Need Help FAST ... Broken eggs ... how to clean to prevent smell?

liketolearnMay 29, 2007

Refrigerator door on trailer unlatched dumping several dozen eggs allover the vinyl floor. What a mess!

I plan to leave the windows open but there is no AC so with temps in the 80's I'm really concerned over the smell.

Wiping everything off but what can I do (or use) to prevent smell?

Hoping for some ideas ...

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This will be too late to help u this time but you can use this clean up method in the future. When you drop eggs they r a mess. Next time just take out your box of table salt and cover the mess, the more salt the better, walk away for 30 minutes. The salt turns the eggs from slime to a gel. Take a cheap paper plate and cut it in half and just scoop the gel. This is much easier than cleaning up the slime with Bounty. Then just wash the floor with soap and water and you shoud not have any smell.

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Thanks for response eteinne. This was several dozen eggs so not enough salt to cover this mess LOL!

Really was not hard to get the slimy egg cleaned off. I scrubbed with soap and water and then a second time actually using a clothes wash my husband has to remove smells from clothes when hunting. Left the door open and fans running overnight. DH said this afternoon he didn't smell anything. Just to be sure I wiped with with a bleach solution today and will let dry overnight before putting everything back in.

Since I needed to clean under the trailer fridge I had to unbolt and move the refrigerator. Was a little tough getting it unbolted and moving the fridge myself especially with so little space. At least now the walls and floor under the refrigerator are sparkling clean again. If all smells good tomorrow I'll move the refrigerator back and bolt it down again.

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