Cleaning tile with dishwasher detergent....

krissie55May 7, 2011

Has anyone used Cascade Liquid Gel for electric dishwasher to clean dirty grout between porcelain tiles (off white grout)?

Did it work?

What procedure did you use?

Did it require lots of scrubbing?


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Dishwasher detergents used to contain phosphates, which gave them a cleaning boost. Now that they no longer contain phosphates, they are no better or worse than other cleaners.

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Cascade contains enzymes, which dissolve food bits. Sorry for the double-post on the rug cleaning question.

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I tried the Cascade Liquid Gel Dishwasher Detergent and it did not clean any better than other cleaners I tried. Too bad phosphates have been removed from everything these days.


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I've had a white tile countertop with white grout for over 18 years. I found that Fantastic with Bleach works the best. Spray it on and let it sit 15 minutes or so. Just be careful the bleach doesn't drip down onto the cabinets, it will eat the wood. I had to replace my drawer fronts...but I have really clean tiles!

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Tiling seems to be everywhere these days. Whether it is in your shower, on your countertops, or even on your kitchen or bathroom floor, tile can make any home look just a little bit better. However, dirty tiles and/or grout can be a real eye-sore. Every day foot traffic, along with spills and use of improper chemical products, can ultimately result in undesirable looking grout. I�m not still trying dishwasher detergent.... but want to try.

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I mixed some leftover white latex paint with water 50-50. then "painted' the grout lines in my bathroom using the mixture. Came out looking remarkably white and clean. One relative even asked "When did you put in the new floor?"

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There are certain amount of enzymes and phosphates in liquid wash detergent which are quite helpful products and results good in cleaning..

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Finally finished cleaning tiles and grout in 2 bathrooms. Could not get grout clean/clean in one bathroom and had to use 2 coats of paint on grout. The other bathroom only needed one coat.

None of the grout cleaning solutions I tried worked very well.

Could not get the right color of grout colorant so I used Behr's Semi-Gloss tinted to desired color using Home Depot Scanner for color mixing instructions to match the tile background color (had a leftover tile). Did not dilute the Semi-Gloss so it should be more washable, and last longer than other paints.

The other bathroom had painted grout for many years before this. Think I used outside house paint thinned at that time.

Yes, I am too old to tackle jobs like this, however, the results are stunning if I do say so. After having house cleaners for a little over a year, the grout was filthy and tile dull. Now you can see the beauty of the tile and even see your reflection!

Next is the downstairs tile/grout cleaning project of the entry, dining, kitchen, breakfast, bathroom so we can enjoy the beauty of the tile and grout again. No, I will not paint grout in these rooms, hopefully I will be able to find a cleaner that will work magic plus a grout scrub brush with broom handle in order to use standing upright!! My knees/back/muscles in general have not recovered yet!


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Yes, dishwasher detergent is concentrated and a good degreaser (alkaline ph) to clean tile grout. The best dishwasher detergents to use are the granular capsules which you cut open and empty into a small container. Make sure to saturate the grout with hot hot water first then apply the detergent with a firm toothbrush scrubbing along the grout. For heavy oily grime "Easy Off" oven cleaner will remove quite well. I sometimes use extra strength cleaning vinegar or a mild phosphoric acid in combination with alkaline degreasers to get all the stains out. Be careful combining other chemicals like ammonia and bleach as the mixtures can be lethal. Using a latex paint with an "acrylic paint reducer" will renew what cannot be removed by cleaning. This is basic information but a good intro into the complex world of stone, tile, and grout care without the specialized chemicals. I have field tested every professional tile and stonecare product available and will advise that proper technique and basic household cleaners can achieve "as good as" results at a fraction of the cost. Hope this helps!

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