wolf vs. theramdor gas cooktops

docmammaApril 7, 2012

I am having a hard time deciding between these two 36" gas cooktops. I really like the higher BTU burner and the star shape on the Thermador but like the reputation and reliability of Wolf and that all the burners are the same so you don't have to worry about which pan goes where.

Anyone have any experience or opinion about these two? Thanks!

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Wow, I can't believe no one has responded to your question. I'm probably the last person that should be responding since I have been asking similar questions myself. Not sure you still need the answer but I looked at both of these cooktops and counted out the Thermador pretty quickly, but we looked at so many, I can't remember specifically why. I narrowed my choices down to the Viking and the Wolf. Very long story short, we are getting the Wolf.

We liked the look (a little designer, a little pro) as well as the simmer levels. We felt the reliability and known customer service were pluses with the Wolf as well. I think barring any service issues, we would have been happy with either, but their has been less complaints of issues coming from Wolf customers

I'm excited to get it installed in a week or so!!

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Thanks Jan for your response. I just read your thread about your cooktop decision. Currently we are leaning towards the thermador. My DH likes the star burners. I like the high BTU central burner. Also we will be going with a downdraft and I like the rise on the thermador. I believe it is less expensive (but not by a huge margin) than the wolf. I wish you could remember why you ruled out the thermador on your list. You might have me up tossing and turning over this decision :)

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We debated about the Wolf and Thermidor. They are both recommended for high altitude where I live. I liked both but in the end decided on Wolf because I have 2 close friends that have had the same Wolf cooktop for 5+ years and are very happy with theirs. One is a caterer and uses it a lot. The only personal feedback I got about the Thermidor was from a homeowner at a show home and she loved it. I think you won't go wrong either way. Appliance decisions are so hard!

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Docmamma...I will give it some more thought (maybe look up the unit online, it may spark my memory) There were several we just didn't like the look of, although I don't think Thermador was one of them. (Gagg was!) My salesman has an unbelievable memory and I am calling him later this morning, if I think of it I will ask him why we passed it up.

Pure speculation..... the salesman was also big on showing us how structrually sound each cooktop was...pushing on the metal under the grates. It could have been that it looked weaker (thinking of dents & dings) I remember thinking the star burners looked neat. Different, but not in a bad way. ;) I do remember salesman saying people generally loved that look, or hated it.

I know first hand how hard this decision is! Good Luck!

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Docmamma, I think you are incorrect on thinking the Wolf cooktop has all the same size burners. The 36" cooktops have a 15,000, a 12,000 and three 9,000 BTU burners. The rangetop have all the same size, 15,000 BTUs. I have a Wolf rangetop and I love it. If you want the burners all to be the same BTUs, look at the rangetops.

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Thanks Weimon - we are at altitude too. I think both will be good choices for that reason. Our appliance salesman went into great detail about why they are better but I honestly can't remember the details now.

Jan - no worries about tracking down your thoughts on thermador. at this point I think unless I hear a strong reason to go with the wolf we are pretty set on our decision.

kala - thanks for the info. The details are a bit fuzzy for me but I do know that the central burner on the thermador is 18,000 BTUs.

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We are planning to buy a Thermador gas cooktop. did anyone thinking of buying one take delivery please? if you have, how do you like it? thank you!

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