Anyone have KitchenAid fridge?

shakingApril 18, 2014

Am curious if you have the water through the door if it comes out cool or room temp? I need the filtered water in the fridge and the ice, so while I know this can create more issues for the appliance its a must for our house. The water temp is my only concern so if anyone can weigh in it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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Realize you are considering ice and water in the door, but I have an interior water dispenser Kitchen Aid french door and the water is very cold. I seldom use the ice from the freezer. An added advantage for me was more interior room in the refrigerator.

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I have a Kitchen Aid that is now ten years old. It has ice and water through the door and the water is quite cool. The water filter is a real nuisance to change on mine. I literally have to lie on my stomach on the floor to do it. It is such a pain that I just took it off and do without it. Fortunately it is not necessary here.

Mine is a side by side and it has never needed a repair in 10 years. Knock wood! I would never get a side by side again. The french door fridges were just coming out when I bought this and some glitches at that time.

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The water in our KA is cool as well. The water filters in the newer fridges are much easier to change now, a little door in the ceiling in the interior of the fridge.

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Thanks everyone! The sales rep keeps saying its cool not cold. I am looking at a side by side because of my space and that's what I have now. A bosch SxS counter depth. ( If you have seen any of my past posts i have had so much trouble with the fridge in a year and a half that they are buying back all my appliances even the ones i love :( I know it may be small for some but I love the size because I have an overflow freezer in the garage and shop several times a week to keep produce fresh. I was tempted to get the FD with interior water but I just don't think it would work for my son.

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