Question for Roomba owners

socksMay 17, 2008

When you use your Roomba to clean a room with carpeting, how long does it work before it stops? Mine is only going about 1/2 hour, and I think it used to go longer.

I did leave it unused and unplugged for quite some time. Is it possible the battery is not good? Do the batteries need to be replaced?

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call Roomba and let them know. it seems that they have updated their batteries and memory within the past year or so. They sent me a new battery and something to update the machine...can't remember what now.

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Thanks, I will be in touch with them.

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Mine goes until its wheels fill up with fuzz and then it asks me to "Clean Roomba's wheels." I do so and it goes merrily on its way. Several hours total. Our gameroom carpet is very difficult to vacuum; it has an extremely deep pile and pad and acts like Velcro to lint, animal hair, etc. In a perfect world, I'd tear it out, but it's in good shape, so I'll wait.

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