Cleaning 'S' Fabric Couch

kitchenMay 19, 2008

I have a couch that doesn't seem to be able to be cleaned--professionally or by me b/c it is covered is fabric that is categorized as an "s" fabric. It's dirty and needs to be spot cleaned. Any tips on how to get out chocolate, crayons, and the like on "s" fabric?


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What is an "S" fabric? Does that have something to do with grade? or fiber?
Linda C

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I have and entire house full of "S" fabric. I take it that you have children and this is the last thing you want in your house! The "S" stand for solvent clean and not shampoo. This is "Dry Cleaning" with solvent. No water and no spot cleaning as it will leave a ring. You have to get a pro in to do this and this is not a person which tells you that they are going to steam clean it. I know I posted at one point about the "S" factor.

Good Luck!

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I have an S fabric chair that my cat peed on. The professional cleaner I called told me to test an inconspicuous spot with water or cleaner. It didn't leave a mark, so they came and steam cleaned it. After it dried I could still smell pee, so I soaked it with Nature's Miracle several times over several days until the smell was gone and kitty was no longer interested in it. You'd never know I did this. No water stains, no color runs.

I'm not saying you will be so lucky, but the professional told me the fabric companies are sometimes like the clothing companies - they label things dry clean only that really can be cleaned with water.

Do you have a sample you can test? Maybe remove the cushions and test the area where the spring are (I have at least 6" all around of the fabric there).

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I have also heard that furniture manufacturers label fabrics as S when they really could be W.

When I bought my couch, there were very few W fabrics to choose from (mostly 100% polyester).

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