My house smells like cat pee!

cupojoeMay 7, 2007

I purchased a home in the winter. It is a '50's home with all hardwood floors. We did not notice any problems with the house when we bought it, but now that it is getting warmer, there is a horrible cat urine odor. We have located the spots where the smell is coming from, but I can't get rid of it. Any suggestions on how to get the smell out of hardwood without replacing it?

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My sister-in-law bought a house with hardwood floors that had had a serious "cat problem." They had the floors sanded and refinished and the smell is gone. It isn't cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than replacing the floors.

I've had limited success with a spot treating product called Nature's Miracle. I've used it on carpet and it definitely reduces the odor better than other things, but doesn't totally remove it. I've never tried it on wood. As for finding pee spots, a fluorescent blacklight in a dark room will make old urine stains glow yellowish white. You used to be able to get blacklights at places like Spencer's Gifts, but I think some online pet stores have them now for exactly this purpose. Works especially well on carpet (although it's creepy to see all the old stains), but it may work on your wood too. You may be surprised how many there are.

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I second the vote for Nature's Miracle, but I don't know how it will fare on wood since the urine is likely soaked into the wood. We also refinished our hardwood floors as the previous owner had a dog that peed all over the entire house. It got MOST of the smell out - the only place the smell lingers is in the master bedroom when it's hot and humid outside.

If you purchase a black light, try to get it from a hardware store like Home Depot (that's where we got ours). You may have to buy the housing and the bulb separate from eachother, but it's reasonably priced. If you purchase from a pet store, you'll likely pay an arm and a leg. The only thing about the black light is that urine doesn't show up so well on really dark colors, like black.

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I got a black light at Petsmart, but try any big pet supply place. Cost about $20 with a bottle of cat pee neutralizer (similar to Nature's Miracle).

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if it doesn't work call a cleaning company. When DS moved he had several areas which were the cats favorites. They got the smell and the discoloring out.

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Cupojo, I have the same problem. We noticed the smell right after we bought the house last summer but did not smell it while looking at the house a few months earlier. High humidity seems to bring it on in our house. I had some success with Anti-Icky-Poo on our basement stairs (unpainted wood). A neighbor and vet-tech friend recommended it. Check with your local vets to see if anyone carries it. If not, try Our basement stair area doesn't smell anymore, but unfortunately now I smell it somewhere in the basement this summer. So I'm off to get more AIP and hopefully this is the last time!

Good luck!

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I have good success with OUT odor eliminator (concentrate). I was caring for a sickly cat and it removed the odors from the hardwood floor. You mix the concentrate with warm water, soak a towel in the solution and lay it over the spot. HOWEVER, it did cloud the polyurethane finish (I understand you spot refinish it with poly - sand lightly first). I agree that refinishing the floors will remove the odor, especially treating first with OUT.

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Odormute is the best. It's a powder that you mix with water. It's also best to use it within a few days of mixing to get the maximum effectiveness. There is plain or fresh scent. It's an odor neutralizer and doesn't just cover up. Saturate the area very well, let set for a spell, then mop up. You will have to pour so it gets behind baseboards if the cat was spraying the walls the pee would have run behind the baseboard. I buy Odormute online from KV Vet Supply, but you may find it at some pet shops locally.

I had a cat spray my wainscoting in the bath and it ran behind the baseboard. I jur poured some odormute and the smell was immediately gone.

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