removing cooked on grease from nonstick surfaces

kmicklesonMay 12, 2005

I've read here about using ammonia to remove old, cooked on grease; but what's safe & effective to use on stovetop grills with one or another version of nonstick surfaces?

I also have a le crueset pan with Silverstone nonstick surface which has accumulated cooked on grease and don't know to remove it. Any help here?


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Try Dawn Power Dissolver. It comes in a blue plastic spray bottle.

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Actually, Meta, I stumbled on my own solution! I had a 3/4 empty can of Easy Off "No Fumes" [HA, HA] oven cleaner. So I took my $60 Le Creuset omlette pan w/Silverstone non-stick outside & sprayed the stuff all inside it, and on the handle which had gotten gunked up, & left it overnight out there. Next morning, voila, the pan cleaned out like new! Now I'm going to do that to several other pieces!

I saw a thread here where someone said that the Dawn Power Dissolver removed the non-stick coating from her pan, so I was kind of leery of it.

Thanks for responding.


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