A little nervous - about to pull the trigger on 36" BlueStar

Kristen HallockApril 9, 2013

I am very close to ordering my new 36" Bluestar range. I have to say after reading some reviews on here I am a bit nervous about ordering. Does anyone get their range in perfect condition? Or are there always problems of some sort?

This range was my "baby" and DH is going to expect it to work and work great and look great. If it comes damaged or broken I am never going to hear the end of it.

Also, any idea how heavy this thing is? We are doing a DIY remodel and I've whiddled the store down to a very small delivery fee if I have people on my end to unload it from the truck. So I am curious as to how many guys I will need there.

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I ordered my 36" moss green RNB last May, it showed up in June and sat in a warehouse until 3 weeks ago when it was finally installed in our new build.
I too was a bit nervous but rest assured, some ranges do come in 'ready to use' condition. Everything about it is perfect, the color, the stainless, the grates, the griddle, the ignitors, etc... I even ordered a color matched 42" hood from BS, it too looks awesome! I haven't found any blemishes anywhere. One of my Wolf wall ovens had a couple scratches in the stainless and a bent tab on the trim which was easily remedied.
You'll need 4 guys, remove the grates, trays and racks to lighten it a bit. They are heavy, like 450 lbs.

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i just had mine delivered and installed about 6 months ago. the thing is a thing of beauty and it works flawlessly. i even upgraded it to include a third 22K burner, which i did myself. the range is literally that easy to tinker with, as it has no electronics and is very straightforward in design.

as for the weight, yea, it's heavy. when you move it, make sure to take off all the cast iron burners, bowls, grates, and oven racks. it lightens it substantially.

now, and this goes for anything, before you accept delivery, make sure you open the box, and give it a good and thorough inspection before inspecting it. if there's some latent problem that appears after installation (which i doubt), then make sure to fill out that warranty card and call the company right away.

no need to be nervous. i know it's a big purchase, but trust me, you will be thrilled in the end.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok. Should I take it out of the box on the truck to look at it? Or wait until we get it on the ground? I will ask the place I am buying it from, but do you think they will have a lift gate truck? Or do you think we'd actually have to lower it to the ground ourselves? Once we get it on a dolly we only have to bring it up 2 steps to get it into the house. But most likely it will sit in the garage for a month before we are ready.


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you can work those issues out with the seller/delivery person. but at a minimum, you'd want to have them take it out of the box (or to be more accurate, take the box off the range) so you can do a visual inspection, check for dents, scratches, etc....pull out the drip tray to see if it's smoothly, open and close the oven door a few times, turn the knobs, pull out the oven racks, etc. if all goes well, and you have the space, have them bring it into the kitchen. the thing is definately a beast, and even going up two stairs will be a chore.

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You're possibly being penny-wise and pound foolish unless you really feel confident about moving the range yourself. Any damage you incur moving it will be on you. You'd be better off having them deliver it into your house and uncrate it so you can inspect it properly.

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Kristen Hallock

Weissman - I've been thinking that too. Alot to think about, thats for sure.

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I actually had to move mine up 10ft of stairs w/a 90 degree corner. Seemed seriously daunting, after we got all the 'loose' parts off, put 2 guys on one skinny side and 2 on the other and we had it in in about 15 minutes. It's all about the muscle and taking your time. Even the installers are going to struggle with it. But like weissman said, if you don't have the muscle available (even if you do probably) it would be smarter to pay them to put it in the kitchen. We got lucky, but if something were to happen, it may ease your mind to let someone else be responsible.

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I installed my 36" RNB last fall. It arrived in very good condition. Wrap it in moving blankets and strap the side of the range to an appliance dolly. The feet are about 22" apart and should rest on the base of the dolly. It rolls easily once you have it on the dolly. The hard part is transferring it from the pallet to the dolly, as the pallet it sits on is four or five inches high.

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I've had my 48" bluestar for almost 5 yrs now. It arrived flawless and has remained a heavy duty workhorse ever since with no issues. They are HEAVY tho and because of this fact there is more chance of damage while in transit. I had overseen a lot of deliveries of these heavy appliances when I was in the general contracting and interior design busniess and its scary how the transit companies and the dealers delivery personelle treat these things. Part of the problem is under staffing. Some appliance dealers send ONE guy out to deliver these things. As others have said, inspect it well and I wouldn't be penny wise. If you do move it yourself, as others said remove the loose items, including the floor pan(s) in the oven as well as the door(s). These items alone are extremly heavy. I bet you can lighten the load by about 40% if take all these things out. I hope all goes well and you enjoy your purchase.

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I have had my 36" RNB for five months. It arrived with the charbroiler igniter damaged in transit (to tyguy's point). BS sent someone the next day to replace it. It has worked great since. The oven convection fan is loud and I called BS to fix it. They are coming tomorrow to do it.

Cooking has never been so much fun. I really love this range.

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I've had my 36 RNB for a couple months now and it came perfect, and I absolutely love it! The two delivery guys were kind enough to bring it, along with a 30" Liebherr, up a couple porch steps and set it in my front room. I unboxed them after they left to inspect, and both appliances looked good. I then removed as many heavy loose parts as I could, then had a couple of friends to help get them both into place in the kitchen, I hooked up the gas, and I've been cooking with a smile ever since:)

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