Tung oil spot on upholstery ...

estreyaMay 28, 2008

Hello, cleaning experts ...

The guy who installed my new floors got two drops of tung oil (which he was using to repair some scratches he'd made) on the upholstery of quite probably the finest piece of furniture i own. What can i do to get it out?

He immediately ran for his denatured alcohol, and before i could stop him, he tried to wipe the stain. It did no harm, but it also did no good.

He's gone, and i've been on my hands and knees with dove dish soap and hot water for three hours now, blotting my little heart out.

It's just not coming out.

Any suggestions?

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Contact a paint and stain store ~ you will be surprised how helpful they can be about things like this.


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What's the fabric? Alcohol won't dissolve it....mineral spirits ( paint thinner) will...but perhaps not when it's dry.
I suspect his liability insurance will have to pay for re upholstering.
Linda C

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