Maggie Pan Silver Cleaner instructions

BUTTON55May 29, 2005

I have a Maggie Pan, but have misplaced the instructions. I looked for a website, but didn't find one. Can anyone supply instructions?

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Is this a pan that you fill with solution and sip your silver in to clean it? Don't use it! will decrease the value of your silver.
I just had conversation with a silver dealer regarding that. I won't buy anything that has been cleaned by that method....and she won't either.
And if it's plate you can darken any spot where the silver is worn.
Get a good silver polish and do it right.
Linda C

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What I have is a plastic pan with a metal plate in it. You add water and dish detergent, if I remember correctly, and soak the silver. I purchased it primarily for silver earrings that are hard to polish without damaging (I have several pair that have bent/curved pieces that are tough to polish with either a rouge cloth or polish without changing the shape). I have read that this type of pan is good for cleaning antique silver coins, so I have not been worried about my earrings. Do you think this is the type of cleaner that can damage items? Thanks.

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Probably won't hurt earrings ( and what are you losing if a pair of silver earrings is damaged....)
But when people put service for 12 of antique flatware in one of those things....I get crazy!
For something as simple and small as earrings....get a jar of that silver dip stuff....Think "Tarn-off" is one brand.....costs about $3....and is good for many many earrings!
Linda C

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What Buttons is referring to is an age old method of cleaning silver. You don't need any special pans or plates, just a non metallic bowl and any piece of aluminum foil or pie plate will do...
Fill the non-metallic (glass or plastic) bowl with hot water, put a sheet of aluminum foil or a foil pie plate into the water submerged. Dissolve about 3 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of baking SODA or Washing SODA into the hot water.
Now take your piece of tarnished silver and dip it into the water ensuring that it touches the aluminum, voila, the tarnish will disappear Very simple. You don't want to use this method of cleaning silver if you like your silverware to have that dark look around decorations and embossing because it will remove the tarnish from the crevices as well.

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I just used my maggie pan today. I put in my silver jewelry and some dishwashing liquid soap. Then I get water boiling hot in the microwave and pour it into the pan, so it covers the silver jewelry.

I have an old toothbrush that use to brush the silver when the water is cool enough.

It works best when the water is really hot. I just posted some pictures on my flickr pages yesterday.
I make jewelry and find that this is the gentlest easiest way to freshen up my silver jewelry before shipping it out. It is especially good for chains.

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Try Silver polish wipes rather on silver as the pans tend to remove the silver layer and decrease value of item. the silver polish wipes are so easy to use - I get my kids to clean the silver. When I was in the UK,m I found a product called Wipease Silver Polish Wipes at the Silver Vaults and it was recommended. I have managed to find them here in the USA as well.

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