddle pan on top or would you be heating the whole 24"?

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We are doing a major remodel and I was set on the 48" wolf sealed range top with a griddle. It looks like they stopped selling the non sealed 48" range top with all burners.

So am I hearing that all burners is better or just no griddle or grill but no griddle?

I had seen a previous thread where everyone bashed the indoor grill and said the griddle was the better option. I'm thinking now it would be best to have all burners and just grill outdoors (not an issue for me) and just use a griddle pan for pancakes and tortillas.

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I would not do the grill or the griddle. I had a grill in an ancient jennaire in my old house and I used it exactly once. It was a mess.

Already told you how I feel about the griddle.

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I would love to know how to make the clean up a breeze on the grill.

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The grill is used almost daily in my kitchen. I hit it with an outdoor grill brush while still hot and then put the cover on when it cools down. It could not be easier to use or clean. There is no smell, or smoke (with good ventilation)- I could not live without it.

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We don't have smell or smoke (great ventilation) - just tough to clean. If you have the CC, maybe they improved the grill. I have the Precision.

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I have an original 36" DCS with griddle. Before Fisher/Paykel bought them and ruined them by adding bells and whistles to a basic fine product.

I understand the CC is like the old DSC. That said I love my griddle.

I use it just like a restaurant would. Patty melts,grilled sandwiches,burgers and dogs, breakfast meats etc. All those little put together things that might require multiple skillets are easier with griddle.

Don't have cleaning issues someone mentioned. The drip pan catches everything and goes right in the dishwasher. A damp terry bar towel over the still hot griddle cleans it off with no fuss.

Never ever wanted a grill. The broiler on the range is great and I've always known how to broil things properly even before I got this great broiler. We have good weather outdoors most of the year if we want to grill outdoors.

I love the extra landing space because my kitchen is smallish.

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Have a 36'' Wolf rangetop w/ infrared griddle. Grew up using an Okeefe & Meritt w/ a center griddle so I knew that I wanted a griddle & exactly how I would use. That & cooking in my parents' restaurants. If you've any short-order cook experience then you already know how versatile a griddle can be.

That said, the Wolf was installed only a couple of months ago & we're still in the midst of a DIY kitchen remodel so I've not been cooking a lot. None the less, I already know that the built in (Wolf) griddle is far superior to a burner top griddle. It's a thick hunk of steel--takes longer to preheat but retains the heat much better and the heat is much more even. Precise temperature control. Used it to keep homemade french fries warm...worked great for that. DS uses it almost daily for grilled sandwiches & burgers. Un-used it's a fabulous 'thaw plate'--not so fast as microwave thawing, of course. Requires some foresight in meal planning but requires no energy consumption and eliminates the cooked portions of meat that you sometimes get using a microwave. I also envision using it as a 'proofing' device for when I need to speed up dough raising. (I'm a fan of long, slow dough raising for flavor development generally but sometimes you need to kick start the process so dinner rolls will actually be served with dinner instead of being served with dessert. Not that there's anything wrong with having fresh-baked bread for dessert. :)

I'm sure that I'll get good use of the griddle once I'm back into cooking mode. The remodel requires a lot of thinking & concentration so my creativity and energy are at a low point when it comes time to cook dinner!

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