It's March 2014, how is your build? Part II

aries61March 11, 2014

Part one is almost at the 150 mark, so time to start part II.

Here is a link that might be useful: March 2014 Part 1

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lol aries! i saw this post and thought - oh no... whose updates did i miss?? but you are just super proactive. :)

while i'm here, i'll share a pathetic tale of woe about my ongoing shower saga. it's funny at this point - it is no longer stressing me out.

1) We were told from the beginning that we had to use our builder's design gallery to make our material selections (we negotiated one or two items here and there, but overall were required to use his vendor). The reason is because they manage everything and have all the material show up on time, in the right quantity and take responsibility for it.

2) We made our material selections in October. One of those selections was our master shower tile. We selected a sliced pebble tile in 12x12 for the floor and 4x12 strips for an accent. The entire collection was a standard, readily available option set up on display AT the design gallery.

3) Tile workers showed up a month ago to install the tile. We happened to have a meeting with our builder that day and noticed they only had the 12x12 and I asked where the 4x12 strips were. The head tile honcho showed us his paperwork which only showed the work order to install the accent tile, but had no detail about the tile itself. Uh oh. The nature of this tile is such that it would not look as good to use the 12x12 mosaics and cut them down.

4) We're informed a week later that the 4x12 strip is on back order and are asked if we'd like to reselect or wait until March 13th for it to be installed. Since they had already installed the MATCHING tile on our shower floor, we opted to wait until March 13th.

5) Last week, March 7th, we were surprised to see a lone tile worker in our shower. At first excited that it came in early, and as we turned the corner to see a row of solid brown pebbles, I was horrified. I told him he was using the wrong tile and patiently asked him to look at the tile ON WHICH HE WAS STANDING to clearly show he had the wrong tile for the wall. He got on the phone with his company and I got on the phone with my construction manager. Seemed like a case of someone giving him the wrong tile and we all assumed they'd be back Thursday with the right tile in hand.

6) Builder calls me today, March 11th (having not seen the brown tile they started installing) and starts going on and on about how accent tile and 12x12 are made in different factories and there's going to be color variation expected. I asked why he was telling me this and he said because we rejected the tile last week. I told him we rejected it because it was flat out the wrong tile. He said the design gallery suppliers insisted they sent the matching tile. So I sent him a picture of the tile they installed and our shower floor and a picture of the tile he started installing on our wall.

7) Two hours later today I got an email from the builder with a link to the mfr website for the tile we selected along with a note from the design gallery that they do not make a 4x12 accent piece in our color. They asked us to choose something else. I inform the builder that we chose the 4x12 accent off the design gallery's sample board still located in their very office where they were emailing us from, and pointed out the matching accent tile on the very mfr webpage they sent us to.

8) Another 2 hours later I get an email forwarded by builder from design gallery that the matching tile will be at their warehouse Friday, 3/15 and installed Monday 3/17.

Here's the tile we selected and that they already installed in our shower floor:

and here's the tile they started installing on the wall. DOH! if this round of communication happened yesterday i'd probably still be in the fetal position as i was super overwhelmed yesterday. today it's mildly irritating, but pretty comical.

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Maggie, your story sounds like my builder and the emails I have to send daily. They have gotten everything wrong. Wrong paint, wrong door, wrong glass, wrong trim, wrong railings, wrong hardware on drawers, fireplace framed wrong 3 times then tiled wrong, wrong counters, wrong bathtub, gas line for stove in wrong location, gas line on deck wrong location............ And that's only about 1/5th of their mistakes. Lol

I really don't understand why it's so hard for these "professionals" to get things right and why we need to explain their jobs to them. Hugs! :)

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Wow Maggie. I would be more then mildly irritated if that happened. If any of us did our job this way we would be in a lot of trouble. Hope they get the right tile this time and you can move on.

Lori, Kitchen is looking good. Sorry to hear your sick again. Hope you feel better soon.

Jdez, Funny story about your DH and insulation. My Dh also does it some times but have seen my dad do it many more time :)

Mlweaving, Glad to see you post. Hope your dad is doing well. Sorry about the front door. But if you don't like you are right to change it now as that is the first thing you see. Hope they have right slab for you.

Autumn, Hand in there with the job situation. You are almost out of there. By the way did you go and get the slab for the island? Last time you mentioned the hold was up but you did not get a chance to go.

I am getting really antsy now. We have yet to decide how we are going to proceed on landscaping and window treatments and so on. I need to decide soon.
I a planning to take some time of work in April to take care of the move and spend time with my parents.

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Thanks for the well wishes for DH. He was discharged today from MGH and is very happy to be home. His best friend was also happy to have him home!

Autumn--we are going with a completely different look for this kitchen. White perimeter cabs, blue island and Super White counters. I love our current kitchen but knew I couldn't recreate it due to budget. I'm looking forward to having a very open, bright kitchen and living room. Our current layout is extremely functional for me and I was able to almost duplicate it. Our new island will be much larger with lots of drawers. Can't wait!

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.....and people wonder why I am building my own house! All of those screw-ups and miscommunications would send me over the edge- quick.

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Ok, it is just my computer or is there a whole new look here?? It's going to take me a bit to get used to it!

maggiepie--What a saga, but it is going to look beautiful when its done!! I had something similar with a pebble tile that I am using for my fireplace surround. Selected it months ago and no one said anything about it being a problem. When the tile guys showed up to actually start working in the house a few weeks ago, I am told the pebbles won't work for the fireplace surround because the sheets are meant to be interlocking, so they don't have a straight edge and they can't be installed along a straight edge. He tells me I just have to pick something else. Well, no, because that is what I want and this is a custom build so I should be able to get what I want, right? So, I do some online research and everywhere I read it says you basically have to pull out individual stones and hand place them around a straight edge. Turns out it can be done, he just didn't want to put the time into it. So, I pushed back and he said fine, but its going to cost you an extra $200 in labor. Works for me. He did say something like "You want to be the one to tell my guys that they have to sit there and pick stones off the sheets and place them by hand?" As if that is such a horrible thing to ask for...

nhbaskets--Glad to hear your DH is home and I bet his best friend was too! :)

On our front, they've been working on a lot of the trim/detail work and finishing up the cabinet installation this week. They are doing the master bath tile today (yay!). Interior paint starts next week. We have a nice little dry spell right now, so our back patio concrete got poured yesterday and they will pour the front porch/walkway/driveway today and tomorrow. Painters also want to get the exterior body paint started tomorrow. I don't think they'll finish since we are due for rain again on Fri, but they want to get the exterior going while they can!

This is the board/batten wall that they worked on yesterday (of course, will be painted white). They need to finish that corner and continue it down the staircase that you can kind of see at the bottom of the pic. We will be installing a library ladder to the right of the front door to access the loft.

All the kitchen cabs are now in, though they need to install the panel for the front of the island and they can't install the legs until the counter top is installed. I paced the legs approx where they will go to get an idea of how they will look. The counter will overhang the island on the front and right side. The legs look like they are a different color in this pic, but I think its just how the light is hitting them because they are all the same color!

Here's a better picture of my blue island :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Whoa... total face lift to the GW... lol

Thanks for the well wishes. I am feeling somewhat better today. But only b/c I've gone home the last two nights and crashed early on the couch. DH isn't very happy with me, but oh well. I have to sleep when I'm sick, or I stay sick forever. Such is life.

Oh I'm having my own saga with the flooring.... to start with, way back, I had one thing picked out. When I asked builder how much I needed to get ordered he says "well I don't really have a flooring guy right now, so I guess I need to find one..." um YEAH??!!!! gah. So I get on the Facebook, and holla... another GC friend texts me his flooring guy's info. Cool, we've already used a few of his subs, and he's pretty anal like the rest of us. Should work.
He brings samples, one very similar to what I had picked vinyl plank instead of sheet, which is better anyway. Pretty good prices. Like the carpet. I pick. Easy peasy. I only have TWO kinds of flooring in this house!! Should be no big deal.
Last week “flooring starts Monday. They said they need 3 days, should be done by Weds”….super cool… not.
Monday, guys come in, talk to builder for a few, leave. Never come back. Yesterday, 4PM drop off carpet, leave, never come back. Guy says he’s got a big crew coming tomorrow, and we should see significant progress… Noon today, builder calls me. THEY HAVEN’T BEEN THERE YET!!! OMG. I get on the horn to everyone I can at this point. Get there & get it done. Now. Period. I don’t want to hear whatever the problem is. My appraisal is MONDAY. My HVAC guys are trying to finish, plumber is trying to finish, trim still to be finished…every thing hinges on FLOOR people. I need beer.

oh but here's a picture of our mailbox dh finally got good enough weather to put in :) love....

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Lori - Congratulations on your mailbox! I'm so sorry about the flooring situation. I would be frustrated too!!

mommy - Your kitchen is coming together beautifully!!! So excited for you!!

nhbaskets - Such good news about your DH!!

Maggie - Holy cow girl!!! What a story! Hang in there!!!

Quick update! Today is Day 3 of ground breaking and they have come a long way. It's actually only 1 guy and his machine. LOL! I went somewhere this morning and came back and there was a hole!! He worked about 10 hours yesterday ----- STRAIGHT!!! I hope the work continues like this. Maybe it helps that I am "watching them"! lol!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Awesome Robyn!!

maggie, I still can't believe they thought those tiles matched??

Supposedly the flooring peeps showed up sometime before 2pm....but they probably left again at 4... ugh...

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

duplicate post...

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I haven't posted in a few weeks but here are some recent progress pics. The painters have painted most of the upstairs. Our countertops were installed several weeks ago but last week they came to fix the seams and ended up having to rip them out and take them back to their shop. They came back yesterday to reinstall them and the seams are almost invisible. I'm very pleased with their customer service.

Our trim carpenter almost cut his finger off last week so he's been out for several days. He just came back yesterday to finish off the stairs. Gas lines were installed on Monday and hopefully the HVAC guy comes to put the heat on. It's been warm here but it's supposed to get cooler tomorrow. The heat has to be before the hardwood can be delivered. The plumber is also supposed to come this week to get the water and sewer connected.

Master bath

Husband's vanity

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Maggiepie - It is a shame that you have to tell the tile people what is on display in their own showroom. The chaos on your job has just been, well, I hope that's the worst of it.

Mushcreek - I have NEVER wondered why. I've just wished that I was capable of doing the same.

Mommytoty - Your kitchen and board & batten wall are going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see them finished.

Robyn - Wow! That's quite a change from the little scrape in the dirt we saw yesterday. I don't know how on Earth you get any work done. I would be a worthless employee if I had a camera on my build site. Come to think of it, I haven't been worth a dang anyway since they started on our house. I need to get a grip.

Loribug - WTH? How can I even want your mailbox? Something is wrong with me....I need a vacation. Oh that's right, I can't afford it...hehehe

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Hey I forgot to thank my KD the other day when I posted my kitchen design. Thank you KD!

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Wow Robyn, awesome!

Beautiful selections lzhwong- really nice :)

Momytoty your kitchen is gorgeous! Love that blue island!

More mudding going on.....looks like it will take a while for that. I guess the framers (long gone) did lose time on my job enough to delay our move in date now to July 26. Bummer, but not too bad. I didn't realize they lost much time at all. There were two days early on that it was completely frigid and they didn't work but other than that they were there every day all day long. Maybe it takes longer in the terrible weather to get things done. Thankfully the house is now warm and cozy with furnace having everything up to temperature.

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lzhwong - Love your cabs! What color is the master bath cab color and wall color?

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Hey Everyone!
I am sorry that I have been MIA. Been through lots of stress these last few weeks and feel like I am second guessing EVERY choice I made. Attaching some pictures. Concerned about paint choices, but I'm sure once the lighting is in, it will all be better. I had BM Dry Sage in my old house and I SWEAR that the paint this time is not the same, like it was mixed incorrectly. Felt that way about our bedroom and the pink in my daughter's bedroom as well. Going to handle that tomorrow and take our sample paints out there and see if we are off, or if it is just because of 1 coat that has currently been "sprayed" on the walls. DD is tickled pink with her ridiculously pink room.
Frustrated with my builder tonight about a few things and tired of feeling like a nag. Does anyone else feel like a nag?
I cannot even begin to go back and catch up. I will try to start from here and keep up with everyone's progress. I know that you all are tired too and are all on the emotional roller coaster.
It will all be worth it in the end, right?

BM Dry Sage or ERROR?

Dry Sage in Different light at different angle...I think this looks closer...any thoughts?

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uponthehilltop- I always feel like a nag! Luckily our builder has always been laidback and is quick to do what I asked. Even if he might be a tad slow going.

Went to stop at the house and the DUMPSTER is out of the yard! Who knew something like that would be so awesome. The garage doors are working. The door to the house from the garage is spring loaded so it doesn't hit the cabinets and closes on its own... (will be interesting to get used to) The cabinet touch up stain arrived. They trimmed the cabinets. The light was installed outside by our deck. Mirrors were hung up in the bathrooms. AHH it's so close. Hubs went and put some more lightbulbs in the fixtures. We are missing a couple vent covers. And the building supplier hasn't brought a replacement closet door for one of the rooms.

One thing I noticed is that some of the light switch and outlet plates don't quite cover the hole completely. I will ask my builder if they can kind of patch that up. In an older house, I probably wouldn't care but dangit this is a new house and I don't want drywall holes. I'm just being uber picky now at the end.

robyn- HOLY cow they got stuff done quickly.

lori- I love that mailbox.. i can't wait until the ground is thawed so we can put ours in too.

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uponthehilltop, we are using BM Dry Sage color match with Behr Premium Plus paint. They just started painting around things yesterday. Not sure when they'll get to the whole family room yet. But, here is a picture of ours. Sorry, it's a touch blurry.

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I don't know about the paint, but I can sure relate to second guessing EVERYTHING! Man, I am so confused about kitchen counters and master bath tile in particular. Haven't even looked at carpet really yet. I love the brick on your home!

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So sorry to hear you have been sick Lori!! I think I will start chanting too... Stay well, don't stress, stay well, don't stress. They seem to go hand in hand with me.

Moving cabinets in...slowly. Working on stairs right now. It will take a while to get all the angles/cuts correct, ugh.

Color... Lighting it changes everything. My color saga a few months ago: My mom painted the first gallon of yellow in my kitchen, trimmed everything out. I was there in daylight when she started and it was fine. I went back after dark and completely flipped out!!! It looked lime-ish, and I was horrified. I insisted on a different yellow sample the next day, so my husband obliged. He also picked up light bulbs (smart man). He switched the light bulbs out for warmer ones. The original color was perfect!!!


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We had a setback this week with our cabinets. And that setback has me making decisions I didn't think I'd have to make. Help!!!!

The kitchen and island mahogany wood cabinets that DH has made are turning out beautifully with the stain the painter has applied. Cannot wait to see them after the finish is applied and they are put totally together. We are really pleased with those.

However, the maple laundry/pantry cabinets are a whole other story! We had tested the same Zar stain on large pieces of maple last week. One large piece DH used a sealer on it prior to applying the stain and the other he just had the painter apply the stain. He knew that maple is harder to stain because every piece of wood is different. Neither the painter or I liked the look of the stain with the sealer. It was really a light color and it didn't saturate the wood. So, I said to go without the sealer. Yikes! Four doors into staining the cabinet doors, the painter stopped and had us come in and see what was happening. It was awful. Even the slightest indentation of the wood showed up as a dark line and the blotching just got worse with each door. DH worked so hard on these cabinets and I love them and the last thing I want is for them to look ugly!

We have decided we need to have them painted and maybe use a glaze. Since our floor has already been installed and the room painted and the trim being the same as the rest of the house (deep mahogany) I have to find a color that will blend in with the rest of the house. Have I told you I have a big laundry/pantry/computer/sewing room. Yep, it's a multipurpose room. Neither DH or I want white cabinets. However, I do like cream. The painter's helper suggested maybe a cream color with a mahogany glaze and it would tie in the mahogany color throughout the house. The painter hasn't been here this week - just the helper. She said she and the painter had done two large floor to vaulted ceiling cabinets for one client where they painted and used a glaze and they turned out beautiful. I think I would like them to do one cabinet door and see if I liked it.

Here are two of the cabinets going in the laundry room. There are several more (a pull-out for my detergent and cleaning solutions, two wall cabinets above sink and other cabinet, and a 5 foot double base cabinet which will be next to the large pantry cabinets).

Here are my very large floor to ceiling pantry cabinets, doors closed:

Here they are opened up (this is before the cabinet is glued together):

Here is the sink base cabinet which will have a deep single laundry sink:

The wall color in the room is BM color match Natural Elements. I saw on houzz some glazed cabinets using BM Seapearl. That could work, but I'm leaning toward BM Snow on the Mountain because it is on the same paint strip right below Natural Elements. Suggestions?

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lzhwong - Your cabinets are looking good. I'm glad they got those countertops fixed for you.

hilltop - Your already painting? Your peeps are moving fast. And yes, I have never in my life been such a nag as I am during this build.

Kelli - Lol on the dumpster removal. You should be bringing moving boxes in with you every time you show up now. I would definitely have the switchplate covers moved over the holes or somehow fixed to hide the cuts.

Jenny - I noticed the lighting issue with paint chips that I was bringing home. I picked one I liked for the MB and in the kitchen under a flourescent light it is beautiful and light and I brought it into a bedroom under an incandescent ceiling fan light and it was way too dark on the wall. Kinda makes me nervous about picking paint colors before knowing what the lighting will be like in the room it is going in. Oh well, its just paint. Love your yellow.

Autumn4 - Bittersweet I know but freedom to work on the new house until you find that better job that you're about to find. Don't forget to bake some cookies and eat half of the cookie dough to reward yourself for years of unappreciated Anyway, I prayed for you this morning.

We are still on hold, waiting for the gas company rep and the plumber to get together on Tuesday. So nothing happening at our place. We did have to buy some temporary deadbolts and lock it up like Fort Knox. It is a long story that I won't post on here but now its kind of a pain to try to coordinate with subs and be there at a certain time to let them in or leave them a key and hope they don't lose it, etc, etc. Gotta get some work done.

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Hoosier - On your post, the Seapearl looks more gray than the Snow one. Could just be my monitor. So, I think I like the Snow better. It is a shame they have to be painted. Is there no way to maybe sand them and start over with something else? Our cabinets are going to be knotty alder and a friend suggested to us that we apply shellac first and then lightly sand it off before we stain them so that the knots and blemishes are filled with the shellac and won't absorb the stain. They said that would keep any imperfections from standing out and keep the wood from looking blotchy. Maybe something your painter could try on one door before you paint them. Then again, I don't know if its too late. Maybe you can't undo the stain from the cabinets that he or she already did.

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JDez, I thought the same thing about the Seapearl looking too gray! Glad someone else saw that.

We can talk with the painter once he ever shows up if there are any other options. But, if we were going to stain them, we want the color we are using for the trim throughout the house. DH and I tried sanding some stain he had used originally on a couple of the doors in the corners and it was next to impossible to get it all sanded off without messing up the wood. So, I think the paint is the way to go and so did the painter's helper.

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We have our first disappointment today with our build. :( Our soil was tested yesterday and we got the results today. Turns out that we have pinholes in our soil. That means that we have to excavate 2 feet below the footers and bring in gravel. This will help our foundation to be more solid and help prevent future settling and cracking. I am glad that we found this out now but it will cost us more $$$$. They have to bring in the gravel from Salt Lake City which will be more expensive than having someone local. Has anyone else had to do this? I completely trust my builder and knew this was a possibility. I'll let you know how it goes. Until then we will keep excavating and then add the gravel. He said it should only push us back about 2 days for the foundation and footing but that wasn't a lot of time. I'm grateful for that.

Thanks for listening! I'm sure there will be many more issues in the future.

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kellithee- You should NOT be able to see gaps at the edges of your cover plates- it's not code. This is from the National Electrical code:

314.21 Repairing Plaster and Drywall or Plasterboard.
Plaster, drywall, or plasterboard surfaces that are broken or
incomplete around boxes employing a flush-type cover or
faceplate shall be repaired so there will be no gaps or open
spaces greater than 3 mm (1⁄8 in.) at the edge of the box.

If the wall is within 1/8" of the box, per code, any cover plate will completely conceal it. You're not being picky.

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mushcreek- Thanks for that info! I'll definitely inform the builder of that. We haven't had the final inspection either, but it'd be good to get it taken care of prior. The gaps aren't big but i think they are breaking the 3mm cut off.

Jdez- We have slowly been bringing boxes the last two weekends and putting them in the basement. :) Luckily we currently live 3 miles away so it's easy to go back and forth.

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We are continuing with builder mistakes this week as usual. The issues are plumbing was done incorrectly behind powder room sink and missing electrical. The switches on the wall to turn on the fireplace and fan are missing. My husband and I noticed over two months ago and the builder GM never bothered to check it out sooner. Grrr... So we will have drywall work, mudding and sanding in both the powder room and great room over our new dark hardwood and perhaps need one of our built-ins ripped out to wire the switches.

We now have hardwood flooring done, lighting, towel bars and closet rods installed, all sinks are in and the carpet installed on Tuesday. Normally we would be just days away from being done, but our possession is not for another 41 days and we've given the builder a huge list of things that still need to be done correctly so I think knowing their track record they are going to need all this extra time.

On a positive note, here's a peek of our floors:

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xc, tell me more about those floors! gorgy!

so sorry there are corrections to make.....probably happens in most builds that way. glad they have plenty of time to get it right.

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Wow, everyone is moving along so great. A few hiccups for a couple of us but things are looking good. No pictures of progress here as it isn't visibly moving along too much. Some of the trusses were not correct so about 1/3 of the roof is still not sheeted but they are working on it. We are having plumbing roughed in this week and our fire suppression system rough in too. I have been focusing on light shopping since its one of the items that I didn't spec. out in the contract I know I need to save $$ and sale shop mostly. I can't wait til I have more pictures to show!

Question: My plumber is charging $350 for extra hose bibs beyond the included 3. I know it varies and it is this cost for us but just for comparison, is that high/low/otherwise? Thanks!

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So excited to see so many close to the finish line-I know it wont be long until we are there too :) Patience!!

Many of our "choices" are due to our builder next week.I'm trying to have them all done so I dont have too many "oh crap, now it doesnt match" moments.

we going with a cherry red brick on the exterior of the house-our subdivision is full of beige homes: green beige, yellow beige, beige beige...I think our happy red house will stand out. Trim will be cream, no lattice on the windows

Interior hardwood floors are solid american cherry with a stain of 75% ebony and 25% spice-a nice dark chocolate brown. We'll use this same stain color for the interior doors and cabinets with the exception of our kitchen cabinets they will b painted a light cream color . Carpeting will be a medium tan.

Interior paint (our builder uses SW paint): base boards-SW7102 white flour. interior walls (our builder gives 4 colors, any more is an up charge): most of the house will be SW6106 kilim beige except for the master suite SW7064 passive (grey) and our kitchen and Ds room which will also be SW7102 white flour. Ds room will have 1 accent wall of SW6958 Dynamic Blue-true to its name!! (shes having a beach/surfer theme)

we have officially defected from our builders vendors. the kitchen cabinet layout i was looking for came in $15K over budget, after hunting I found a great cabinet maker that came in on budget-so happy-so happy!! now we are looking at new tile and carpet vendors. Amazing what a racket this can be.

Appliances, plumbing and lighting-Done

I seem to be stuck on tile right now- H and I are heading to the tile store as soon as he gets home from work.

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I would like to join in if I can!
We are building a 2700 sf single story home on two acres in west central Florida. It is our first build. We were looking for a house to buy and couldn't find anything we liked for months and months. The perfect lot (my son and husband who is is a teacher can walk to school!) and a builder within our price range all came together within a week's time. It was crazy and way too fast really. But we are now at plumbing/electric rough in with insulation starting next week.

I read through a bunch of posts and the fact that other builders are making a bunch of mistakes and many of you feel like you have to nag and nag really struck a cord with me. We have been quite frustrated! The builder has so far willingly changed all the mistakes so far, but communication is not a strong point! I really, really need a place to vent with people who understand and also know we are not the only ones these things happen too--both the good and the not so good. :-)

I look forward to "meeting" and conversing with everyone here! There are so many lovely, lovely homes.

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MFatt - I don't know about hose bibs. We start our plumbing rough-in next Tues if the plumber and gas company rep show up as scheduled. It's been a while since I've had any good pictures either.

Bluemoon - so many of you have to pick everything out at the beginning. It's probably good because you get it over with. We just pick things out as we go. So we have decisions to make all the time. I seem to be getting faster at picking things out, though. I am wanting a red brick too but DH wants beige. We still have not chosen our brick. I think we have like two weeks left before we have to settle that one.

Sky angel -Nice to have you join us.

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Sky Angel - Welcome! You will find an amazing amount of support and encouragement on here. I think that communication must be a major issue across the board with builders. I also have to remind myself that at any given time they have 4 or 5 other things going on with other builds, and to me this is MY one and only build, but to them, it is just another build....

Everyone Else - I don't even know how to keep up anymore?

JDez- Peeps are moving fast. Cabinets will be here by Monday! Trim is going to be finished by Friday. It is awesome. Deep down, I think my builder is sick of dealing with me and is just ready to get it done, lol!

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upon-a nag? Whaddaya talkin about? Just imagine if your GC was your husband? Now he has never said nag but a few other words that could be translated as nag? Basically now I just get, well then you change/fix it. Ummm, okay. Okay so I know you are stressing about paint but I was delighted to see your post with some color in it! We are living with PRIMER WHITE everywhere and it's a little bright I gotta say. I cannot wait to start painting!!! I think one coat of spray isn't going to give you the same as a finish coat. It's hard but I'd try to wait for the finish coat to see? That is crazy progress - who cares if they are sick of you or not - you've got them moving!

jdez-thanks for the prayers, I appreciate it! I kind of wanted to 'be sick' yesterday but I had to turn in my computer and badge so alas, no can do. I was dreading it but it went okay though and now it's done! I am turning the page and starting a new chapter, phew! So what's shaking down yonder? Any other selections made? I like the colors of that backsplash you have. I saw it in a small square mosaic or something very similar. I am still hanging out with wheels spinning. I found a couple others at Lowe's the other day but I honestly don't know what I want. I need to have cabs in the room first I think (and flooring down and paint and...........).

skyangel - welcome! It's something how things just fall in place like that sometimes. Woohoo!

bluemoon-if you happen to find patience in abundance and you feel like sharing go ahead and pass some over here! ;)

lori-where are you? Did you find the beer and are in the corner somewhere sipping away? I told dh yesterday when he said kind of exasperated WHAT DO YOU WANT? I want to move in darn it. I want to be finished. I don't want to think about this and that anymore. I am about to the point of getting some boones which he laughed heartily.

hoosiers-oh no. :( All that hard work of DH's. Have you chosen a paint? I see gray in the snow also but I like gray so I like it. What kind of glaze are you thinking of? I think that might be the best of both worlds in this instance. I cannot wait to see your stained cabs. Those pantry cabs look awesome!

akshars-sigh. I am hoping to drive out to the granite yard next week, maybe Weds or Thurs. Dh is off Mon/Tues so those are all day work at the house days. After that will be my first opportunity to scoot out there. Trying not to will all work out how it's meant to right??? ;)

nhbaskets-We are doing painted cabs too but I was always taken by your previous kitchen. It was so well put together, very nice. I like so many different things, story of my life just make a choice already! Glad to see dh is back in action and his little buddy must be so happy to have him home!

xc60-ohhh, like the floors! Towel bars and such already installed? That is another thing I kind of 'forgot' about or at least it wasn't on the radar.

So I think I have enough 'material' to write a book about all the things you miss when you are trying to juggle building a insurance payments (disaster averted), baseball sign up (throw an extra $50 bucks and you can late late register-adding that to the cost of building a house), and I am waiting for the hammer to drop on the other things that I am missing that I am not aware of yet.........argh!

So here is a picture of the tile...which I am now sealing the grout. I feel like we haven't done a single thing else besides the tile. It was a lot though so I guess it's fine but I am ready for more progress.........

It's the same tile that is in the kids bath:

I hope to have something more to show by next week!

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Autumn- HAHA boones farm. We totally had that stuff at our head table at our wedding. nothing better right?

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Autumn4 - yes that tile does come in small squares. DH didn't like the small squares. He said they reminded him of the locker room shower stalls where he played college It is Anatolia Bliss Waterfall. I wish they came in a bigger 2"x2" square tile mosaic. That would be perfect. You have to look at it in person though. It looks so much better IRL than it does on the computer. I ordered a sample of the Iceland color too and it is more subdued and neutral with a lot more white and off-white. On the internet, it looks like it has blue in it. It does not have blue in it. Ok, back to my morning nap at my desk....hehehe

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Wow so much going on.
Welcome to all the new comers.

Hoosier, Sorry about the cabinet stain issue for the mudroom area. I like the snow on the mountain best. Your Dh has done such great job on the cabinets. Can;t wait to see those installed.

Xc60, Your floor looks great. You are almost there.

Upon, I think the pain will look different after second coat so hopefully you will like the color once done.

lzwhong, I really love your master bathroom cabinets and tile. You are alos getting close to done.

Autumn, Glad that the last day at work is over and you can move on now. Tile looks Great. On the Granite front you are right it will work out like it is supposed to :). Fingers crossed that your first choice will still be available.

Jdez, You are too funny with the nap at work :)

Lori, Hope the floor guys showed up and done with the flooring. Hate it when people don't show up on time. One more week and you are done :)

On our front today is the big day. Cabinet install is going to start today. I have been nervously waiting for this day for the last month or so. I could not even sleep last night. Got up at 3:30 Am. Fingers crossed that everything works out as expected.

We have the painters here filling the holes and sanding. We also have the trim guy installing the based boards. Good to see multiple trades working at the same time.

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kelli-now that I am 'all grown up' I prefer the refined taste of Arbor mist - lol! I actually am just a light weight I prefer to 'cut' white zin with SPRITE! If only I were kidding. So a funny about GW. I actually met MLweaving and her dh at a restaurant when she was in town a few months back. We talked build, kitchens, backsplashes (will it ever go away?) and I decided I could handle 1 glass of wine. So I did but I could totally FEEL my cheeks turning all red and my lips were getting numb. LOL! Yeah - I am an exciting date. Heheehe!

akshars - thanks. :) We set a couple of cabinets inside and it had me all jazzed up - but we didn't unwrap them. So close............ We are building a fake wall behind the island cabs to make the island bigger if that makes sense. Anyhow dh needed one to take a look at that so still not time to unwrap and get rolling. Good luck! 3:30 is a popular wake up and can't get back to sleep time around here. ;) I can't wait to see pics. Keep thinking smooth thoughts. I hope all the stressing was for naught.

jdez-yeah, I get it. Sometimes squares look really busy to me and sometimes not. It's almost like if it's just a small space it looks crazy busy but if it's larger it kind of calms it a bit. I need to go check the one you posted on my other thread. Thanks!

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OMG, another hiccup. Plumber come to start 5 days of rough in and are hitting beams as they go down. WTF? We are working on a solution, can't quite decide whose at fault, the GC or the plans. Ugh.

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mfatt- :( Oh no. That is not good. I hope the solution comes quickly and inexpensively.

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Autumn- Sounds just like me! I'm definitely a cheap date. That's so cool you got to meet someone from here!

mfatt- eeps! Sending good vibes your way!

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mfatt - when it rains it pours huh? I hope it all works out ok.

autumn4 & kelli - yall are making me thirsty and it's only a little past noon here. This Friday night may be a doozy.

aksharsmom - I hope the cabinet install goes off without a hitch so you can get some rest I can't wait to see pictures.

DH called me and said the people building next door have more men working on laying their slab than we've had working on our entire build up to this point combined. I guess the new neighbors will be moving into their new house before we move into ours. Oh well.

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I am jealous that everyone has something that resembles a house build going on.

We bought our lot last June. We had the house plans done in September.

Then our architect took until freaking January 31 to submit the plans to the city for a development permit. He's obviously got a million other projects going on. So he disappears for a couple of weeks, and we think he's preparing the drawings for the permit application. Then he comes back with nothing done, and suggestions for new changes. But since it's been so long since he looked at our job, he can't remember why we already rejected that change. So we have to schedule meetings. Then he says he'll have it done by next week, and it takes 3 weeks,... And that's how it stretched to 4 months to do the drawings he told us would be done in 3 weeks.

Now, the city has had our application for 6 weeks and plans to look at them next week. They put up a notice on our lot this week to allow neighbours a chance to comment. That's the most activity we've seen since before Christmas. But, assuming they are okay with what we've submitted and we get a development permit, we then get to do more detailed drawings to apply for a building permit.

And our architect's house flooded last week and he's looking for a new place to live while their house undergoes 100s of thousands of dollars in repairs. (Second floor laundry room).

Ugh. Meanwhile, we're paying interest on the land mortgage because we can't sell our existing house until we have something to move into. I guess we should celebrate that we still have a place to live.

I am working on quotes for the various pieces of the builds so we can set up the construction loan. And the majority of vendors aren't getting it. They keep quoting me on sale items. Purchase this tile by the end of March and get it for this price. Yeah, I am not going to need tile until next year at this rate. Plus, quoting me on the cheapest stuff you've got isn't going to help. If you quote me on $3 stuff, and then switch out the $8 stuff when I actually need it, I'm going to have to go back to the bank and ask for more money. So please, quote on the $10 stuff, and if I can get the $3 stuff, then we're happy.

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amberm - sounds like you've had a tough time. I hope things start going a little better for you. It'd be nice to have you join in and start posting pics of your progress. In the meantime, get your house ready to sell and start picking stuff out so you'll be ready and it won't be so stressful when you do start to build.

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Amberm I feel some of your pain. We are two years into this project and are still finishing the sheeting on the roof. It will happen, keep telling yourself that.

Jdez- I feel that way about crews every morning. I drive my son by several developments on the way to the bustop and he asks why we can't have those builders? ya know, the ones with huge crews that slap tract housing up in a matter of weeks. Sigh.

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DH is going to make sure it's stressful later, if our previous renovations are anything to go by. I am picking out things now, with alternate choices in case my first choice isn't available. But then I try to get his input, and he says he doesn't care, and that it doesn't matter because we don't need to decide now. However, I just know that the day we need to order, he's going to announce something he HAS to have, and I need to change all my choices to accommodate his wish.

But I am working on the existing house, too. I painted the living room last month (red that I loved for 10 years is now creamy white.)

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OH Hoosier, those cabinets your hubby built are gorgeous! I'm disappointed for you that the stain isn't working out, however I think your info is good that a paint with glaze over can be just the thing. Our cabinet builder is doing up some for our master bath that are just beautiful, a grey paint with a silvery glaze over top, swiped on so it's sort of thick and gives a lot of dimension to the color. We fell in love with the sample he did for us after much looking at what was available commercially.

Upon, I can't believe how far you are. Your builder is Flying! We are def feeling like we're in the nag category. It's reassuring to hear that others are there too - maybe it's not just us, and our builder experiences this with all his customers.

And to whomever talked about making decisions up front so that you don't need to make decisions on the fly - good luck with that!
So today I got a call from our builder, the Daltile standard run-of-the-mill Not Expensive stuff we chose for the upstairs bath - they're discontinuing colors in all the bullnose tile. So what, you're supposed to put color tile on your tub surround, then use white bullnose? I don't think so.
So after looking today at too many more options, we decided we wanted to stick with the budget option of the Daltile - so I just tossed up my hands and said "fine!, we'll use white tile for tub surround and bullnose and use a color for the rope liner". had to then go out to the house to check the color of white with the already installed tub.
We too have a very white primer bright house right now.
I've been choosing paint colors and dh has been painting 2x4 pieces of drywall for me. Good thing, since all the colors look different in the light of the house. And the carpet that we chose for the upstairs bedroom, I'm now thinking about changing the carpet choice ...
It goes on.
Our venting situation looks like it's 90% straightened out. Argh.
The trim carpenter is on site, and he's doing a fab job of trim. I brought pics and he and I decided on wainscotting and heights and boxing out the columns and what to do with dining room tray, etc. I really like the trim guy!
This was one of my inspiration pics for our trim.

Traditional Dining Room by Bluffton Architects & Designers Court Atkins Architects
Kind of wishing I had some arches, but I'm not going to second guess that one now.

I'll be really glad when this is done. A., I want to move in, but B., I want to be done with all the decisions and all the fret over what is and isn't done the way we thought it was going to be done.
Pic below taken while standing in DR, looking towards back of house.

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Autumn4 - I confess! I have to have that floor tile. Details plz? I will beg if I must.

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jdez-hahahaha! No need to beg girl. It's from Lowes and very reasonably priced (I think) at the $3-$4 range depending on size you choose. American Olean Kendal Slate - Easdale neutral. They also have it in 12x18's....coulda woulda shoulda? I am really liking the rectangles these days. :)

Slate Tile at Lowes

marjorie-sorry to hear about the discontinued tile. So very frustrating to have something chosen that you love and then have that happen. :(

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Autumn4 - Thank u! They are now saved in my "To buy" file.

Mlweaving - you don't need arches. What you have is beautiful.

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Does rebuilding count? We started with a kitchen remodel in July and assumed that there would be some joist sistering involved but discovered that the entire structure underneath the floor was rotten. Since then I had to completely rebuild the formal living, entry, kitchen and family room (about 1,300-1,400 sq ft) from the ground up and update everything that goes along with it. 100% DIY.

Where things are now is, drywall is going up in the middle of next week and we will have flooring again shortly after that. Cabinets are maybe 4 weeks away. The end is in sight.

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Just wanted to check in really quick. I am so amazed with all of the progress of your houses. Thank you for sharing all that you are going through, as well. I am learning so much! I even told my builder the other day something I learned on GW. I think he is impressed that I am actually researching my build!

I know it is a little early to look for backsplash in my build but because I am out of town and not sure how long certain tiles will be available, I am going to be ordering early. I will also be paying for these in full so I won't have to worry about these being discontinued before we are ready for them. My builder just said to send the items all to his house. Hope he has room in his garage for all the lighting I might be ordering as well!!

I ordered this sample of Gray Crackle Subway Tile from Tile Daily and I am in LOVE!! It goes perfectly with my cabinet colors and flooring. I will just have to pick a counter to go with it all AFTER I move to Utah. I don't want to rush on that for sure! This tile is $14.95 a sq ft. Is that really high or just about in the middle? I have a $1200 budget for kitchen backsplash and want to make sure that's enough. I have about 45-50 sq ft of tile that I will need.

This is the tile close up. It is soooooo beautiful in person and so subtle.

Here is an updated picture of all the progress they made on my lot this past week. They just barely started on Monday and by Friday most of the foundation has been dug. They were out there measuring most of the day yesterday. I couldn't even see them from my camera, as they were so far in the hole!

Good luck next week everyone! Can't wait to see your builds!

P.S. We got a second opinion on the air holes and they will not have to do all the extra work that we thought. We found someone who has worked with our excavator for the past 20 years and is well trusted in the construction community. That was great news!! Then we found out later in the day that we will have to dig about 650 feet to connect our sewer line to the city's main and that will cost a bunch of $$$!!

This post was edited by robynstamps on Sat, Mar 15, 14 at 16:13

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Week number 2 and our lot is cleaned up, the driveway got cut in, hole got dug, and footers got poured.

At one end of the hole it looks like they ran into a giant pocket of slate. The excavator appears to have been able to chew into it pretty easily. Fractures into these little square smooth dark chunks. Shame it doesn't break up into countertop and walkway sized pieces. ;)

We're told foundation will go up Mon or Tues, then framing starts next Fri or Sat. Exciting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our build blog.

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oicu812 - So exciting!! Looks like you and I are on the same spot in our build!! We might have one more week of digging though. I'll find out on Monday. Great pictures!

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Schicksal - of course it counts! Welcome aboard.

Robyn - your tile choice goes perfectly with your kitchen. I would be too worried to send stuff to my builders house. I know he wouldn't check it to make sure the order was correct and not broken.

Oicu812 - your lot is looking beautiful. It looks like the weather is finally right. Your right about the slate. It would be awesome to be able to use some of that in your house.

I spent the day caulking the seams of the exterior sheathing at our build while DH was at work. Everywhere that I could see sunlight coming through, I caulked it or spray foamed it. It was my first time to caulk anything. It didn't take very long to get the hang of it. Of course most everyone I know thinks it was a waste of time. What I've heard most is that there are so many little openings that I won't see or that I'll miss that it will all be for nothing. Maybe so, but, when I look at that big electric bill in the middle of the summer, I won't have to wonder "would it have helped if we would have tried to seal some of those gaps and seams?" So there you have it. It's done.

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My sister just ran over to my house to take a better picture. I cannot get this angle from my camera. This is at the end of week 1. So excited for this progress!!

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Good for you Jdez on caulking and sealing. We had a pressure test after the insulation was foamed in. A guy came, closed all the doors and windows and covered the door opening to the house with plastic, then turned on his air blower. Everywhere there were little cracks and leaks were exposed by this test, and he spent over 6 hours caulking/foaming in every crevice. He said that at the initial part of the test the house passed the criteria set forth by industry standard for the insulation, but he is particular. It will pay off in HVAC bills.

Robyn, your blue for cabinets looks remarkably like our blue - which we had custom done. I'll see if I can find a picture. Can't find one on my computer, have to go to phone. What company cabinets are you using? Is that blue a custom or stock color?
I like what you're considering for tile bs. We're using Jeffrey Court marble tile with azul inset, again, will have to see if I can find a pic.
After you look awhile at Backsplash material you'll realize that $15/sf is on the low end of reasonable.
Crackle tiles can go up to $60/sf and more, the waterjet mosaics are running in excess of $125/sf. I looked at some Sonoma tile that I really liked but it was over $30/sf. The marble tile we're using is amazingly (I think) reasonably priced around $25/sf.

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Thank you ML! My perimeter cabinets are white and my island is Steel Wool. It's a true gray but looks blue in all my pictures. I'm totally okay with it looking blue/gray in my pics, though! I love it! I'm happy to have found my tile. My husband saw it after work and loves it, too!!

Your colors look GREAT! What is the countertop? What is the blue color to the left of the pic?

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A few months ago we were here.

The rebuild is because of brown rot. All joists in the entry/formal living/kitchen/family room have been replaced with doubles, new center beams run, almost all new wiring, doorways moved and enlarged, a former exterior wall gone and ceiling raised. I had help for the exterior wall delete part and spray foam insulation, the rest is doing it on my own after work and on weekends.

And now we are here.

Unfinished white oak flooring arrived a week ago and everything is nearly ready for drywall, maybe starting on Wednesday.

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Dang schicksal! You've definitely been busy. Sounds like your on the home stretch. I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

Maggiepie - Curious about the shower saga. How's that going?

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Shicksal, I was reading your saga on the other board. Wow is all I can say.
We are currently building on Lady's Island, south of you by about 60 miles, and have decided on installing a dehumidifier in the crawl space (4' high) under the house. Your saga just reaffirms our decision.

Robyn, the blue board on the left side of the pic is the sample door so we could approve the custom color for our cabinetry. We have white perimeter cab's in our kitchen and the island base will be that blue, as well as the built-ins in the living room.
The counter is a quartzite called white cristallo. It is the bluest white cristallo we've seen, and we've seen over a dozen slabs of it. We fell in love with it at a stone yard in Charleston.

Akshars, how did your cabinet install go? Dying to see pics!

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Autumn.4, I love your tile! And the dark grout. Glad your disasters were averted with both life insurance and baseball sign-ups. :-)

Ackshars_mom, can’t wait to see cabinet pics. I would be nervous too. They are such a big part of the kitchen, the whole house really.

MFatt, oh dear! I hope it can be fixed quickly and without too much expense (or any, on your part).

Amberm, that is so frustrating. Our title company messed up the closing documents and signatures, causing a four week delay in closing, and then took several weeks to document the ownership of the lot into our names with the county. We were delayed two months for that, and I thought I would go crazy. You must be pulling your hair out. So you still don’t have detailed drawings from the architect?

Mlweaving, I am worried about how lighting will affect the items we’ve chosen as well. We aren’t going to choose paint until we see everything else installed, but we can’t do that for floors, carpet, countertop, ect. Ect.  It definitely stresses me out. I love your trim inspiration pic. I love molding like that.

Robynstamps, love your tile choice and might I say that you have the best backyard view EVER? Keep posting pics because it literally takes my breath away. I hope you aren’t planning to move ever.  At least, I wouldn’t.

JDez, our builder just finished air sealing the seams and I plan to scour every inch to reinforce any missed areas. I don’t think it’s a waste at all. Little things add up.

Schicksal, wow. That is quite the before shot. You are doing a ton of work but it’s going to be a much better house in the end!

For us, shingles were delivered on Friday so hopefully we'll have a completed roof this week. My parents are in town this week so I am enjoying have my mom here to bounce ideas off of for cabinets/countertops/bathroom tile options. Hopefully will have some more pictures soon.

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Welcome to all the new builders :)

schicksal-oh my gosh- your story is unimaginable! what a great attitude you have!

We had an exciting day-we walked through our house for the first time. We had that optical illusion of the house looking so tiny- my H actually got out the tape measure to check the size of each room.
Also when you are looking at a floor plan for so long you dont realize the size of the windows and I have to say ours are awesome-its going to be so bright.
I dont have photobucket figured out yet so I'll do a few posts
View towards the kitchen, door to garage and laundry room-
BTW it was freezing!!

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towards the master bed and bath

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bluemoon - That is AWESOME! I bet it was so exciting to see your house and visualize. I've heard that your house will seem smaller during framing, and then seem larger, and then smaller, and then larger. Lol! Until everything is in and then it will look perfect! Congratulations! We are not too far behind you in the process. Maybe a few weeks!

Skyangel - Thank you so much! I honestly haven't noticed the view as much until now. Before I was just so excited to be moving closer to our family! Congratulations on the shingles! Have a great visit with your mom!

schicksal - WOW! You've come a long way! What a process. I bet you are happy to see how much better it is looking.

I am looking forward to another week starting tomorrow. I hope to see a lot of progress!

Since you all have been so kind about my view in Utah I decided to add a night view I took last night.


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mlweaving_Marji - don't forget about the living space. I added a big Honeywell to the HVAC systems because of months like we're in now where there's little heating / cooling load but it's humid outside. The central dehumidifier has kicked in plenty of times in the last few days. We had spring-summer-fall indoor humidity problems in part because the previous owners oversized the HVAC systems.

bluemoon_1, good choice with the 2x6 framing. Wish we had it. Killer windows too.

robynstamps, that's an awesome view. Seeing the mountains are what I miss about living on the east coast.

I like the way things are looking but the wife is getting tired of it. So much of what I did was structural/HVAC/electrical... that I could be busy on something for a solid week and she wouldn't see a bit of difference because to her all that happened was that a few outlets moved. What actually happened was that the crawlspace is encapsulated, or a couple of ungrounded/undersized circuits have been redone. Walking around though, it feels like a house on a concrete slab. Floor deflection is in the 0.02" range.

The smell is a night and day difference though. I didn't realize the musty smell the place had until it changed once the rotten wood was gone. We wrapped up the part of the project that involves me tearing things up this weekend. I pulled up the subfloor and joists from the last 12 feet of the family room addition this weekend and reworked all that and put in new subfloor before going to sleep last night. There will be no more large holes appearing anywhere in this project. It's just a short list of things to do until we're ready for drywall, then flooring becomes the next big thing to happen.

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I so appreciate your postings. It's helpful to hear your stories and inspiring to see the pics! The weather in central Washington has broken and work has taken off. ICFs have been placed and poured for the foundation and the main floor will be going up in the next week. Heading to Seattle next week to actually touch and verify our appliance and plumbing trim selections (thank you GW!) We've narrowed down the cabinets -Dura Supreme - now to decide on countertops.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I'm still kickin'!!

Busier, and busier at work, and things coming to the end at the house, now I'm trying to figure out how we'll get everything moved in a timely manner. At least it's only 5-7 minutes between houses! :)

I'm taking next week off work to move. The appraiser was supposed to come today (I’ve not heard if he did or not). Inspection is supposed to be sometime this week. We close the 25th.

Most everything is “done”…Floors finished up Friday am. They worked until 9pm Thursday night and only had a couple hours left to finish. It is AWESOME!!!!! I’m in love. I think it might actually hold up to our life. Lol

We installed all the appliances over the weekend, except the dishwasher b/c we didn't have the lines we needed. I totally forgot to take pictures...

DH had a pretty good dirt work weekend. Now if we can just get the weather to hold long enough to get the stone done...and porches, & the back deck!!

I found beer and stocked the fridge after it was cooled down. ...whooohoooo... lol I just kinda needed that.
I'm totally stocking the bar fridge with boones...

Dad’s masterpiece of Saturday, the range hood:

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"Amberm, that is so frustrating. Our title company messed up the closing documents and signatures, causing a four week delay in closing, and then took several weeks to document the ownership of the lot into our names with the county. We were delayed two months for that, and I thought I would go crazy. You must be pulling your hair out. So you still don’t have detailed drawings from the architect?"

We also still have issues with the title on the land. We bought it from a guy who had a mortgage on it. The mortgage was discharged by our lawyer. The bank is supposed to remove their lien on the title within 30 days. It's been 6 months, and they haven't yet. The lawyer has been harassing them, but "they're busy". Plus, the lawyer screwed up and made our mailing address on the title the address of the lot. There's no house there, just dirt. So the annual tax notice was getting sent to the dirt, returned to the city, and sent back to the dirt. Rinse, repeat. We called them to correct it, but the city has a policy that they only mail to the address they have on file. But you KNOW there's no house there! And you KNOW what our other address is, because we pay taxes for BOTH!!

And no, we don't have detailed drawings yet. The building permit is a 2 step process. First, we need an elevation and lot layout drawing, so the city can approve what the house looks like. There are 2 ways of getting this approved. A "simplified" process, which, if you meet certain specifications (lot coverage, maximum windows, maximum height, etc) it gets rubber stamped. But, we want a bigger garage than meets the simplified criteria (but still within our lot coverage allowance). We also want a 3rd floor loft in order to take advantage of views. So we have to go through the extended process. The building height makes me mad. If we had 2 story or taller houses on either side, we'd be fine. But because we're on a corner lot, and there are 1 story buildings 2 doors down, we have to get special permission to go higher. But, the 1 story buildings are going to be torn down within the next 5 years, replaced with 2 story buildings. If we weren't going first, we'd get a rubber stamp. Anyway, because of the bureaucracy, the architect doesn't want to start on the detailed drawings right away. No sense doing detailed drawings if the city is going to decide we need to reduce our height, remove windows, change our front entrance, or whatever other demand they can make. So then, once the city decides that the house is acceptable looking, then we can get detailed drawings. Then we send THOSE for approval from the city engineers. Supposedly, that's a straight forward process, once the architect actually gets the drawings done. And, once we have our first approval, we can fast track the build start, by applying for a special permit just to dig the foundation. (For an extra fee, I'm sure.) Then, hopefully by the time we're ready to start framing the 1st floor, they will have approved the full building permit.

Loribug, I love the metal. The neighbourhood we are moving to was an airport until the 1950s. The old metal hangar is still there, used as a community center. I found an architectural salvage place that sells corrugated metal from an old airplane hangar and was thinking of using it somewhere in the house. Not sure where, yet, though.

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I can't even begin to catch up with all the activity since I last posted almost a week ago! So much progress and so many newcomers. Even if I cant always respond, I love to see everyone's updates so keep them coming! :)

We have had a few clear days mixed in with super soggy days and our painters have been trying to take advantage of the dry spots. So, our house is a lovely combination of colors right now with it being about halfway painted. The paint color I asked for was a color match of a stain that I loved. The paint was not an exact match, but I decided I liked it anyway so I gave them the go ahead.

Here are some pics from today. My front doors got installed also, though they still need to be stained Jacobean to match floor stain in the house.

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so much to catch up on! I've been immersed in countertops and getting my own house in a ready state for sale which I'm aiming to get on the market in about a month or less. oh crap. really?

Marykh- looks great, very nice views

Lori- you have created such a cool space and interesting elements- I just love how it's all come together. Good luck on your move!

mommytoty- beautiful exterior!

Bluemoon- It looks huge to me! What is your floorplan like?

autumn- great tile choice!

hoosier- that is some fantastic cabinetry right there- amazing storage!

Robyn- your kitchen choices are stunning!

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Subfloor and joist rework is complete. The last area was 16'x18' and not rotten, but overspanned per the SYP tables. The cure was to sister everything, rehang the joists with actual joist hangers and to adjust the center beam I ran underneath the area to the new floor height.

New plywood subfloor is installed and the area is closed out. The eyeball lights in the breakfast area above where the previous owners had a gigantic wood/marble topped bar are now gone and wiring is where the light fixture will be once we figure the location out. Wiring for the pendant lighting is also in now.

The only things left on our ready for drywall punchlist is to add a phone jack to the pantry, frame in the doorway to the future half bath, plumb the sink drain and put in the short run of wire from the transformer to the cove lighting.

Then move everything away from the walls so the drywall crew can do their thing :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Thank you all :)
I am very happy with the way things have come together. I mean it’s one thing to see it in your head, but another when it actually LOOKS like what you could see in your head.

Makes perfect sense, right?! lol

Appraiser came yesterday, didn’t say much, other than my half bath vanity is still not in (coming today on a truck!) and we didn’t put the baseboard down in the big room b/c I have barn wood wainscot to put on. We decided to do that after we were done with everything else. Well we just haven’t had time. So we thought we’d leave off the base just to see what they’d say, and if we have to, we’ll tack some up, and take it back down when we do the wainscot. Ugh. Really? Everything else is tip top shape and you’re gonna lower my appraisal because of some baseboard. Whatever.

I’m a little short on patience, and that just sticks in my craw. Stupid.

The little knick knack things that are still to be done are driving me nutso too. I’m so glad I have you guys to vent to, b/c no one else wants to hear it.

Somehow I have to figure out how to get it all CLEAN!!!! Ugh….Sometimes I wish we had just contracted with a regular builder and all of that was included…lol

Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end!!!

I'm like everyone else, I can't keep up on here, but I love reading all the updates and seeing the pictures!
Welcome to the new comers!

Have a great day!

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Lori, your red cabinets are gorgeous! Glad you stuck with your vision. As far as a GC contractor getting the house clean - HA! don't fool yourself. Because we don't want the sawdust, plaster dust, shavings, etc built into the walls and floors and just covered up we've spent more time on weekends in our new house sweeping, vacuuming and picking up. The "clean up" they do is cursory. Because we're building in the south, we understand that sawdust at least, becomes fodder for mold and insect (read cockroach) food. We've been meticulous about getting it all out of there.

Schicksal, I've forgotten if you've said, are you insulating that crawl space after all your redo with closed cell foam?

Illini, I was reading your countertop thread yesterday. I'm glad you put up all those examples of Houzz photos with stained island, white perimeter cabinets and dark perimeter counter, light island counter. It's certainly a good look, and you certainly have enough room for it. Because it's so trendy right now, those who're constantly preaching "don't do it" will be laughing at all of us who did in fifteen years, saying "That's so two thousand teens". Well, yup, 'fraid it is. But I like it and I'm doing it too.
If I'm correct, your perimeter counter top is also a quartz, isn't it? So if you're mixing a dark quartz perimeter with a light quartz island, that should be fine - textures are consistent. I'd just want to be careful making sure the natural stone BS tiles work well in the same room with the island counter.
I guess I'm taking the same leap, so I hope it works out.
My island counter top is now going to be that Cristallo White, which is a natural quartzite with lots of clear crystalline activity, and above my soapstone perimeter counters I'm using a natural marble backsplash tile which is fairly densely white. They are def different types of stone and different types of whites. I'm praying it'll work because the BS is not right up against the island.
And the truth is no one here can really give any valid opinions based upon pictures because the pictures don't capture the nuances. I know mine don't. They make my white cristallo look dull. The whole slab sparkles.

Haven't been to the house in almost a week. I've been working on the Hilton Head Guild's quilt show which is this coming weekend. If anyone is down around Hilton Head Fri-Sun the show is going to be amazing! Over 200 quilts on display, some of them truly works of art.

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Welcome to all the newbies! Love reading all the updates.

Personally, I can't wait until this build is over. Lori, I totally know where you are coming from regarding seeing things come together that you only saw in your head.

I'm bothered with the darkness of the tile in both of the bathrooms. I picked it out - but sure is darker than what showed up in my photos when I took pictures of it from the sample boards. I'm hoping once we get the light fixtures, vanities, and light-colored granite installed, it won't bother me as much.

And, because how I've been reacting to the darkness of the bathrooms, I decided to go with a light color paint for the cabinets in the laundry/pantry. And, decided not to use a glaze. That room has two windows and a full glass steel door. I want that room to be light. The color I've decided on is Benjamin Moore Snow on the Mountain. It is one shade lighter on the paint strip from our wall color (BM Natural Elements).

We've had a cheap 'ol mailbox up for the new house since we moved down here last summer. It's had a hard life. First someone hit it, then this winter snow and the snowplow have had it down more than up.

DH even used duct tape with a long board attached to it and it fell down last week. When we had good warm weather last week, he decided enough was enough. So, we now have our what we hope is our permanent mailbox.

Other than that, we are stuck in a long-drawn-out relationship with our painter. No other contractors coming until our painter is done staining/painting/finishing our cabinets and paints the family room. Mainly because DH wants to keep the huge spraying booth in the middle of the house until they are done. Everything will eventually be moved to the garage. Right now all the trim package is done and stacked and covered in the garage. Going with stained trim takes so much longer but we wouldn't have it any other way. I think we still have another two weeks before we will be ready to have the hardwood floors installed.

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Hoosier: What color are your trim, floors, cabinets and walls? I am planning on stained for everything (vs. painted cabinets etc.) and I can't decide whether its too much wood and darkness that way. I am relieved to find a few people here still using stained trim :)

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Oh, and, I forgot to add that we contracted for someone to come in and do a final cleaning top to bottom before we move in. It's hard enough cleaning the place as we go along. DH and I say we are too old for all of this work! :-)

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I guess our final inspection has been done... of course our builder didn't tell us until my husband asked. He definitely isn't much of a communicator. I try not to complain because it could be much much worse! BUT we still need to do a walk through with him because there are still some things we have found that we want fixed. Also I want to know how the inspection went for gosh sakes! Did the guy notice the holes in those random outlet covers? Missing vent covers? I'm hoping so and that our builder is just working on getting that all done. Oh well, just getting so close and I had a moment yesterday at my parents where I really was ready to be in my own space. Amazing that after almost 8 months I have this feeling now. :) It's been worth it though. I'm not even sure what it is going to be like living on "our own" again especially with a child. Lanie was only a couple weeks old when we moved in with my parents. It will be a shock to say the least but I can't wait!

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>>Schicksal, I've forgotten if you've said, are you insulating that crawl space after all your redo with closed cell foam?

The closed cell foam is up in the cathedral ceiling and surrounding walls (anything over 8'). The crawlspace... previous owners insulated it but removed all the insulation when they discovered they had (undisclosed) mold problems since I'm sure it was saturated. So when I demoed out the floor and everything underneath and encapsulated the crawlspace there was no old fiberglass to deal with.

That said, I'm not sure what I'll be putting in. More than likely we'll insulate around the perimeter of the crawlspace but I'm not sure with what. Foam is likely though. We're in Charleston, SC so cold weather isn't a huge deal here as it is in other places.

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MFatt, yes, we knew going in that we wanted stained trim and interior doors. Not many people do it anymore. And, not many painters are willing to do all the work, either. Honestly, we weren't sure what color for the trim until we found a combo stain color (Zar stain 50% Rosewood/50% Dark Mahogany) which blended in nicely with our Mahogany front door. We ended up using the same stain for our mahogany wood kitchen/island cabinets. The reason we had to go with painted for the laundry/pantry cabinets is because the stain splotched on the maple wood. It was our intent to also have those stained. But, as I've come to accept, some things are meant to happen. I believe I wouldn't have been happy with the darker cabinets in the laundry room.

We really like our paint colors, our stained trim, and floor color. Some may not like the choices. But, bottom line, we like it. We went with gray with green undertone colors throughout the house. We chose a natural hickory floor because I felt we need to lighten up something. And, I had read where you should match your hardwood floors to the color of the dirt around the house. :-)

Here is the inspiration photo I used for light floors and mahogany trim.

Traditional Dining Room by Grand Rapids Architects & Designers Visbeen Architects

This is our inspiration for the beams in our family room although we will be having beams at the bottoms of the vault to make it more of a coffered vaulted ceiling.

Traditional Living Room by Buffalo Architects & Designers Murphy & Co. Design

And here is my mood board showing all the house colors.

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We are totally on the same page! I also chose natural Hickory and haven't totally narrowed down the colors for the cabinets and trim. I actually like painted kitchen cabs. a lot but with 3 rowdy boys I think they would trash them sooner than later. I can't wait to see how your house comes together. I am hoping that mine isn't too dark but it will be nice to see some pictures as stained trim, hickory and painted walls are hard to find online for ideas.

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I Love reading all these updates. Everyone is so creative and it's all looking great!


I love the pictures of your house you posted. We have similar tastes. We are just finishing up the electrical stage, but are doing shingles too. Do you happen to have a blog of your house progress? or other pictures? I'm not sure exactly how to find past posts by people, if there is even a way? :)

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thanks for chiming in on my countertop issue MLweaving- your quartzite sounds gorgeous and I wish I could find something like that too! What kind of tones does it have besides white? grey-ish or warm-ish? I'd love to see a photo even though you said it doesn't do it justice.

I am doing the island in a stain purely for functional reason- I'm sure it will end up being dated......but that's ok, it's a way for me to 'safely' put white in my kitchen without as much worry about the wear and tear around the busy island.

I am certainly more than a tad worried about mixing the engineered quartz with the real marble- so I really hope this slab of white macaubas works for me. But there are haters of quartz (engineered) and then there are fans. I like every counter surface without grudges- I'm just trying to pick what works for me! Wish I could go marble but alas I do know myself too well. I certainly believe there are some who can appreciate the patina along with the beauty but sadly I can't.

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Hello newbies! Good to have you join us.

Loribug! I am so glad you were able to enjoy some cool beverages to loosen up a little. I hope your appraisal comes in where you need it to be.

Hoosier - Good choice on the paint. And doesn't it always feel good to get another dang decision out of the way and just move on? Yep, always does.

Mommytoty - Love your exterior! Beautiful.

I've been ticked off for the last two days. I won't vent too much here or talk bad about people I truly care about so I'll just say that it's been a rough couple of days. One good thing happened today. I got my builder to make a little built in box in the wall for me to put my microwave in so I won't have to put it on the counter. It took him about 10 minutes and it takes up about 2 feet of the inside of my pantry. No big deal to me since I won't be able to afford groceries after the build...HAHA! Just kidding of course.

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JDEZ- can you post pic of this microwave box please????

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Can you post a pic? I have a large pantry and am having microwave placement issues. I ended up buying a double oven and displacing the design plan to have the micro built in above a single wall oven. Oops.

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I'm sorry. I didn't think to take a picture. I will go tomorrow after work and get one. In the meantime, I drew you a pic. Van Gogh - No.

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How it works with the layout. Ignore the measurements. They are a lie. My island is much smaller. Just used an app to draw it for you real quick. The pantry is the area to the right. The little square box in the bottom left of the pantry is the framed up box that the microwave will sit in.

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Hoosier, I love the wood tones and the paint selections you've illustrated above. It's going to be gorgeous! I've lived in and renovated older homes, as in built in 1928 and 1903, so have had loads of natural wood trim. For me, this painted trim and painted cabinets are new, and I"m loveing it, but I love your wood tones too.

Shicksal, I know you're in Charleston. we're building on Ladys Island, about 60 miles south of you. We just put in closed cell foam under the house, as a moisture barrier as well as temperature and bug insulation. I just wondered what you were thinking about.

Illini, scroll above. I posted the pics of the big slabs of White Cristallo with our cabinet doors probably already 3 times on this board, so I'm thinking someone is going to get sick of seeing them.
The first white cristallo slabs we saw were white with silvery grey tones. The two slabs we saw in Charleston were the bluest slabs we've seen, and we nabbed one of those. Then more came into the stoneyard at Hardeeville when we went to confirm our choices, and they were white/silvery grey again.
Not a warm white.
Here's a photo I found on Houzz with white cristallo on the island. It's a pretty accurate picture of the texture of the stone.

Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Architects & Designers COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio
It doesn't have that veined look that marble has, but rather a crystalline structure that is visible. It's not for everyone, and admittedly if I could live with the high maintenance of marble I would have gone that way, but I've fallen in love with our quartzite.

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Hoosierbred-love your light/dark contrast-really striking!

loribug26 -look at that picture of your cutie husband-the red cabinets are awesome and so is your new hood!!

framing is going quickly at our house. looks like they will start the roof tomorrow. they have all the triangle wood up by the house -there i am trying to wow you with all my technical lingo...

here is a picture of the fireplace in the living room we have a fireplace in the same spot on the other side of the wall in the kitchen-- there will be a TV on top of each. i decided to put a wall between the living room and kitchen-the strategy is keeping ESPN on one side and HGTV on the other. the kitchen (which you are looking into in the photo) will be a combo of a kitchen, sitting room (hearth room) and dining area-we will have a 12 person table and no formal dining room.

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Count me in on being way behind! Holy cow!

bluemoon-very nice! I like the sound of kitchen with hearth room. Sigh. Lovely!

akshars - cabs? How are they coming?

So I thought I'd share a quick lesson learned for anyone else that wants to DIY tile. We are fairly experienced DIY'ers. We have a good tile wet saw. We have installed a lot of tile over the years. So the tile above the shower - I thought hey, we can buy the larger size and cut them down to save money. Ummmm, NO - NEVER EVER EVER EVER DO THAT! Oh - and NO they weren't rectified - DOH! We quickly realized that truly you can't really ever get them to be identical, constantly cutting/trimming. So our grout lines will have to hide a lot (please please let them hide a lot). It was a long day of frustration yesterday. It doesn't look near as bad as it felt going up but it is definitely not our best work. :( Every single stinking piece was slightly off from the next one. ARGH! Add to it I think the tile had a lip on it to sort of self space - that doesn't make it any easier to have even tiles. Oh man, I can't put into words how much of a PITA this small section of tile was.

Here are a couple of pics (be kind - we were lamenting the whole time that at least it was in our bath so no one will see it and how we've never done such a crappy job before). That said, I really like the tile itself - but hind sight would definitely buy them in the size you want them. Period.
Disregard the lighter tile on the upper left - it's just water residue from cutting. We just hadn't wiped that one off good.
Light off:

Light on:

I can't wait to catch up but for now I have to go grout it. Dh is working so I have to mix and grout - he usually mixes. Wish me luck. :/

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

LOL Blue moon...that's my pop in the picture with the range hood, but he is cute! :) I'm raveling at the seams atm, but I'm ok.

I can't even pin point it. Just had enough. lol And still in the back of my head, I have enjoyed this whole process immensely!!

JDez.. where are you located?

Autumn ~ miss ya girl :) hope all is well!

Hoosier! love your mood board :)

everyone else, I love you too, keep up the good work!

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"Just had enough. lol And still in the back of my head, I have enjoyed this whole process immensely!! "


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LoriB - I'm in South Louisiana.

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Lori-well.....I am at 'that' point. On the edge A LOT! A few bouts of overwhelmed tears but with work too I suppose it was unavoidable. Waiting the 10 minutes before restirring grout to then finally start applying it. Why does everything take sooooooo darn long???

Kelli-enjoy your new home with your family. 8 months living with family is a long time no matter what. I bet you will get used to it in a flash!

Okay I thought I could catch up but on a phone it's just too slowwww or I am to impatient. ;)

I will be back later!!!!

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Autumn4 is so "groutchy" You should make yourself a grout mustache and scare the children when they get home from school, hahaha. That should brighten your day. I shamelessly use my child to cheer myself up regularly. FYI, it is impossible to make a sawdust man with just sawdust and water.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Autumn, I can't believe how much you've done yourself, and I'm feeling overwhelmed!

Goodness :)

LOL @ JDez!

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Autunmn and Jdez, Thanks for asking about the cabinets. You kknow my worst fear is coming true. They installed the cabinets on one side but on the other side we have deeper cabinets and they did not measure correctly and now they hav eto remove and install them again :(. I am so frustrated to say the least. We mentioned more than once and reminded him the other side were deeper and to measure and account for it. But also no :(.

On top of it no work the last two days so I am stressed to say the least. I just felt we should have used the KD's installers for the cabinet install. Too late now :( I will let you know how it goes.

To the others will come back after the Cabinet drama is done and will try to catch up.

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Autumn, if the tile pictures you posted are the ones which you had problems, I could not tell at all! Looks great.

Akshar, I am so sorry about your cabinets. I hope they can fix them.

Lori, hang in there. It's almost over!!!

DH has been working so hard on assembling our cabinets. He finished all the island, all the base cabinets, the blind corner cabinet, the fridge and wall oven/microwave cabinets and several of our upper wall cabinets that go above the wall cabinets. His hands are so sore and cramped. Thursday and Friday he has a college student going to help him assemble that huge pantry cabinet, and the upper corner cabinet. We are also going to have him cover the laundry room floor.

Oh, and today the painters sprayed poly on one side of all our interior doors, one side of all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and several other cabinets that they didn't brush the finish. We're getting there!

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Showed up this morning just as the last form was being loaded back onto the truck to reveal our fresh new basement.

Waterproofing, perimeter drain, and backfilling is on order for the rest of the week, with framing scheduled to start Monday.

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It's just been a while since I've seen my house on GW so I'm posting a fresh pic now.

And here is the built-in microwave thingy for Witchdoc and mfatt, first a view from the front, it's to the right of the pantry door which is the door in the middle of the picture:

And a view from the side shows how it's supported. I still have storage above, below and behind it. The supports are supposed to be strong enough that I can use the top of the niche as a shelf:

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Autumn4 - I don't see the problem with the tiles either. If there's any problem at all, it can probably be hidden with some carefully placed grout.

Oicu812 - Yay! Something solid to look at. We should start seeing a lot of changes at your place. Keep posting pictures.

Aksharsmom - You have nothing to worry about. This is one of those things that I call a "momentary glitch". It'll get fixed somehow and you'll be sharing happy pictures in a day or two.

Bluemoon - I'll bet you've been placing furniture in those big rooms, in your mind. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Robyn - Where the heck is our view?

Maggiepie - Shower? Did they finally get it right?

We are still waiting on the plumber to finish rough-in. Nothing happening here. Later.

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I have an update!!! Things were slow this week. I didn't see anyone on the property Monday, Tuesday and this morning so I texted my builder and asked where everyone was! lol! Probably doesn't help my patience with having that 24 hour camera. He told me that Friday was the busy day as they would be pouring my footings and headers. Someone showed up this afternoon to get all of that ready and they were there until this evening. My brother-in-law surprised me by running over and taking pictures for us. I loooooove it!!!!!!! Progress that I couldn't see from my angle!

Here is a view that I took this week. :)

I'm sure I'll have many more pics on Friday!

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I'm sure you are your own worst critic- I can't see anything wrong with the tiles- your shower looks gorgeous with that arch!

Great progress- can't wait to see your house -I'm very intrigued.

On my end, not a lot to show yet- They are finishing up the interior mudding. The siding guys started showing up Monday to put up our Hardie board and batten. They started on the back of the house, so I'll wait until they have some on the front for pics.

Priming supposed to be done soon. I have a lighting fixture selections appt tomorrow. I *think* (think) we have found our wood floors.

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So this will be here and there and everywhere in my quest to 'catch up'. I may very well repeat myself in some instances as I have read on and off with no time to post so I have no idea what I have thought about commenting on and actually commented on, lol!

Thank you for the kind words on the tile. When you are up close as in it's in your face all of the flaws stick right out. I think the pics hide a lot, either way it's done and I do like the tile. Anxious to go back today and see how the grout dried and if it lightened up a lot (hope not). I mixed it a little wet (sigh) so I was concerned when I left but another 'it is what it is'. I suppose I could always stain it if it lightened too much. Pfft, might as well since I have nothing else to do, LOL!

skyangel-really like the exterior of your home, the roof pitches and that porch!

van gogh, uh I mean jdez. Yes Autumn is very GROUTchy! It's done though. Vertical grouting is - well lots of brown grout plopping down like cow pies everywhere. The clean up oh the clean up! Yay on the pics ('bout time!) and your clever MW spot. Very nice and you will love having it up off the counter!

akshars-oh no. :( So is it as simple as removing them and then re-installing? I know that is a PITA but they didn't wreck any of them did they? That would be much worse. So sorry. It stinks when you are diligent about keeping a reign on things and it still gets messed up.

mommy-love the shake and oh that window. It's awesome from the outside and the inside!

schicksal-well, it's one thing to build. It's another I think to gut and re-do WHILE you are living there. Kudos to you for that, I cannot imagine it! So for surely it 'counts'. :)

robyn-this may be old? Did you decide on a silgranit sink? I am hoping for the cascade precis low divide. It will fit in my 33" sink base. I think I mentioned they will send samples so you can match them to your counter? I like the cinder and the metallic gray so far. Still have to get to the granite yard and hold them up to the slab. I think I'd be getting up in the middle of the night checking that camera! Any wildlife around there?

illini-I am squeamish just thinking about trying to get a house ready for sale with all of the house business! With all of the focus on building the rental is just a place to sleep and do laundry. Something we found helpful (and it totally depends on your current home and 'stuff') - we rented a storage unit and actually stored a bunch of seasonal stuff that we weren't using in the summer. That got it out of the house for showing - and made it less stuff to actually move when the time came and it sold. YMMV. Ohhh, very intrigued on your wood floor find. You and dh finally decide on one that you both liked? What is it, what is it???

mushcreek-how is it going?

hoosiers-great idea getting someone to clean! We have 'cleaned' so many times over the build span it's unreal. Clean up one mess just to go and make another different kind of mess. ;) You are on the home stretch also!

lori-a piece of trim? They are complaining about a piece of TRIM? Shaking head, whatever!

maggie-yes, the shower saga. How is it? Are you showering in it right now? Rinsing all that bad karma right down the drain???

oicu812-big changes start to come now! :)

marjorie-I'd be keeping that squeaky clean too if it meant the avoidance of cockroaches. Any new pics to share? The quilting sounds very nice. We have a quilt committee at church and they do some amazing work. I'm not sure I have the patience for it (uh oh, there is a theme there isn't there?) but they are beautiful.

illini and marjorie-the counter tops. I actually really wanted just 1 counter that would kind of marry both cabinet colors but dh always pictured dark on the perimeter and something else on the island. It is still kind of 'undecided' and that is where the backsplash or lack thereof is hanging out!

Frost is coming out of the ground and the driveway is a mess - my car looks like I use it for mud running. :) At least the salt is off of it. Waiting for carpenter to do the mantel so we can do the stone so we can do the floor so we can do the trim so I can PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wondering if this work hiatus is going to last long enough for me to do it. My luck would be I will be just starting a new job when I am supposed to be painting, hahaha....not really laughing though. Eek.

Happy Thriday folks!

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Drywallers are coming tomorrow - this is the 3rd task of 3 that I'm not doing (1 was removing 24ft of what used to be the rear wall, 2 was spray foam insulation). That means I need to get my ready for drywall punch list cleared out and pull everything from the areas they need access to. I'm almost there - yesterday I wrapped up framing for a relocated half bath, making sure some of the existing wiring was up high enough to clear the walls, relocating kitchen outlets a few inches and cove light wiring.

The only items on the ready for drywall list are adding one stud to a passageway to have the same size opening on both sides, putting a phone line drop in the pantry for a bluetooth device we have that rings land lines connected to it when the mobile rings, and plumbing the sink drain. Gotta remember to stuff a little fiberglass insulation between the pipe and studs to keep it nice and quiet.

The cabinetmaker is also coming by today for final measurements. Once we have drywall up and patched I can paint, put in the flooring and have it finished, then cabinets. Once we get those and the appliances it'll be a much easier place to live in. Oh yeah, doors would be nice too...

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Somebody stole our building permit! Who the...What the...Are you kidding me? Now I've got to find time to make it to the permit office. I wish my 7 year old could drive. Ok not really.

Robyn - Your excavation looks like a small canyon. Can't wait to start seeing the house go up.

Autumn - You definitely deserve the silgranit sink after stepping around cow pies.

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jdez-THANK YOU. Yes, I think so. Grout cow pies everywhere, more clean up. Indeed, a silgranit it is! ;) On the permit - really? Oh just add that to the list of things that you don't have time for...but move it to the top.

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I have so much to comment on, but the phone posting is so slow... I'll do my best. Posting a pic of my final appliance purchases... Bosch dishwasher ($400) and kenmore wall oven (650) both a steal. Now I have all 4 appliances for $2600. Yippeee

Lori- so I was thinking, (yes I mull over all builds posted here while I am going about my day) could you send the inspector a pic of the "finished" work? Our building inspector allowed for pics of specific things when he wasn't able to make it to the build site before the concrete trucks. If they would allow it, you could lay the trim up, snap some pics and email them??

Jdez. I'm thinking about going to make a copy of my building permit now! For memories later(scrapbook)/thief moments. I don't have time to make special trips for nonsense.

Love the views! Love the progress!! Keep up the good work all!
Ok back to work...

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Autumn - Good to hear from you! These are the two kitchen sinks that I have decided on. Weird, but I'm making my decisions backwards in my kitchen. The counter will be the last choice I make but it's a good thing that I know what I want. They are both the Performa in Cinder.

JDez - I have to compliment you on your drawing skills! When I saw your frame work where the microwave was I totally understood it because of your picture.

Jenny - Nice appliances!

oicu812 - Look at that progress!! Must be so exciting to see!

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robyn-nice, the cinder sample I have is very pretty! There are so many decisions to make I would be scared to see the 'proper order' of everything as I *know* I am all over the place with that one! I think the cascade precis and performa are very similar - but the precis is smaller to fit the 33" base (that is definitely an over analyzed to death why on earth did you do that choice).

jenny-that IS a steal! Woohoo! You go girl! AWESOME!

So I wiped the tile one more time and it appears that I should have sealed the tile first (some we have but most we haven't as they didn't really look or say they needed to be). At any rate the grout did stain it some but not terribly. The grout dry looks better - blends more so that I am happy about. No pics - once you wipe it there is mostly glare and the grout is darker than IRL.

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We are favoring an 8" wide plank walnut. The color is exactly perfect. It is mildly distressed and lightly wirebrushed. I have a sample board at home and I just love it. The distressing is exactly the level I wanted- a little subtle, but not too subtle but not in your face either. The wire brushing is so subtle I didn't even realize it was wirebrushed at first. No hand scraping- that was a tough one- everything we found we loved except for the hand scraping.

Walnut- yes, I know, it's soft. But for me, it's the scratches that drive me crazy, not the dings/dents. Plus, the distressing already puts some dings/dents in there so if you were to look across a sunlit room I don't think you would notice which dings would be from us (our boys) and which were already there.

I am going to look at one last supplier for a maple that is close to what we selected colorwise in the walnut. With maple I've found that the staining doesn't offer the richness and depth like other species....but there was one we found that did- a Viking brand. BUT it was hand scraped. So if we can find it in a non-scraped version I might go with that over the Walnut. But I really love the walnut!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Awesome appliances Jenny! The appraiser was scheduled to come back in today around noon. County inspector was supposed to be there around the same time too. Unfortunately I've not heard from anyone!!!

JDez! Cute house!

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Ok, gonna do my best to catch up here too!

Hoosier--Love the new mailbox. Your poor old mailbox got quite the beating this winter. :)

etcncr--Thanks! I don't have a building blog. I've read other building blogs and don't know how people can keep them up. I can barely keep up with all the decisions that have to be made on a daily basis. Just today I get an email from my GC saying they are building the bookshelves in the Great Room today, what size do I want them. Um, there are no bookshelves going in the Great Room. They are supposed to be in the Rec Room and I haven't even thought about how many or what size I want! So, quick scan through Houzz to get some ideas and within 15 minutes I send him dimensions and a sketch. Cross fingers that they look good! That is just one example of how it is every day! Throw that in with work, kids, sports, etc., and any blog of mine would not be very good! :) In terms of how to search GW for others's posts, I have sometimes had luck with plugging their name in the search box, but that doesn't always work well. Anyone else have a better way?

bluemoon--Framing is coming along great! I remember how excited I was to see those first few sticks go up. :)

Autumn--The tiles in the shower look great! I know how critical we can be on our own work, but really, I don't see anything wrong with them. After reading your post, I now feel bad for our tile guys that had to cut 12x12 marble tiles into 4x12 strips for the herringbone pattern on our master bath floor. I thought it would be no big deal, but sounds like it was a pain!

oicu812--Great start on your build! Funny how even concrete can be exciting when you're seeing your creation come to life!

JDez--Love your front porch!!

Robyn--That is quite a hole!!

illini--I would have LOVED to do 8" plank floors, but had to keep it to 4" due to budget. Even going to 5" was a big jump in price. They will look beautiful!

Updates on my build--Carpenters have been trying to finish up some of the built ins and painters have been working around them to prep for painting the interior. Hoping carpenters will be done this week and then painters can have the house to themsleves all of next week. Counters are being installed today--I am beyond EXCITED to get home and see them, but also a little nerveous I must admit. EEK!

Rec Room fireplace mantle installed yesterday:

Railing to basement installed:

Laundry counters prepped for installation:

Mudroom bench/cubbies built and I am really happy with how it turned out!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker


Well Temp CO, but we just have to finish the outside :)

Closing is Tuesday. Going to the bank after work to pick up appraisal & lock in the rate.

OMG this is actually happening!!!!
I better be able to hear you all yell! whoop!!!

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mommy-well, if the tiles were rectified that would make a huge difference - plus they are professionals and you paid them so I wouldn't feel bad! LOL! I guess considering all we had to do I just wanted to put tile after tile up ya know what I mean, get it done so we can keep going? Not put one up and go ee gads, it's slightly taller or narrower than the last one. It seemed like every single tile was that way. It would have been so much simpler if they were good to go out of the box and trim at the corner and done! So I love your mudroom cubby config. Any idea on dimensions of your below the bench cubbies? The height and then where you have one shelf and then the next space is taller - perfect for boots! Counter installation? YAY! I hope you get over there and snap a few pics!

illini-oh man walnut is sooo pretty. I can totally understand why you like it and hesitate to give it up (have you seen some of the more recent posts of finished kitchens with walnut cabs? breathtaking). I am hoping the distressing we have on our pre-finished floor will help hide some of what life with 2 boys and a dog gives. We had cherry in our last house and they were very durable but just too red for me. So exciting that you found a stain that you love and that grain will be gorgeous!

hoosier-oh yeah the mailbox! Ours was hit also. It's back up and 'kicking' but I am wondering if it will get and can handle a yearly beating by the plows!

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DH just called and said I need to go meet with him and the plumber for some reason...uh oh...this is never good. Leaving work to face the chaos.

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Lori, Congratulations. Hope the closing and the move happen with out a hitch. I can feel the excitement through your post :) WHOOP WHOOP :)

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Lori--So exciting for you!!! You made it!! Congratulations!

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Congrats Lori! Enjoy your beautiful home!!

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WHOOPWHOOPWHOOP! Way to go, loribug. Don't forget to come check on us slowpokes once in a while.

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Whoopdie whoop whoop whoo!!! Yay Lori! That is so exciting. I hope you celebrate!

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And another Woop Woop!
We got out to the house today - we have hickory floors! And they're painting the exterior - so happy to see that coat of white go on the bare hardyplank.
And the correct doors are on site now , doing the happy dance about that.
So I've just been online spending more $$. Just ordered the hardware for the built ins in the living room and the powder room vanity. After I make dinner I've got to go spend more to order the supplemental lights for the master bath (my 10x lighted wall mounted mirror), and the mirror for the upstairs bath.

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Lori-whoop congratulation

Mommy-no lie, i sent the pic of your fireplace to our cabinet maker-i want a surround not just a mantel in my kitchen- they are pricing it out now. love it-thanks for sharing :) i'll let you know what they say the cost is just for fun :)

they started the trusses this morning, when i went out there at 530pm they were still working away- you go boys!!
here is a side pic

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and from the front

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Wow Bluemoon, that looks like a house! And a nice one at that.

Mommytoty - You have the coolest laundry room. I love your cubbies too.

Aksharsmom - What's the prognosis for the cabinets? I really hope it all turns out awesome.

Illini - I missed it, what ever happened with the weathervane? Did it tarnish at all or did you just get used to the bling?

The emergency meeting with the plumber wasn't really an emergency. The deck mount faucet I chose for the soaking tub won't fit at the drain end of the tub and can't be used on the deck at all because the way it is made (it is not tall enough to go over the lip of the tub). So they will have to put it on the side of the actual tub. I am ok with this. I would rather make this change than deal with returning one faucet, trying to find another to somewhat match and then pay for next day shipping. So, I'm good.

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To oicu812,

Nothin like a fresh poured concrete foundation for your dream house to rest on. Congratulations.

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jdez-phew, that is an easy 'problem' to have! :)

bluemoon-wow look at them go! That is GREAT progress! Very nice.

marjorie-more good news, YES! Shopping with the mouse? That is my fav way to do it but you don't feel the $ drain until you look at your bank statement that way. Ouch!

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Finally have some time to try and catch up on the thread.

Autumn, the tiles look great to me. I think we always view our selections/work more critically and can see any minute issues more than others. But you are doing a great job. Can't wait to see the pictures grout and paint are done. I love your arch even more with the tile done.

jdez, Whew. Glad it was a minor issue you could deal with right then. Your house is looking great. More pictures of the interior when you get a chance. The cabinet saga is ongoing. one issue fixed another one comes up. At this point I just have to tell myself to take a deep breath. I will post pictures below.

Jennybc, what a great deal on the appliances. They look great.

All your selections are looking good. I wish I had the camera at the sight so I could see what is going on at all time but I probably would not get any work done :)

On Our front the cabinet install and the trim install seem to be still going on. We have run into some issues withe cabinets. They corrected the issue from the other day and installed them properly. There is a minor damage to one of the cabs but it won't be visible so I am going to let it go.
Uncovered a few more issues
1) The cabinet company sent the wrong number of doors on the hutch cabinets. we may keep them and switch out the shelves to glass to fix this.
2) The built-ins around the fire place came with some damage and the contractor installed them with out either not seeing it or ignoring it. Now the KD can't do anything once installed so we have to fix it to the best we can and live with it. I hate this as we these were custom and we paid a lot for them.

3) The crown molding issue is the one that is bugging me now. We wanted the crown on the cabinets and the rest of teh house to match so we did not order crown from the cabinet company and now the crown we used else where seems to be do big :( Not sure how to proceed here.

Here are a few pictures of the cabinet install. Not great quality pictures for some reason the camera in my phone is acting up. Need to figure that out.

Builtins next to fireplace:

Cabinets next to range with the Sample crown:

The refrigerator cabinet:

Hutch cabinet (one of two) Was supposed to be with one door but came with two doors.

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mommy-could I trouble you to take a pic of your cubby bench straight on (eye level) so I can see how that shelf is secured in there? IF you have time, I totally get it if you don't. Our carpenter is MIA and so DH is now saying that we will do the built ins on our own (please NO) and due to time and knowledge it'd be easier to skip putting a shelf in but I think it's really a great functional way to go! :D Soooo, if I can copy yours all the better.

akshars-thank you, I am still loving the arch too. I do like the color the grout dried to, that helps hide some of the blemishes, yay! Oh so frustrating that they installed damaged cabs. :( It's impossible to be out there all the time to catch those things yourself. Love the built ins and the color of white. So is there any way to mimic that crown only slightly smaller? It is very nice and I can see why you'd want to carry it through!

robyn-now I remember what I was going to say although your issue is already solved. Our excavating bill went way over (and it's not done) and I can think of nothing less exciting to spend money on - DIRT. :( Boo! However it is one of those necessities. We can't be sliding down the driveway every year, lol! So come spring (what is that?) we will need more dirt yet to make our approach livable. And of course our black dirt is covered in a couple feet of snow still so who knows when we will be able to have that spread back out.

Walk in Pantry ??? - so who has config'd theirs already? I know I want some shallow shelving for canned goods but I am not sure which way to go vs. adjustable or fixed. I found a pic on line the other day and now I can't find it back! I am sure DH is going to be asking - what do you want SOON and I need to have an answer!

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walk-in pantry is next on my list- I have to get some graph paper out. I have a LOT going on in my pantry and since it's so large it needs CAREFUL design. Just to name a few of my desires:
second fridge
produce basket slideouts
wine rack (just a half dozen at most, we aren't collectors, just drinkers,lol)
maybe put the printer in there
toying with adding some of those economical drawers like these:

Traditional Kitchen by Roswell Photographers Barbara Brown Photography

since I am storing things like bread, chips, snacks it will be easier to store them in drawers than on shelves. My cabinet makers charges 95 per drawer.

not to mention I am storing my appliances such as bread maker, crock pot, KA mixer, food processor, etc.

There was a "pantry shelving" thread over in Kitchens going on yesterday with some good ideas. Pantries with a window had shelves for herbs, although my pantry window faces north so no direct sun. Not sure if herbs can grow without direct sunlight. Cool idea though.

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Whoop Whoop lori! I hope to be doing the whoop whoop next week! At least with getting occupancy. We can't close though until the gas is hooked up to the house and the air conditioning is put in. Silly winter. Probably not until May... lame.

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Akshars- If it were me, I would find my copy of the cabinet order and point out the single door on the hutch and ask them to send the door you ordered. It might not come until after you move in but at least it would be the way you wanted it to be. On the crown, I agree with Autumn4 that a smaller version of the same crown would be best if they make a smaller version. Otherwise, try cutting off the detailed edge along the bottom of the crown and mount flush to the top side of your cabinets and maybe it would look like the crown was actually part of the cabinetry and not a separate piece of trim that goes all the way to the ceiling. Just something I would try. If it doesn't work, you lose one piece of "test" crown.

Autumn- I've planned out my entire pantry in my mind. My pantry is walk-in but it's not very deep so on the back wall will be my shallow, non-adjustable (because we're building them ourselves) food shelves. On the two ends, I will have deeper shelves for big items like the huge 12pks of paper towels, crock pots, and whatever else won't fit in the kitchen cabinets. All built around a window and a microwave in my case ;)

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w00t for certificates of occupancy.

Here's our idea for a semi-walk in pantry if it helps any. Instead of doors that open like this we're doing three that slide left/right with wood and opaque glass that matches the cabinets. Dimensions are 9' x 3' deep.

Traditional Kitchen by Saratoga General Contractors RemodelWest

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I still don't have much to update. I feel like drying in the house is taking forever but our roof line is complicated and some of the trusses were wrong so they had to work around some oddities. All in all the roof is nearly ready to be started and the complete end of the house will get shingles next week. I will try to snap a few picks, our facia board is going up and it looks like a real house! Unfortunately our very nice contractor whom my family has know for 20 years, built in laws custom, cut off the tip of his finger with a saw on site. He is on the mend but I feel terrible for him, that had to hurt like the dickens.

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MFatt - I feel bad for him too! I hope he is doing ok.

The plumbers are still hard at work at our house. The estimate for them to install everything for the natural gas was extremely high so we made an audible at the line of scrimmage - we're going all electric with the exception of propane roughed in for a generator and the fireplace (much cheaper). And with the money we saved, we can get a standby generator to run the whole house if we should happen to have any bad hurricanes blow through. Of course, the generator and gas logs will be added in a couple years as it is not in the budget to add them now. Slightly disappointed but moving on.

We made some major decisions last night. We chose our brick. Its called Annandale. Not at all my first choice. I wanted Chicago Red from Old Texas Brick but DH wanted Bayou Blend which I hated. So we compomised. Next decision, we were going to have cypress siding on the rest of the house (under the two porches and on the front gable area.) We are now going with Hardie in Evening Blue with Arctic White trim and it is going to save us quite a bit of moolah. It will also be less maintenance in the long run. The only problem now is that I want Board & Batten and DH wants lap. So we are getting exact quotes and mulling it over. We have to decide by Monday. Also, DH has instructed me to purchase the range hood and two bathroom vents this weekend so that he can have the needed details for the electrician on Monday. Hope everyone's Friday is happy.

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Yeah, GC is doing alright all things considered. He was able to have it reattached but I am sure its painful. On the other hand, we just heard word that my cousin's husband cut his off, also in construction, and they cannot reattach :( Weird week.

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Hello!! Another newbie here.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find this site/forum. I'd been longing for a place to discuss home building with others, and bam, here you are. :)

Anyway, I'm Michelle, married to Todd. We about to begin building our third home. For the first two, we were the general contractors, this one, we're both way too busy, so we're hiring a GC. (Three kids, boy 12, girl 9, girl 5).

We have our dream lot....a gorgeous wooded, 2 acre lot in a smallish subdivision in Traverse City, MI. We've lived in Traverse City most of our lives. It's a gorgeous, tourist town on Grand Traverse Bay, which leads to Lake Michigan.

We are currently working on house plans. We want a two story (can't decide if we want master up or down....thoughts?), about 2800 to 3000 square feet, four bedroom home. Craftsman style finishes.

We hope to break ground this summer. Currently interviewing builders....think we have the one we want....we're going to check out one more of their homes this weekend then decide.

I'm super excited to "meet' you all!


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Mfatt, Sorry about you GC and Cousins' husband. Ouch It seems painful to even think about. Hope both of them feel better soon. I know the wait times are the hardest. Hopefully you will see more progress soon.

Michelle, Welcome and and good luck. Looks like you are very experienced with already having built twice. In regards to the Master bedroom with the age your kids are master in the main floor makes sense.

Autumn, The frustrating part about the build as been I spent so much time on choosing the kitchen/builtins and that is the one giving me headaches. I think when we calculated for the molding we did not account for cabinets to be installed on the floor. But We did floors followed by cabinets so we are 3/4 inch off and causing issues with the molding. Looks like we have to stick with this molding or change the molding in the house (except bedrooms) to make it look proper. So the GC and the ID tell me to let them install the crown and paint it then it won't look pronounced as it does now.

In regards to the cabinet with two doors the problem is it is just not the doors that have to change but the whole cabinets. If we go from 2 doors to one door we have to remove the door hinges and there would be holes there. This is a glass cabinet so won't look nice. I posted on the Kitchen forum and most people felt I should have had 2 doors to begin with as a door that is 24 inch wide will be hard to operate especially with glass. I am hoping the KD can get be glass shelves so it will look better.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the crown molding will work out.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Fri, Mar 21, 14 at 12:59

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We've had master up and down before, and prefer down. Both times it's been off the family room but sound has never been an issue thanks to a gasket between the door and frame, and insulation in the wall.

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Autumn--I have dimensions for you on the bench and took a couple of better pics too. :) The carpenters were there when I went down there, so I asked them how they built the middle shelves. They said they nailed and glued it all the way around and then put the face frame on. Hope that helps!! Dimensions: The tall opening in the middle is 18.5" high and 23" wide. The openings for the areas with a shelf are 22.5" wide, with the bottom shelf at 9" high and the top shelf at 8" high. These are all measurements for the openings, so do not include the frame.

bluemoon--Glad you liked the fireplace surround! :) My carpenters are really good. I just give them the basics of what I want or show them a picture and they have not disappointed so far. For this one, I just wanted something simple and not too thick as I wanted to leave enough space to showcase the pebble tile that will go around the fireplace unit. I think they nailed it! (pun intended :)) They put the shelves in on either side yesterday.

The counters did go in yesterday, but they were covering them up just as we got there, so I didn't get to revel in them and I barely got a few pics.

Super white quartz on island:

Carrera marble on kitchen perimeter and DD vanity:

Brazilian black slate on DS vanity and Great Room hearth:

As far as pantry goes, mine is a walk in but not huge. I know I want a counter top with in an L shape with one shelf underneath for larger items and then various shelves above. I had two outlets put in at counter level so that we can keep appliances like toaster and Keurig in there. Something like this:

Craftsman Kitchen by Traverse City Architects & Designers Marty Rhein, CKD, CBD - BAC Design Group

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Mommytoty-thank you so much! You are the best! That helps immensley. :D

Michelle-welcome! Howdy neighbor, several GW MI builds right now. We are doing master down.

Akshars-yes just hope for the best, we also had a gasp what about accounting for the flooring. I am sure it will work out as they are describing.

Back to sanding....Yeehah....

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Thanks all for the whoops!!! :) I'm really excited. I guess DH is too, b/c he and the helpers (farm help, kids.. lol) loaded & unloaded the flatbed trailer and my horse trailer twice last night. I was at the new house with a friend cleaning out cabinets so I can start putting stuff in them. I guess I'm going to be cleaning & moving at the same time!

Big day planned tomorrow...we'll see if we all survive. lol

akshars, I like the double door cabinet! I think it would have been hard with it a single.

JDez ~ shew on the easy plumbing decision!

I won't disappear from her, no worries!! I'll hopefully have pictures of things moved in soon!!!

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My bank is taking FOR-EVVVV-ERRRRR to get the loan closing set.

I can't wait to start posting photos of our progress :)

Since I don't have a photo of our house progress, let me entertain you with a photo of my youngest kitty and her new manicure :)

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ran to the house at lunch-its only 2 miles from work and home. Looks like they have finished the other side of the top of the house.

Mommy-just to report back-my new Mommy inspired fireplace surround will be $562 on top of the mantel cost . its already added to my order- im thrilled. I was debating on looking for an old salvaged one to repourposed-but i dont really have time to refinish anything right now.

We have another house showing at 3pm-wish us luck-so over keeping the house perfect!! blaaa!!! at least when I get home tonight I wont have a messy house to deal with...unless my H and D beat me home :/

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I'm freaking out. I want to throw up. I think I screwed our whole house up. It's not big enough. I designed it- why didn't someone stop me! ( like my husband)??? The basement is framed and the subfloor is on main level. The house is 64x32.
32 is not wide enough. Our "Great Room" is going to look very ungreat since it's only about 17x30. The walls are 12 foot and it's going to be out of proportion. I don't know what to do

This is basement framed up

Our entry door and mudroom door

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