Help-How to clean kitchen grease off of top of cookbooks

mulemomMay 11, 2010

I tried posting this before and did not find my question, so if this is a duplicate, I apologize. Anyway, I keep my cookbooks on the top of my upper kitchen cabinets. The tops of the books are now coated with a greasy film covered with dust. Is there some way to clean this goop off of the books without damaging them?

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Try a kneaded eraser. You will find it in the art supply section of stores. If nothing else it will remove the dust. You knead it and then press it on the paper and remove it then knead again. You can also use it as an eraser.

I keep some of my cookbooks in zippered binders with a label on the spine that tells me which books are inside. It makes for easy organization especially of small cookbooks

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oilpainter, I never would have thought of that, it sounds like a good idea. I will give it a try. Thanks.

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