How do I get rid of rust stains?

zzackeyMay 1, 2014

We have rust stains in our toilets, sink and bathtubs. I've tried all the commercial products and bleach. Nothing works. Help!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Pumice stone works well on toilets

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I heard that before. I don't think I want to put my face that close to the toilet.

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I've used powdered Bar Keeper's Friend to get rust stains out of things, though not a toilet. It's worth a try to sprinkle some in, let it set, swish/scrub with toilet brush, then see if that works.

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The very best thing that I have found is a really cheap toilet bowl cleaner I've only seen at Walmart. Its called "The Works." When we moved into our lake cabin, all the fixtures had rust stains. Using this cleaner and a long handled toilet bowl scrubber ( the kind that has a scrubbie pad) over a period of a couple weeks I was able to remove every bit of the rust stain. It will slowly dissolve the stain and make it smaller as you repeatedly use it. I think I probably used it every other day and left it in the bowl for about fifteen minutes after I squirted "The Works" around the rim and bowl sides. Do keep your ventilation on as this can have an overpowering odor.

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Did you try Whink? It is sold in most supermarkets or Amazon. I have never known it to fail me in removing rust stains. I think you might need to remove the water from the toilet first. You can probably use your toilet bowl scrubber to scrub after squirting the Whink directly on the rust stain. Use a rag for the sink. You do not need to use a lot of the product. You apply it directly and do not dilute it. Make sure you rinse well after cleaning. Good Luck.

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yep! Whink has always worked for me on fabric, concrete, bathrooms, has strong fumes but can be done quickly since it works immediatly in front of your eyes

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And Whink has a link to MSDB. It contains Denatonium making it almost impossible to inadvertently incest ingest the stuff.

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Rust stain is a big problem that I have lived with for many years until I found a product called Rust Out. I found it at Walmart.

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