Cleaning pillow top mattress?

diinohioMay 3, 2009

Please help! My 6 year old niece stayed over night, got scared and came to our bed early this morning. We got up early but she slept late. Later she asked me to wash her pj's and said she had peed. I sopped up what I could, but it had soaked in. I did a search and am fairly confident that I can remove the odor, but it is a large stain and the mattress is only 1 1/2 years old and looks terrible! Her mother offered me the use of a Green Scrubber or Green Machine(?) which uses steam, but I don't want to make the stain worse. I've read conflicting opinions on steam setting the stain. Does anyone have t and t cleaning method?


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For urine stains I swear by Oxiclean. You don't have to soak your matress. You mix it with hot water to dissolve and put it on the stain with a wet sponge. This will get rid of the smell and the stain. Then take a dry towel to soak it up and rinse with plain water to make sure you don't leave any residue to attract more stains. Soak up the water and let dry. If you want to borrow the Green Machine you can use that to soak up the water. It would make the drying time shorter. I have used my hose attachment on my steam cleaner.

I also have a pillow top that had more than it's share of stains. The kids think it is the best place to play because our bedroom is the only one downstairs. LOL.

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Thanks for the reply peanut, my issue was getting the mattress too wet and making the stain larger! I will use your method for future mishaps.

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We have used a pet-stain-removing product with great success on our mattress--we used it for removing a vomit stain, but the product is designed for urine or vomit, so it would probably work just as well on urine.

You can get products like this at any pet store. They are enzyme based, and according to the packaging, the enzymes actually eat up the vomit or the urine.

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