Stains in my SS sink...

ailene54May 2, 2012

The morning after my granite was installed I noticed water stains in the sink, (when the water is turned on after being off in my area it's rusty), I figured I would be able to get the stains out and had so many other problems with GC I didn't want to add this to the list. Unfortunatly it's been weeks now, Ive tried all the regular home remedies, SS cleaner, backing soda and dishwasher soap, vinegar, vinegar and backing soda, barkeeper, ect. Any suggestions on how to get these spots out? Thanks!

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Well, you've tried everything I'd suggest. Have you considered calling your local plumbing supply house to see if they can make a suggestion?

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I will try that, thanks. Just never thought I would have this problem.

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Today I hand-washed some things in my sink, because the dishwasher was already filled and running. I filled my SS sink with hot water and a good squeeze of Dawn,then washed and dried the dishes. After letting the water out, I noticed the sides of the sink were still damp, so I really rubbed it with my nylon scrubbie, then rinsed and dried with a paper towel. Any and all stains are gone! I decided a good (but gentle) scrubbing once a week is a good thing.

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Thanks, I made a past of backing soda and dishwasing liquid and left it on the stains for several minutes. They keep on fading, but are still there....but the grate does continue to hide them...

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Try a magic eraser (dampened) and rub it really hard.

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