who has a face book account?

CreekbumApril 4, 2014

IF you have a Face Book account, please send me a friend request. It is Aike McAlpin! The profile picture is of a white cat with blue eyes! Thanks, look forward to having you as a new friend!

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Marlene Kindred

I do and I will. Would love to "see" some of our other Holidayers on there too. I'm Marlene Kindred if anyone wants to look for me.

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Thanks Marlene, I will pass the word! Glad to have you and purlemoon join us .But, you folks put them to shame on decorating! Just Plain and Simple! You are the Greatest! I was hoping, you all would be an inspiration to them, but I don't know. They mostly just let me post pictures. And some other do too, but they are copied pictures, and I know they can decorate!

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Hi friends! I've been MIA but I still lurk about now and then :-)



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Hey Maximavswife, I do remember you! It's been a long time! Glad to see you again. I have not been able to get on for 2 years. Got new computer, here I am. LOL Send me a friend request on Facebook. Would love to be friends.. Take Care, Creek

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Hey Everyone! I would like to make my case again. I am not trying to take you folks away from this site!
However, it seems so many have other things going on in their lives and are not able to be here.

I check in here every morning and no one has posted.

So, I would like to invite you to join me on face book on a decorating site that is a lot of fun. Not as talented, by any means, but they are nice people.

Please send me a friend request, if you are interested. and a message that you would like to join the group!

I will still be here ever morning, waiting for some one to post!

Love To All!!


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Hi Creek,
Sent you the friend request, Candy Fanning.

I am interested in the other group as well.


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